Get-Together Gifts for My H.S. BFFs

I thoroughly enjoy giving gifts, big or small.  I love taking time to wrap them up special.  It’s one of my greatest pleasures, as evidenced by my The Gift Is In The Wrap Pinterest board.

This past weekend I got together with my 5 girlie bffs  from high school.  It’s been many years since we graduated but every time we see each other  we have bunches of laughs and I love every minute of it.  I wanted to give them each something little just to let them know I value their friendship.   Gifts don’t have to be expensive to send the right message.

I picked up 5 paper journals with different bright cheery covers and 5 pens, each one matching a journal, at Michaels.

Then I grabbed some paint chips and scrapbook paper from my stash, and added bakers twine and stickers to make a bookmark for each set.  I personalized each one with the initial of their first name.  This is an sample of the two sides.bookmarks

I tied each one up with some bright ribbon.


journal close up 1

close up 3close up 2

And there you have it.  Simple, inexpensive, personal, thoughtful.  Do you give little gifts like this?  I also made some birthday gifts for 3 of my friends, which I’ll share soon.


4 responses to “Get-Together Gifts for My H.S. BFFs

  1. Lovely! Spring springs! You are very talented and creative. I can tell you put love in all your bright, elegant work.

  2. What a cute idea. I also loved the way you wrapped them. I definitely will pin this idea. Tari

  3. You are more than kind Brook. I appreciate your words.

  4. Hi Tari – Thanks so much for pinning my project!

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