Adding Ribbon to Shelves

Happy Monday everyone!  The Northwest is adhering to the saying April Showers brings May flowers.  The weather was so sporadic this past weekend. First it was pouring rain and then the sun came out.  Too wet to work in the yard so it was a definite putter-around-the-house weekend.

Speaking of puttering, I’ve been changing things up in what used to be called the craft/reading/guest room.  Now I just call it the Woman Cave.  I’ve  been reorganizing, adding and deleting, making minor changes  only.

I have two white shelves on the wall above my desk area.  When I put them up about a year ago  I hung them so they were tiered.  I got this brainiac  idea this past week to put the bottom shelf directly below the top shelf.  Let’s just say I’ll be doing a post sometime soon on how to patch a hole in the wall.  Yep, the screw did not want to come out.

Once I re-positioned the  shelf I minimized the amount of items I had on them.  But they still needed some pizazz so using double back tape I added some ribbon to trim the edges.

Full Pic 1

Much better than this, right?  Here’s the before and after.

Before Full Pic 1

I’ve always loved black and white together.

Close up 1 close up 2

Another quick and simple change.  Have you done this before?  For other ideas see my For the Love of Ribbon.


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