Striping A Basket

Happy Monday, again!  I went into this weekend with no plans and it turned into one of the best!   Friday night the “locals”, 3 of my neighbors and the hubs and I ended up going out to a restaurant and bar.  The decision to go was completely random and impromptu.  Nothing beats laughter with friends when you don’t expect it.

I found a few minutes to figure out how to organize hubby’s hair products.  Ever since I revamped my 3 drawer dresser with the faux tile top to hold all my cosmetics and hair products, I’ve kept up staying organized.  But his stuff is a different story.  It doesn’t matter that there is space below in the cupboard, the products are going to stay on the counter close at hand.  Trust me, I know this after 31 years of marriage.  I solved the dilema by taking an old basket I had on hand and updated it with a few stripes to match the new wall color {I have not shared}.


I came across the basket the other day when I was cleaning out the woman cave closet {looking for the rub-n-buff which I never found}.  I used some blue painters tape to mark off the lines and added 3 light coats of Rustoleum gray gloss spray paint.

Tape Off

Before After

close up 1 close up 2

I love these kind of projects that are quick and cheap.  Have you ever added stripes to a basket?

I went thrifting on Saturday and picked up a few items to add to my white accessory obsession.  I’ll share later this week.  I also picked up a few items and started a few projects which hopefully won’t take forever to do.

I found a chair for $2.99 and lightly sanded and used some wood filler on it , but that’s as far as I’ve gotten.  I also picked this little bunny up for  50 cents.  He needs some TLC.

chair Bunny

Are you working on anything fun?


One response to “Striping A Basket

  1. working on something fun. That’s a great idea! *Your* work is fun and full of love.

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