5 Minute Bookcase Update

I sometimes think everything I do involves a story.  It must have something to do with my thought process.  This is the tale of the 5 minute bookcase update.

In December, the flat screen TV above our family room fireplace died.  Plane and simple stopped worked Christmas Eve day.  Luckily, we have a TV in our loft so we camped out there until we did some research and bought the one we wanted.  Fast forward to install, aka nightmare.  The Geek Squad from Best Buy came and of course I was the only one home.  Not good when electronics and I are the complete opposite.  Our old TV was installed about 6 years ago and at that time they went into the underground space, fed the TV cords through the wall and back into our bookshelf/cabinet to the left of the TV.  So the receiver, blue ray, cable box, and all the cords were hidden.  Well, when the Geek Squad came they told me per state code and fire hazard, they would not go through the wall on the install.  I’ve been looking at this for the past few months.  Plus  the huge honkin’ sub-woofer and an old bookcase housing my 26 magazines a month (not going there today).  This would be in the corner to the right of the TV.

Cords  Before

I’m not ready to buy into a total solution for this corner yet so in the interim while I contemplate here’s what I came up with.


Since the couch runs along the wall unless you walk over to the corner you can’t see the ugly black sub-woofer.  Anyone have any ideas?  To make the bookcase a bit more appealing to the eye I backed the inside with wrapping paper I found at Home Goods.

Tools close up 2

The best part is no cords are showing and the paper is really pretty and only cost $2.99 for the roll.  And it took 5 minutes.


If anyone has any thoughts for this corner please share.  Do you have ugly TV equipment and cords?  How did you hide them?


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