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The Last of the Fall Decor

I’ve a few rooms left to share today with a few items to celebrate Fall.

I’m not sure how many doozy up the bathroom but since we all spend time in their on a daily basis {laughing} I added just a few touches; a faux bouquet and a gold spray painted pumpkin, a gloss white candlestick holding a bright orange candle…

Bathroom 2 Bathroom 1

I gave my button wreath a seasonal attitude with some orange striped ribbon.

Bathroom 3

In the kitchen I added some bright orange weave placemats and a brown tray filled with some items that leaned on touches of orange and black.

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 2

Las, but not least, a simple vase full of orange in the den and a wood pumpkin.


I’ve had my décor out since the first day of Fall and it will remain until the Christmas decorations go up.  There isn’t any bats or cobwebs here.  I don’t typically dress up for Halloween; maybe a welcome sign and thats it.  If you want to check out other areas of my house I’ve decorated for the season or see some  completed projects you can click on the following links;  living room, dining room, entry, no -cost mantel, amber decorated vases, paint chip banner.

And to my friend J, hope all went well and you are on the mend.


Blending Pillow Colors {Living Room}

Did everyone love having three days off?  I sure did!  We got the normal house and yard chores done and then had some time to play as well.  Our neighbors hosted a king salmon barbeque, a nice 22 pounders he caught a couple of weeks ago and we also were invited to a get together at a river not too far from us.

I don’t claim to be a great decorator.  I just put together what I like and my eyes find pleasing.  I’ve been changing up my living room pillows for a while now and I think I’ve finally found a combination of colors I like.

Here’s a picture of my living room.  I just changed the furniture around.  I like it better now; much more cozy and less formal.  I would love to change out the end tables but my hubby likes them.   And someday I’ll rip the carpet out and make it a wood floor instead.

fll pic

I plan to do a post that will go into a bit more detail about the room, but for today let’s just focus on the pillows.  My color scheme has evolved to shades of blue, turquoise, pink/burgundy, and beige.  Gold and grey are also used lightly.

Pillow - blue grey and turq bluw

Pillows grey stripe and blue flower

Pillow - loveseat

Pillow - pink flowered

Pillows - loveseat cream and bird

I put the pillows in a collage so you could better visually see how the pillows blend. It doesn’t matter what pattern the pillow is.  Just notice they pull color from each other.  A shade of blue or beige tend to be a color in every pillow.

Pillow Blend 1 Liv Rm Collage

Now that I have it figuredout that darn Fall might mess it up!  Do you decorate with multiple patterns or colored pillows? Have a great Tuesday!


My “New” Old Desk

I’ve been MIA.  Last Friday I had arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn meniscus and I’ve been minding my Ps and Qs since then following Doctor orders.  It’s nice to be able to take a step without having a pain run through my leg.

Last week I shared my horse picture I found at a neighborhood  garage sale.  I also found a 1950’s writing desk and a 1900 depression glass lantern that was used in the mines north of my house.

New 1950 Desk

I fell in love with it at the garage sale on Saturday when I saw it but it was $175 and that was too high for me.  Everything was half price on Sunday and along with the horse picture, I got the 3 items for $50.00.    I had a corner in the family room that was perfect for this little beauty.

Full view no chair

When I brought it home it was pretty dirty and needed some TLC.


I wiped it down with a soft cloth to remove the dirt, then rubbed in some Rejuvenating Oil by Watco.  I waited 10 minutes, then buffed it out.  There are a few scratches, but it’s not my intent to paint it.  I just wanted to enhance it’s character.


Lets see the before and after side by side, shall we.

before After

We have a sub-woofer and I tried to hide it behind the desk and the cords behind the sub.  I was a bit more successful doing this when I added my recent DIY entry chair.

Full with chair

I also added the basket (picked up at another home sale for $1.00) and filled it with some blanket throws.

The depression glass lantern was a find.  It has the original wick and I love the color.

lantern 1

lantern 2 lantern 3

I added some  Readers Digests  (left to me by my Dad), and a white vase found at the good will for a few dollars.  Both are sitting in an orange tray I recently saved from the trash and spray painted.

close up 1 close up 5

close up 6

desk close up 3 close up 4

Pretty good for $50.00, right?  Have you picked up any garage sale finds lately?


The Meaning of Flowers {Truth and Hope}

I was out shopping the other day and found the cutest metal flower hangings.  I decided they would look pretty  hanging in my laundry room.

