Adirondak On The Hill

Some folks go to Cape Cod in the summer.  Others head to the Jersey Shore.  Me?  Where do I go on a warm evening to escape the heat and find a cool breeze?

pic 6 title

This is the side hill next to our house.  When we first moved into our house 14 years ago the alder trees in the greenbelt were creeping  to our property line.  Slowly over the years hubby has cut the trees and brambles back and now we have a beautiful rolling side hill filled of green grass and a gulley filled with ferns, huckleberries, wild flowers and alders.  It’s peaceful and when the weather is unbearable in the house the side hill is the place to be for both humans and dogs.

I picked up these Adirondak chairs at Home Depot.  They had so many fun colors I finally narrowed it down to theses three.  The “hill” is catching on with the neighbors too.  Looks like it’s going to be a fun summer!

Pic 1

pic 2

pic 4

pic 5

Where’s your hangout in the summer?


One response to “Adirondak On The Hill

  1. Beautiful scenery. As for me, I live in Texas; so my favorite summertime hangout is in the air conditioning…lol.

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