On The Wall {Day 5} “Key” Board Holder

Happy Friday?  Any major plans for your weekend?  I’m staying pretty low key and will be planting my butt on the couch Sunday to watch the Oscars.  I love all the bling and glitz.

It’s the last day of my 5 day personal challenge to add some color to my walls without spending a dime.  What’s scary is I think I could do this for another week, but I’m not going to.  I had about 20 minutes before my hubby got home from work and here’s what I made.  A key board holder!

key board 1

I took one board that I kept from a small shelf that crossed off the wall and some contact paper.  If the paper looks familiar, you’re right.  I used it on my reversible tray liner and my outdoor porch tables.


I added ribbon trim with hot glue and also stapled a piece to the back of the board and tied for hanging.  I also hot glued large decorative buttons.

close up buttonsbutton look

Top Part

I added a nail to each button and there ya go, a key board button holder!  And the crazy thing about it is how well it matches my command center book.

with keysCommand Center 1

I hope you enjoyed this week of On The Wall!


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