Pre-Spring Entry Way

Can you believe that next Wednesday it will be Spring?  The Northwest weather is teasing me.  One day the car windows are frozen, the next day it’s 55 and sunny, then it turns to wind & rain and the low 40s.  The little bit of sun we’ve had, however,  has given me a dose of spring fever so I added a that feeling to my entry way table.  My eight dollar black rod iron that I painted white table that is.   I think it’s lived everywhere in the house, but now has a home in the corner of my entry way.

Entry full pic

I love all the white and I think next week when I replace the bunnies and bird nests with bunnies and Easter eggs it will be perfect.

birdsnest bird on bowl

close up 3 left corner

Pussy Willows {courtesy of Michaels} sit in a square glass vase painted with pink flowers and birds.  The birds fly and land different places in my house 365 days a year.  Today, one of the larger of the flock is perching on a white glossy vase I found for cheap on one of my recent outings.

close up vase

I like a little memory shared in everything I do.  The linen doily is a part of a set of table cloth, napkins, and a runner that hubby and I got on a trip to St. Thomas.  The posey was my mother-in-laws.  She passed away 18 years ago and I still think of her every time  I bring this precious porcelain basket of  flowers out.

2042  posey

The green plate is a charger from Michaels just sitting on a plate stand.

center close up bowl

sideview top view

close up 1

Is your house shouting a little Spring?


2 responses to “Pre-Spring Entry Way

  1. I love your creativity. And the idea of putting out little things that bring memories.
    Thank you for the ideas.

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