Monthly Recap–Feb. 2013

How was everyone’s weekend?  February flew by didn’t it?  I had the flu the last couple days of the month so I was certainly glad to see sunshine start March.  It gave me energy and put me in the feel better mode.  Did you do lot’s of fun stuff this weekend?  I saw my high school BFF’s.  The 6 of us try to get together every 3 months or so.  Who can’t love these girls?


I was finally able to give them their Valentines presents and we celebrated Kathy, Michele, and Patty’s birthdays.  More on the gifts I made for both occassions  later this week.

Today I’m sharing a recap of February.  When I look back I stayed pretty busy ans actually accomplished a lot so I’m giving myself a hug.

Feb 2013 Monthly Recap

I decorated the entry table for Valentines Day and shared my neighbor’s recipe of vodka infused strawberries, a.k.a. Drunken Strawberries.  I added a bit of color to my family room bookshelves with some faux herb pots wrapped in ribbon tape.  I made some primrose baskets for my gal pals.  I gave myself a weeks challenge to fill some empty wall space using only what I had in the house.  I shared 5 days of ideas; a fabric covered bulletin board, a picture of Dorothy’s red shoes all glittered up, a charger mirror, I used paper, cards and a sconce to create art, and made a “key” board holder to organize the car keys.  I fessed up my  obsession for white accessories and showed you a table full of finds.  The simplest project was adding a simple touch to my living room lamp shades.  I let all of you in on my favorite recipe, chicken and cabbage.  Lastly, my favorite project of the entire month, I faked a faux tile table top using scrapbook paper.

There’s lots of good stuff to share this week too so come on back!  Happy Monday!


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