On The Wall {Day 4) Paper, Cards and A Sconce

It’s me again.  We’re already to day 4 of my On The Wall personal charge.  In case your checking Lattenene Chat out for the first time, I told myself I would create and share art, etc. for my walls, for one week, using only what I already had.  And I will also say, the projects you’ve already seen and the ones still to come all are quick to make and very simple to do.  After all, I only have so many hours in a day. JM, that’s for you Smile

Okay, enough of my rambling.  Yesterday I shared with you the charger mirror I made and today I wanted to share the rest of the wall with you.


I love it so much.  When you come in from the garage, through the laundry room, boom, there it is and it makes me smile.  For some reason, it’s very soothing.  When my hubby got home from work he liked it, but he also asked me if it was on my intent to fill every wall in our house with “stuff”.  Funny, right?  Time will tell is what I told him.

The picture’s frame on the far right is from Joann Fabric.  It was regularly $27.00 and I got it for 7.  Steal!  I had the black mat and  smaller white frame and I added the turquoise scrapbook paper .  The focal point of this picture is the peacock on a card I cut up.  That’s right, the peacock started it all.

Peacock framed Peacock

I don’t remember why I only have 1 small sconce.  That should tell you I’ve had for a long time sitting on the floor of the linen closet.  I left the color as is.  Sitting on it is a vase I bought several years ago when on a business trip to China.  I actually watched them in the Shanghai market paint the inside of this vase.  It was fascinating.

Sconce and Vase Sconce closeupSconce straight on

I needed something to balance it all so I pulled this little black frame out and added some decorative scrapbook paper.


There you have it.  An entire wall that I am so totally happy about.  Using a card, scrapbook paper and travel purchases I think I made the wall personal yet appealing.

Frame and Sconcemirror and paper


What do you think?  If you want to check out the On The Wall ideas from this week, check out Paisley fabric covered bulletin board, Dorothy’s Red Shoes, and Charger Mirror.



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