Birdbath to Yard Light Stake {Repurposed}

A couple of weeks ago the city I live in sponsored its yearly annual garage sale.  The Monday following the sale the city will also pick up your junk at no cost.  It’s an opportunity to clean  the garage and yard up.  The green birdbath in the picture below had seen its last good day.

stump close up

So I tossed the dish piece of it that was beyond gross.  The stake, however, was still in good shape.  I am smitten with the Ace’s house brand of copper colored paint and gave the stake a couple of coats.  I had an outside copper lantern on hand and added a tea light.  This is what it looks like now.


copper bowl close up copper bowl top view

This is at dusk.

at night

I also tried a candle in it for an option.

candle 1

candle 2 candle 3

Have you repurposed anything lately?  Have a great Thursday!


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