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Updated Photo Boxes

I was “browsing” the house yesterday for a simple crafty thing to do; one that would be quick and useful.  I was in my craft room and spotted my dingy white photo boxes sitting on a shelf.

Photo Boxes white

I always have rolls of contact paper on hand so I took the tag plates off then covered them with a few of my favorites.  I really don;t use the boxes for photos, but I do have them full of stickers that I use for cards and scrapbooking.

full view

Photo Boxes Updated

Photo Boxes white Photo Boxes After

Do you ever cover boxes?


My Favorite Pinterest Board(s)

Do you love Pinterest as much as I do.  It’s just so darn much fun searching, pinning and planning.  But I have the most fun naming my boards.  Today I just wanted to share a few of those with you.  Should you want to look and maybe follow all my boards, just click here.

My most favorite board I have is The Gift Is In The Wrap.  I get a real joy in wrapping presents for my friends and family.  Here’s a few that rate at the top of my list as cute, creative and sassy plus so simplistic using items such as lace, ribbon and buttons.

Pinned Image


stamp gift wrap


Pinned Image


Pinned Image


Another of my favorite boards I pin to is  Wall Pizzazz.  I’ve put all kinds of things here.

Pinned Image


Pinned Image


Come check out my birds and I guarantee you’ll get plenty of inspiration.


For The Love of Buttons

TGIF!  The weekend will soon be here!

Today I feel the need to talk about buttons…..again.  I heart them; their shapes, colors, size.

Craft Room 024 Buttons1

I know not too long ago I wrote about the things you could do with buttons.  Check back HERE.

Then I made this wall hanging; a frame the neighbor gave me, scrapbook paper, a little glue and buttons from my jar>

Buttons Gold Frame-1







Now, here’s some additional pic from where else, Pinterest, of what one can do with buttons.

Buttons and desks


pins pushed through buttons on to foam forms. -   Button tree.

in loooove with covered button crafts   Button Crafts

Pinned Image

Don’t ya just love buttons?


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Halloween / Fall Bookmarks with Paint Chips

Hello All!  I’ve been so focused on my 31 Days To Clutter Free Series that I’ve not had much chance to share much else.  Before Halloween gets past us I wanted to share some bookmarks I made.  They were quick to make and fun to give my nieces and sis-in-law when we had lunch a few weekends ago.

What do you do with all those paint chips you have stored away?


If you have the larger chips like those in the picture grab those, some scrapbook paper, glue, ribbon, buttons, and stickers and here’s what you get.


These aren’t really fallish, but I made them also.


Here’s the front and back sides of a few of the bookmarks.

IMAG0939-1 IMAG0945-1 IMAG0941-1 IMAG0942-1 IMAG0944

It makes it so much more fun to cozy up with a book on a fall day when you have a fun bookmark to use!


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Spare Room Project – Bulletin Board + Cost Breakdown

I’m so glad to have the spare room done.  As I mentioned yesterday I really wanted a room where I could craft and be inspired or take a quiet moment to read or maybe a little catnap :-).  It also had to be a place where if needed, someone could sleep. I’ve just been walking in there and standing and grinning.  It’s a good feeling to have a vision and then accomplish it.

I wanted to give ya the scoop on one of the projects that you saw in the room.  Saturday night puppy Divot woke me up at 1:30 a.m.  Then I couldn’t go back to sleep.  After I tossed and turned, hate that by the way, I decided I would just decorate an old bulletin board.  I know! 1:30 in the morning and I’m doing what?

I guarantee you could do this and it doesn’t have to be the middle of the night.  I also will say right up front this is not the fanciest job and I’m sure I didn’t do it the way you’re supposed to.  But at 1:30 in the morning anything looks good and then I was too tired to change it and now its kind of grown on me.

What you need: bulletin board, scrapbook paper, ribbon, pushpins. Fit the paper onto the board.  I didn’t even cut it. Then take your ribbon and outline the 4 sides and then start laying the ribbon diagonally, creating crisscrosses. I ran out of turquoise ribbon so I just used a different color. Use pushpins to hold ribbon in place.

Bulletin Board 001-2 Bulletin Board 002

Bulletin Board 003  The Final Product…

Craft Room 040

That be it.  Pretty simple!

In yesterday’s post I also promised a cost down of what I spent.

$60.00 – Home Depot Behr Paint + Primer in one

$12.00 – Rust Oleum Spray Paint, Home Depot and Ace

$ 4.00 – Birds, Ace, 50% off

$30,00 – Pillows (3) TJ Max

$12.00 – Blanket Throw, TJ Max

$16.00 – Picture, TJ Max

$15.00 – Turquoise cube

$10.00 – Picture Frames, Ribbon, mattes, Dollar store

$158.00 TOTAL

Now I can get on with my Fall decorating!


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Spare Room Project – A Mirror

The spare room project is coming along.  So far, I’ve moved a loveseat with hide-a-bed and ottoman into the room and decided on a color palette, see here.

