Updated Goodwill Chair

I’m back today to share some pics of a chair I recently purchased from the Goodwill for $2.99.
Dining Room
I fell in love with the shape.   I lightly sanded it a bit where the wood was rough and filled in the nail holes with wood filler. I primed it with a couple layers of Zinnser oil base spray, giving it about 20 minutes between coats, then let it sit overnight.  When I first found this chair I had in my mind I was going to paint it a light blue, then decoupage maps on the chair back. That all changed when I saw Rustoleum’s straw flower satin spray.  I liked the softness of the yellow and knew I couldn’t go wrong with the color.
Before After
I had the perfect pillow for this chair that I bought at Marshalls a couple of months ago.

Pic 1 with Pillow pillow
I’m thinking about a chair cushion, but I think for the time being I like it just the way it is.  I also thought about doing a color dip on the legs bottom quarter.  What do you think.
side view Dining Room
For $2.99 I think I scored and now I’m kind of on a chair craze.  My husband saw the look in my eye and knows that the wood chairs in our house are not safe!  I’ve only painted one other chair ever and that was the chevron stripe one I use in the woman cave.  Have you ever taken a plane wood chair and given it some pizazz?


2 responses to “Updated Goodwill Chair

  1. Thrift stores good. Garage sales better. I bought a decorative resin frame mirror and a wood shelf, coat hanger for $1 at a garage sale. They were ugly but I knew they had potential. Turns out the lady selling them was going to repaint them and never got around to it. I painted both hot pink for my daughter’s bedroom. She now has a sassy mirror to put on her glitter lip gloss on. It was fun doing it. I am looking for something cool made of wood.

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