{DIY} Doodle Pen Holders

I was sitting at my desk in the woman cave today.  I turned on My Doodle Lamp and that gave me a little idea.  A 5 minute idea.  An idea that took all of a few minutes watching American Pickers.  I love that show by the way.  I have a couple of small white pots that I use for pens and highlighters and thought hmmm, why not doodle them.

5 Minutes + Black Painter Pen =

Free  Form Doodles!

doodles full pic

Like I said, they now match my doodle lamp.

010-2 013-1

Instead of white painter pen on black, I did black on white.

013 doodles 1

The fun and best part is there’s no pattern, you can just doodle, squiggle, circle to your hearts content.  Much better then plain white, right?

Doodle and white

doodles full pic

What silly moments gives you an idea?Sharing at Monday Funday.  Have a great day!


One response to “{DIY} Doodle Pen Holders

  1. They’re so cute!! I need to start decorating my crafting space a little more.

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