Organized Coffee Station

I can’t live without my coffee.  I don’t drink very much soda pop but caffeine and I have had a loving relationship for a very long time.  I use a Keurig  Coffee Maker.  Love the Keurig.  It’s amazing how many places sell the K cups now.  I’ve even found them at Home Goods.  I was keeping the K cups in the cupboard above the stove and the sugar packets were in the pantry.  I centrally located both to a tray next to the coffee pot.  I feel so organized every morning when I make a cup of coffee.  Smile

coffee bar 1

The tray came from Marshalls.  In fact,  I have2 of them the same color, just different sizes.  I use the other one for my command media station.  I  folded a kitchen towel to fit the bottom.  The Ikea container was a Christmas present from a friend years ago.  It was full of peanut brittle.  The bowl I just pulled from the cupboard.

Have you organized anything lately that was so simple and easy to do?


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