Bunny Buckets

Happy Monday!  The sun was out in the Northwest  this weekend and I loved every minute.  I have so much more energy.   We had a busy Saturday, getting lot’s accomplished around the house, completing some projects that I’ll share later this week,  and  having dinner with friends.  Sunday was pretty low-key.

We were having dinner at our friends who have two little girls, 3 and almost 6, and it being close to Easter, I made a couple of Easter baskets buckets and no, I didn’t say honey bucket, I said bunny bucket! Ha Ha!

Easter Buckets
I already had the pink buckets in my craft supplies and wanted to fill them with more than chocolate.  I added bunny ears, sunglasses, ring pops and a stuffed bunny (not shown) for fun.  And lets not forget the large chocolate bunny.  I added their names in glitter so there wouldn’t be any arguments.

Buckets close up

close up 1

The girls definitely rocked their look and also  figured out their buckets easily hung on the handlebars of their scooters

Sammy - Katie 3 Sammy - Katie 6
Sammy - Katie 5 Sammy - Katie 2
Sammy - Katie 1 sideways

Are you putting together Easter goodies for your children, any children this year?


One response to “Bunny Buckets

  1. Such happiness!!! Wonderful with all the spring colors!!! *Thank you* for sharing:)

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