Organized Printer Station

I’m slowly but surely getting the woman cave organized to my liking.  I’m always in there reading, crafting, puttering.  My husband says pretty soon he may never see me.  I told him not to worry, food and drink were downstairs.

organized station

I have loved black and white combinations all my life so it’s not a surprise to me how my printer station turned out.  I moved my white dresser decorated with duct tape diagonally into the far corner of the room.  It’s the perfect place for my wireless printer,   file tray, a.k.a. cardboard box lid covered with duct tape, and my 3 drawer Rubbermaid tote to hold printer paper.

After close up

This was just a plain container I had stored in the garage.  I already had the black and white scrapbook paper and it was perfect match to the rest of the printer station.  I simply cut to size to fit the front, added some hand printed labels, and slipped them inside the drawers.  I also added a sheet to the top.

Printer Station  organized station

before After close up

The great thing is there wasn’t any cost to do this.  I had everything and  it took  less then 10 minutes to do. Have any quick updates you’ve done lately?

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