Metal Shelf and Craft Pen Holder {Updated}

On one of my recent thrift trips I found a cut two tier metal shelf at the Goodwill and knew it was mine for a mere $2.99.  I gave it a little update last weekend.


Spray Paint is my hero!  Rustoleum Gloss White to be exact.  I used a little Simple Green to clean the metal, then wiped it down good to make sure it was dry.  I gave it 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of gloss white and this is how it turned out.

before after

Then I grabbed 3 empty (and clean!) pickle jars, a jelly jar, an apothecary jar, and a canning jar and sprayed them all white again using the gloss white Rustoleum spray.

Jars jars painted

I have a “large” supply of painter pens, scrapbook pens, metallic markers, well, you get the picture.  The jars are a perfect way for me to keep them together in one spot.  I found a wonderful spot for the metal shelf and containers in my ever evolving woman cave.

full close up

close up 3

close up 1

close up 4

shelf 1

I gave my spray painted giraffe a turquoise ribbon collar.  The box is part of a set of cell phone boxes that were empty and I decorated with some scrapbook paper.  The turquoise vase was a find from last year, I think on the clearance aisle at Marshalls.  I don’t remember the cost.  I just remember I was having a turquoise thing going on.

I love my addition to the woman cave and it also means I’m one step closer to getting all my crap {she said with a smile} organized.  How do you organize your craft supplies?


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