A Lily Photo Op {Using Pic Monkey}

I’m the first to admit I have a lot to learn about photography.  That said,I like to take pictures, capture moments, then use the heck out of PicMonkey to edit them.  I’m sure most have heard of it, but if you haven’t, it is the best.  Pic Monkey is a free online photo editing site that you can spend hours playing with your pictures.  There is the option to pay for some upgraded features, but I’m still going the freebie route.

I took some pictures of the lilies on the side of my house the other day. I thought I’d share a few of the features I used in Pic Monkey with you.

Starting from the beginning, I took this picture of a yellow lily and what you see is totally unedited.

yellow lilty  no edit

I cropped it…and actually cropped it again, but I didn’t save it.

yello lilly cropped

I then chose the Frames feature, added an outer color, an inner color and rounded the corners.  And then added a light trails feature.  A little bit artsy and I like it.

yello light trails

yellow lily  Collage

Next, the pink lily.  I was still playing with frames and colors. Here’s a few different looks.

pink lilyCollage 1

Last and my most favorite is the white lily.  First, the blooms are big and beautiful this year.

white lilly side

I took several of the white lily and added different effects.

The original I was working with looked like this.

white lilly

Then I added a light trail effect…

white lilly light trails

and then a burst of light…

white lilly burst

and then a water effect…

white lilly water

white lilly light trails white lilly burst  white lilly water

I think I want to print and frame the blue water effect.
What do you think?  If you haven’t already, will you be trying Pic Monkey soon?


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