Beach Sighting–The Eagle Has Landed

A Northwest sunny day plus low tide equals an awesome day to walk the local beach.

eagle sighting

Like I said, it was low tide.

low tide

As we were walking along my hubby pointed out the birdhouses that are attached to the pilings.  About that time I decided to take a break and hubby and Divot kept walking.  I had knee surgery mid June and I’m not quite 100% yet.  I looked out to the water and there was an eagle sitting on the birdhouse.  I had my android phone and that’s what I took pictures from.  I took a pic, walked a bit closer, took another pic…

eagle 2

eagle pic 1

eagle close up

and then he flew away.

fly away

I love the beach.  How about you?


2 responses to “Beach Sighting–The Eagle Has Landed

  1. Renee – I could be mistaken, but I heard it is good luck when you see an eagle. So, hoping great things happen for you and your family. Thank you for sharing.

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