Polka Dot Frames

Hi there!  I usually post in the morning, but last night I took 2 drowsy Sudafed because I was so stuffed up.  And guess what?  I kind of slept in…made it to work on time but there wasn’t any room in the morning schedule for a coffee and blog time.

I’ve had some frames on my wall in the woman cave, once known as the craft/reading/guest room.  They contained some awesome sunflower pics a friend took.  I was doing another craft project using ribbon and duct tape (sharing this week, yes I will) and decided to add some to the plain black frames.

Here’s a picture of a plain frame and next to it is a comparison of the plain and polka dot. I just added the tape to the outside edges.

solid black closeup Plain and Polka dot

Can you see the difference?  Subtle but I like it lots!  Please excuse the glare.

close up polka dot

close up 1

I hung the two frames with the black with white polka dot trim on the wall above the printer station.

printer station and frames

I got REALLY creative with the third frame.  I first added yellow tape, then overlaid it with the polka dot tape.  I hung it on the opposite side of the room.  It fits in perfect with the shelves with black and white ribbon.

Yellow and dot full

A closer look…

Yellow and polka dot

Another 5-10 minute touch-up that definitely adds some color and punch to the woman cave!

Hope you have a wonderful Monday night.  It’s cuddle night for hubby and I ( and Divot) to watch The Voice!  Don’t you just love Blake?  Do you think Adam is feeling left out?  Blake and Usher seem like they’ve really bonded!


2 responses to “Polka Dot Frames

  1. Love the frames…. very pretty.

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