For The Love Of… Trays

Happy Monday all!  I hope your weekend was fabulous!  I had a great one.  It contained all the things I love; gardening, shopping, sunshine, friend get-togethers , BBQs, projects and new challenges.

Its been a while since I’ve  shared a For the Love of post.  As I was cleaning house yesterday I was reminded  how many trays I have all over my house, both store bought and thrift bought.  Trays are so versatile ,  come in so many different colors and shapes and can be used anywhere to corral miscellaneous items or just as a decoration.

Here’s just a few that have met my hand when a can of spray paint was attached to them.

For the love of trays

The last tray does  not have an associated post.  I just picked up an old tray at the Goodwill and spray pained the outside black and the inside copper colors by Rustoleum  It’s the perfect size to hold a few magazines and the remote controls Yyes, I said that as plural…grrr.  I think sometimes electronics are mans best friend.

If youd like to read my other For the Love  posts on pinecones, ribbon, buttons, spray paint and contact paper  just click here.

Do you use trays around your house?


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