Hanging Full View

I can’t remember where I got these. maybe TJ Max.  They have a great garden section this time of year.  I added the purple ribbon.  They originally looked like this.  The purple completes them, don’t you think?

Before hanging

Did you know  flowers have symbolic meanings?  I did some research.  The chrysanthemum means compassion, cheerfulness, rest, loveliness, optimism, abundance, wealth, friendship and secret love.  They come  in  a variety of colors.  The white chrysanthemum symbolizes loyal love and truth.  In my research I couldn’t  find anything on the pink color.   Red stands for love, yellow symbolizes slighted love.

According to legends, the snowdrop became the symbol for hope during the time of Adam and Eve when they were expelled from the Garden of Eden.  An angel appeared and changed snowflakes into snowdrop flowers, showing Eve there was hope that winter would change to spring.

Truth truth close up

Hope close up hope


What kind of flowers do you have in your garden?  Have a great Monday!

Pre-Spring Entry Way

Can you believe that next Wednesday it will be Spring?  The Northwest weather is teasing me.  One day the car windows are frozen, the next day it’s 55 and sunny, then it turns to wind & rain and the low 40s.  The little bit of sun we’ve had, however,  has given me a dose of spring fever so I added a that feeling to my entry way table.  My eight dollar black rod iron that I painted white table that is.   I think it’s lived everywhere in the house, but now has a home in the corner of my entry way.

Entry full pic

I love all the white and I think next week when I replace the bunnies and bird nests with bunnies and Easter eggs it will be perfect.

birdsnest bird on bowl

close up 3 left corner

Pussy Willows {courtesy of Michaels} sit in a square glass vase painted with pink flowers and birds.  The birds fly and land different places in my house 365 days a year.  Today, one of the larger of the flock is perching on a white glossy vase I found for cheap on one of my recent outings.

close up vase

I like a little memory shared in everything I do.  The linen doily is a part of a set of table cloth, napkins, and a runner that hubby and I got on a trip to St. Thomas.  The posey was my mother-in-laws.  She passed away 18 years ago and I still think of her every time  I bring this precious porcelain basket of  flowers out.

2042  posey

The green plate is a charger from Michaels just sitting on a plate stand.

center close up bowl

sideview top view

close up 1

Is your house shouting a little Spring?


White Accessory Obsession

Welcome to Lattenene Chat.  My name is Renee and I have an obsession for white….dishes, vases, bowls, plates.  You name it, I’m sure I have it in one form or another.

I’ve always loved white and yes, even though there is a continuous debate, I consider it a color.  It’s clean. crisp and bright all at the same time.  I have lot’s of white accessories throughout my home, but recently the stock pile has increased due to multiple trips to the Goodwill, St.Vincent DePaul, Value Village, Marshalls, and other choice spots.

The total dollar amount for my treasures below is less than $50.00 .  See what a little time and a sharp eye does and I had a blast with my girlfriends doing it.

All white

All white 3s

heart and silver birdbath and heart

milk vase



Blue white bowl

Do you have a favorite color you decorate with?  Happy Friday!


How To Buy A Lamp {Shade} Love

My lovely lady neighbors and I were out scouting the stores again.  We’ve been going a lot lately and are a terrible influence on each other.  I usually drive and have a SUV and somehow we always come home with the car full.

We’re becoming pretty efficient and focused. shoppers  This past weekend we were gone just a couple of hours and hit up Cost Plus World Market, the Target Dollar Spot, Ross, St. Vincent DePaul and Value Village.  I fell in love and came home with a lamp shade from World Market for the awesome price of 10.00.  It now is giving my spare room some kaboom!

room with shade

close up

side view sideview 1

Now that I look at the pictures the lamp shade feels a bit small but that’s okay.  I’m still loving it and going to keep it.  I originally wanted to put in in the living room, but I need to get a different size spider harp and possibly some clips.  I got curious what I should have been looking for when buying a lamp shade and  went to the internet for advice from Lamp  Plus.  Here’s what they say

How to Measure a Shade

When shopping for new lamp shades on our site or in our stores, you’ll see shades listed with different measurements. These measurements are always listed the same way; the distance in inches across the top, across the bottom, on the slant (if applicable) and height. If you are replacing an existing shade, measure the old shade using this same method with a ruler or retractable tape measure.

How to Measure a Lamp Shade Photo

Here are the four shade measurements you’ll need:

A – Measure the top diameter.

B – Measure the bottom diameter.

