Rain On My Rhody

The weather here over the last couple of days has been windy and on and off rainy.  And since this is the time of year plants bloom its always a crapshoot whether or not the blooms will survive the weather patterns.  Imagine my surprise when I got home yesterday and saw my bright pink blooming rhody holding its own.  A few of the large flowers had fallen but many were still in tact.


The bees were there to greet me when I snapped a few pictures.

close up 3

close up 5

close up 2

My peonies will soon start blooming.  I sure hope they survive the  weather.  What about you?  Do you have any favorite flowers blooming in your yard right now?

2 responses to “Rain On My Rhody

  1. Renee – how wonderful. Excellent pictures.

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