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The Last of the Fall Decor

I’ve a few rooms left to share today with a few items to celebrate Fall.

I’m not sure how many doozy up the bathroom but since we all spend time in their on a daily basis {laughing} I added just a few touches; a faux bouquet and a gold spray painted pumpkin, a gloss white candlestick holding a bright orange candle…

Bathroom 2 Bathroom 1

I gave my button wreath a seasonal attitude with some orange striped ribbon.

Bathroom 3

In the kitchen I added some bright orange weave placemats and a brown tray filled with some items that leaned on touches of orange and black.

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 2

Las, but not least, a simple vase full of orange in the den and a wood pumpkin.


I’ve had my décor out since the first day of Fall and it will remain until the Christmas decorations go up.  There isn’t any bats or cobwebs here.  I don’t typically dress up for Halloween; maybe a welcome sign and thats it.  If you want to check out other areas of my house I’ve decorated for the season or see some  completed projects you can click on the following links;  living room, dining room, entry, no -cost mantel, amber decorated vases, paint chip banner.

And to my friend J, hope all went well and you are on the mend.


Fall Decor – The Last of It

I’ve slowly been cleaning out boxes and bins in the garage and I keep finding items for the Fall decor.  I’ve given myself 2 choices; display it or bag it for the Goodwill.

In a couple of previous posts I shared with you the Fall Porch, Mantel and Kitchen, Fall Floral.  Today I’m sharing all the rest….I promise!

First, the dining room table.  I don’t really  do Halloween Decorations so I skipped right into Autumn.


Centerpiece Close Up

Pumpkin Boxes 3

Moving on to the entry…

Entry 3

Entry 1 Entry 2 White Corner Table Side 2012_09_11

Here’s the den….

Den 1

Den 3 Pumpkin 3

Odds and Ends…


Pumpkin Vase Pumpkin Witch



Before & After Dollar Store Pumpkins + Kitchen Table Gone Fall

I finally gave in and turned on the heat.  When the sun goes down, it gets just a bit nippy.  We still have sun and the days are beautiful so I’m really not complaining.

Whenever I get a few minutes here and there I do a bit more Fall Decorating.  At the rate I’m going, I’ll be sharing it with you for the next month.  And then it will be time for Christmas.  OMG!  That’s a scary thought and a whole different reason to mess up the garage again (she said as she laughed out loud).

I picked up some pumpkins for a 1.00 each at the Dollar store, then grabbed come Rustoleum spray paint from my 52 can collection and some decorative ribbon tape from my craft room.  Voila!  Before and after decorated pumpkins.

Dollar Store Pumpkins

Dollar Pumpkin Collage After

Also, here’s a peek at my kitchen Fall table.  The setting is simple and natural.  I picked up these cute live pumpkin trees and greenery in the floral department at Albys, aka Albertsons.

Full View

Kitchen Collage 2

Kitchen Fall Collage

Lastly, one random item.  Do you watch The  Voice?  I love those guys!  Happy Tuesday!


** I’ve changed my blog name to Lattenene Chat. If you do an internet search you will still find posts from it’s previous name, Lattenenes Cup of Chat.

Fall Floral

Happy Friday everyone.  We made it through another rainless week in the Northwest.  I’m okay with the cold mornings and mid to high 60’s by afternoon as long as the sun is shining and my drive home from work requires sun glasses!

I’ll be sharing lots of Fall decorating next week but just wanted to give you a hint of it today.  My dining room table arrangement centers around a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a candle + container from my adorable niece/God Daughter.  I hosted a bridal shower for her last weekend and she gifted me.  How sweet is that?  I’ll share more about the shower in future posts.

Bt these flowers, beautiful, right?  The shades of orange are so bright and send such a warm feeling.

Shower Bouquet

Bridal Shower Collage R1

Do you have any bouquets of Fall flowers in your house?


The Update of the Porch Update of the Porch Update

Did you follow that?  Hello!  I have tweaked my front porch 3 times this season.  First, it was the celebration of F’all Y’all Porch Update and some pics were shared.

