DIY – Lamp Shade Blooper {Confession}

My best ideas seem to happen late at night.  The worst ones do to.  That’s why I wanted to tell you about my gray lampshade.  It was very plain and I thought some little shiny sticker baubles I found in a drawer might dress it up a bit.


So I added a few, then I added more and then I got carried away.  I was obviously tired.

After  All

By now it’s midnight on a Saturday night a couple of weeks ago so I left it and went to bed.  Maybe it would grow on me?  In the morning, the lampshade looked like this.

3 left

I picked the shiny baubles up from the floor, walked away, and a little while later, I saw this.

on the floor

Here’ s the funny part.  We have a big shoe basket by the front door.  My hubby works on Sunday.  When he got home,  he was limping and his foot really hurt.  He said it had been bothering him all day and even took his sock off several times.  He took his shoe off and guess what fell out?  Yep, one little sticky pearl bauble that was stuck inside the shoe toe  area.  Ha Ha!  I laughed so hard that my hubby had to laugh too.

In fact, I’m still giggling about it.  And there you have a true story of a DIY gone bad.


One response to “DIY – Lamp Shade Blooper {Confession}

  1. tee hee hee !!!

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