Reveal – I’m painting the walls some type of yellow this weekend.  In the interim I’m working on a mirror project and wanted to share with you.  I’ve had this mirror for at least 15 years and for the last 10, its hung in my office at wok.  When I changed jobs and offices a couple of months ago I brought it home and it’s been in the garage ever since.  Poor mirror, it needed some oomph and since I am putting a lot of the aqua/turquoise/blue-green color into the room, spray paint became my friend again.

Here are the before and after pics.  Forgive the glare and the dirty mirror….

Tile Art 008-1 Aqua Mirror 011-1

There isn’t really any white on the mirror.  That’s glare.  You may be wondering what those big globs are in the one mirror pane?  Well, I had this idea and now not sure if I like it but will keep for a bit of time and then make decision.

The globs are lady bug 3-D stickers.  Kind of hard to see, but in person the visual is much better.  I love lady bugs and since they bring good luck I thought I would add them.  Here’s a closer look…

Aqua Mirror 018-1

What do you think of the lady bugs or do you have any ideas ho to add some pizzazz to this mirror project? 

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Glass Dessert Stand

I love/enjoy/have passion towards finding the right present for a family member or friend.  Many times that means I make something.  There have been many varieties of deserts stands, cake stands, plate tiers in blog land, including myself.  Not long ago I created a stand from old plates to house my jewelry, see here.

I recently made another one, this time 3 tiers of glass plates.  It was a present for my sis-in-law.  I originally started with 3 different looking plates and 3 short vases, first using metal/glass glue to adhere a vase to each plate.

Blog Articles July 4 week 071-1          Blog Articles July 4 week 051-1

Then I tried (key word tried) to glue two of the plates together.  I tried 2 times and even let the plates sit for over 24 hours.  There were too many gaps created by grooves in the bottom of the plate and they would adhere to each other.

Blog Articles July 4 week 074-1

I ended up using three of the same plate, the plainer bottom one in this picture above.  Once all 3 were properly attached I added some clear sealant where the vases glued to the plates, top and bottom.

I think it turned out pretty good; my sis-in-law liked it.  See for yourself…


The banana-blueberry bread was really tasty too.  I’ll share that recipe later this week.

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Quick Tile Art

Son and I were shopping late yesterday afternoon and decided to grab a Latte.  I should know better.  Lesson learned to self.  Do not drink an Iced  Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte at 6:00 in the evening.  At midnight I was still awake and fidgety.  And I wanted to craft.  I didn’t want to spray paint, I didn’t want to scrapbook and I didn’t want to make candy bouquets. 

I did remember I had this really cute bird sticker from Martha Stewart Stickers.  The birdie is adorable; bright colored and has multiple layers.  See for yourself…

Tile Art 018

What could I do with that bird.  Add a plate stand…

Tile Art 012 and some left over bathroom tiles I’ve been holding on to…

Tile Art 019 Combine the bird sticker, plate stand, tiles and and some gorilla girl and you’ve go tile art!

Tile Art 021

Isn’t it cute?  I found the perfect place for it too…


Tile Art 028       Tile Art 031

I also added a pretty scarf that I bought at the Shanghai Market in China a couple years ago.

Tile Art 030 Here’s a couple of close-ups.

Tile Art 032   Tile Art 033

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Making A Birdbath

Kate at Centsational Girl is having a garden link party today.  My favorite garden project I did this summer was making a birdbath out of old flower pots.

Birdbath 050

Here’s my previous post in case you want to make one too!


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Sprucing Up the Lazy Susan

I wish I had a before picture.  Sadly I don’t.  You see, I was spray painting something else in the garage and my eyes wandered over to the box of items that didn’t sell at the all-city garage sale.  That’s where I found the storage box for the redo of the  3 Drawer Storage Box.  I also spotted a lazy susan.  You know, one of those laminate ones.  Before I knew it I had doused it with primer.  So sorry, no before picture but just pretend you have seen a photo of a light blonde colored, laminate, faded lazy susan from approximately 15 years ago.  Not a very pretty site.

I’m noticing a pattern with me and spray paint.  I don’t thoroughly think my plan before I  start so I sometimes tend to put on more spray paint and coats then needed.  Oh well, I’m having fun! 🙂

Okay, so after the primer I added a couple of coats of Rust Oleum apple green.

004  005

Then I decided to checkerboard it with the help of blue tape and white spray paint.


Here’s how it turned out…

Blog Articles July 4 week 075

I think it’s so cute, much better than the laminate lazy susan I started with.  There are so many different ways to use it.  A few of my ideas below.

How about desk organizer for  office supplies.

Blog Articles July 4 week 076 or a place to show off some of my favorite things.

Blog Articles July 4 week 077

A cute lazy susan like this could also be very useful in the kitchen.

Blog Articles July 4 week 079

I’ll let you know what I decide.  I do know one thing for sure, I like this lazy susan much better now!

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