This Little Piggy {Bank} Got A Makeover

My child is grown and grand children are a ways away so I had a personal chuckle about making over a piggy bank!

Titled Piggy Bank

My neighbor’s daughter, who is entering her sophomore year of college, is home for the summer.  She’s cleaning out her closet and gave me this piggy bank that needed some TLC.

Before and After

I spray painted it all gold and then I decided to give it to a co-worker for her grand daughter.  So I spray painted it white and added some large gold dots to make it a bit more kiddish.  I covered the nose with scrapbook paper to hide a crack, hot glued some buttons on the snout, ears and eyes, and then decided it was one cute pig!

side view

spot closeup tail


I’d have so much fun saving coin if I had this bank!  Did you have a piggy bank growing up?  Do your children?

Linking to the weekly party at Tatortots and Jello


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