5 Minute Lamp Shade Update

I’m back and if you’re reading this, thanks for coming back to my blog!  I needed a little craft fix this afternoon.  It’s a way for me to relax after a crazy day at work.   I’ve been thinking for a while about giving my 2 living room lamps a little update.  I’m still trying to convince my hubby that if I paint the lamp bases it will be okay.  In the interim, I thought I would add a bit too the lamp shades.   This quick project took me 10 minutes.  I know this because I did it while I was searing some pork chops for dinner.


I found some ribbon in my stash.  This full basket is a result of too many trips to Michaels and the big bin of ribbon that’s always priced for $1.00 each.  It sucks me in every time.


I simply took the ribbon and taped it to the inside of the  seam and wrapped it around the entire shade.  I used scotch tape so I can remove it anytime.  Here’s the before and after.  It’s subtle, but just enough effective.  I like it.

Before After

After w light

I’ve only used ribbon on a lampshade once before and that was with my doodle lamp.  Have you ever used ribbon to update a shade?



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