Paint Chip Labels

Did I ever share with you that I’m getting 26 magazines in the mail every  month?  Stupid I know, but it was either that or totally lose some air miles that were from a random airline that we’ll never use again.

Many are a quick reads like Time, Inc., Fast Company, People and have articles I occassionallly want to keep an article or two for reference.  Others I keep pages as ideas or information are Good Housekeeping,  Family Circle or Better Homes and Gardens.  But, some,  I just want to keep the entire magazine like HGTV, Coastal Living, and Real Simple.  These, in addition to all the garden, organizing, DIY and cooking magazines I buy and usually keep cause lots of magazine stacks.  OMG!  I’m a magazine hoarder!!!

I recently found some very cute magazine files at the Target dollar spot that were perfect to house some of these and would also look nice on the shelves in the woman cave.  (Sorry, ugly cell phone picture).


I tagged each of them like this.Labeled

I followed Cassie from Hi Sugarplum blog tutorial on making labels in pic monkey.

Computer Screen

I didn’t have any full label sheets so I used thick white cardstock to print instead and then used scissors to cut out each square.  I used double-sided scotch tape to adhere to paint chips that I had punched a hole in.  I looped the ribbon through the hole, stapled the ends together and taped the ribbon to the inside of the file holder.

straight shot

side view 1

Garden sideview

I can change the contents and labels anytime.  I’m also one step closer to getting the woman cave organized!  So tell me, are you a magazine hoarder?  What’s your secret to labeling files?


2 responses to “Paint Chip Labels

  1. Jacquie Southard

    Love what you’ve done! Hope to make it over soon to check out all of your magazines. Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2013 11:29:39 +0000 To:

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