C – Measure the vertical slant.

D – Measure the vertical height.

Once you measure your shade, you can match shade width and shade height or look for a completely new size.

What Type of Shade Fitting Do You Need?

In addition to the size of the shade, you’ll also need to know what type of fitter your lamp uses to attach the shade to the lamp body. There are three types of lamp fitters: spider lamp shades, uno lamp shades and clip-on lamp shades.

Lamp Shade Spider and Harp Photo

Spider with Harp – This is the most common type of fitting for table and floor lamp shades. At Lamps Plus, the correct size harp is included free with spider lamp shades.

Uno Lamp Shade Fitter Photo

Uno – Usually found on smaller table lamps. No harp is needed as the wire fitting is permanently attached to the shade. The shade attaches directly to the lamp socket.

Clip-On Lamp Shade Fitter Picture

Clip-On – Found on smaller accent lamps and chandeliers. Clip-on lamp shades clip directly onto the light bulb with no additional hardware. My lovely lady neighbors and I were out scouting .

Have you purchased any lampshades lately.  Would it have been easier if you had read this information first?


Updated Dining Room

Not too long ago I shared our new paint job and updates to our Living room.  Today I wanted to share the updated dining room.  The two areas are connected so we used the same paint for both rooms on the walls and ceilings, Behr Dream Catcher.

Color Strip

We have an inset in the dining room ceiling and I painted that with the bottom color, Prelude, 740 E-3.

Dining room ceiling

Here’s some Before pics.

Dining room before

See the curtains and cornice board.  I was so over that I ripped it right down.  Here’s another…

DR Before 1

and here’s the after, oh so much better.

Dining room After

I already shared that I took the doors off the hutch.  That was an improvement in itself.  As I mentioned in a previous post the paint color changes throughout the day and evening depending on the light.  It changes to almost white, to light blue, to a lilac to a darker muted blue.  I’m really happy with our choice.

It might not look like a big change in the pictures but it really is.  Someday I’ll get a new dining room set, but for now we’ll use what we have.

DR BeforeDining room After

Turkey day soon.  I’m getting excited !  How about you?
I’m sharing at Beneath My Heart,

Updated Living Room

It’s Thursday and it’s high time I shared my updated Living room.  It got a brand new paint job on the walls and ceiling, new lamp shades, new pillows and curtains, some table updates, and some different pictures.

Color Strip

The walls and ceiling both were painted with Behr’s Dream Catcher (top on the paint strip).  It looks grey, but it’s more of a very light blue.  Depending on the natural light and time of day, the color will change from almost white, to a light blue, to a pale lilac.  I’m really loving it.

I’ve had my living room furniture for awhile and it’s not going anywhere soon so it was important for me to use colors that complimented it. I pulled on black, light blues, gold’s and turquoise.

After LR 2

Curtain Close-Up Pillows and Throw

I ordered the curtain panels from, Casio in Fog Blue in case you’re wondering.  I’m not sure what I was thinking, but I need to order 1 more for the living room and 1 more for the dining room. (I’ll share the dining room makeover next week).  I ordered a 120 length, fully lined, each panel $75.00, which I thought was totally reasonable.  The grey and blue striped pillow, 1 of 2, were a steal on the clearance rack at Bed, Bath and Beyond, $9.00 total.  The turquoise round is a pillow I had upstairs which I purchased from Target a while back.  The turquoise throw is also from Target.

Pillows - Pinecones Garage Sale Pillow

I found the turquoise and gold pillow at a garage sale for a $1.00 The other pillow is from Home Goods and if you want to read about my DIY pinecones click here or my DIY pumpkins, here.

LR Before 1 LR After

LR Before 2 LR After 4

S0, what cha think?


Fall Decor – The Last of It

I’ve slowly been cleaning out boxes and bins in the garage and I keep finding items for the Fall decor.  I’ve given myself 2 choices; display it or bag it for the Goodwill.

In a couple of previous posts I shared with you the Fall Porch, Mantel and Kitchen, Fall Floral.  Today I’m sharing all the rest….I promise!

First, the dining room table.  I don’t really  do Halloween Decorations so I skipped right into Autumn.


Centerpiece Close Up

Pumpkin Boxes 3

Moving on to the entry…

Entry 3

Entry 1 Entry 2 White Corner Table Side 2012_09_11

Here’s the den….

Den 1

Den 3 Pumpkin 3

Odds and Ends…


Pumpkin Vase Pumpkin Witch