IMAG0852 IMAG0850

IMAG0849 IMAG0846

Then, I tweaked it for Halloween just a little bit by changing the welcome sign and adding some pumpkins loaded up in an old box full of straw stuff and sitting on the porch. I forgot to take pictures so you have to trust me.  I would take pictures now but I packed all of the Halloween decor away.  I Dang it! I do have a picture of the welcome sign and a pumpkin or two that I incorporated in the new look.

Fall Wreaths and Branches 003

Okay, so this past weekend I packed the Halloween decorations away, tossed the dead Mum (that way because I didn’t water it) and added a bit of Turkey day decor.I did leave a few of the orange faux pumpkins but put the black ones away.

Vases Front Porch Update Updated 001-1 Vases Front Porch Update Updated 002-2

Vases Front Porch Update Updated 003-1 Vases Front Porch Update Updated 004

Vases Front Porch Update Updated 006-1

There ya go.  The next time I update I’ll be getting my “Ho, Ho. Ho” on!

latte Lattenene

Fall Porch Update

Sad Face.  It’s the last of the linky parties for It’s Fall Y’all Autumn Link Party.  Thank you Layla, Rhoda, Kate and Sarah for getting my butt off the couch and helping me decorate for Fall.

Thursday is the Porch decorating hosted by Sarah.


I’m glad I updated last weekend ’cause it’s pouring rain right now and I would not be out there.  I pulled by Brown rubbermaid bins from the garage corner and this is what I came up with.  Well, the mum came from the grocery and the pumpkin siting on the bench came from Target and….oh well, here ya go! 🙂




IMAG0848 IMAG0851

IMAG0847 IMAG0849


latte Lattenene

FALL Y’ALL Craft Boxes + A Little Fall House Decorating

The third segment of the FALL Y’ALL link party is happening today and Kate from Centsational Girl is hosting.  Be sure and check out her corn husk pom poms, so much fun!


II picked up some deco boxes at Michaels, grabbed some spray paint from Ace Hardware and Home Depot, glitter glue from Michaels and some ribbon from JoAnn Fabrics.  Away we go!

IMAG0843 IMAG0845



IMAG0882 IMAG0879 IMAG0883


So easy and quick to make.

I’ve fallen in love with Fall this year and the warm reds, oranges, rusts and browns and thought I would share a few more interior Fall decorating shots.

31 Days Day 2 012  31 Days Day 2 015

31 Days Day 2 018 31 Days Day 2 032

31 Days Day 2 017 31 Days Day 2 020

For other mantle and table decorating I’ve done, see here.  Thursday is the last linky party and I’ll be sharing my Fall porch decorating.


latte Lattenene

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Fall Door Deco

Yes, Yes, I know it’s a bit late in the day to be hooking up to Rhoda’s Fall Door Decor Linky Party.  But it was a very hectic morning and I was on the road to work by 6:00 A.M. and just did not have time.  Rhoda is sharing her door decor savvy  at her Southern Hospitality Blog and I’m hooking up to show you what I did to my front door for fall.  Well, actually, I used the space to the left of the door. 

It’s really very simple and okay maybe a bit lazy.  I love front Front door welcome signs for every occasion.  I probably have too many.  Here’s the one that’s hanging right now…

Fall Wreaths and Branches 002

As it gets closer I’ll change to a Halloween theme…

Fall Wreaths and Branches 003 Fall Wreaths and Branches 005

and as it gets nearer to Turkey day ….yep, another welcome sign..

Fall Wreaths and Branches 007

Next week I’ll be hooking up again with the Fall Y’All party to share a decorated porch and some simple crafts.


latte Lattenene

Fall Deco

fall link party badge 2

Hi All – Thought I would link up to Fall Y’all.  Layla at The Lettered Cottage is hosting the first of four link parties. So today I’m sharing a little fall deco in the family room.  That would be the room that has the fireplace and the same room that the TV and speakers are above the fireplace.  That means not a big opportunity to decorate for any holiday but I always try to give the mantle a tiny bit of the season.

Fall Mantle 006A closer look…

Fall Mantle 009  Fall Mantle 010

I also added some fall flavor to the iron rod table to the right of the fireplace.

Fall Mantle 003 

A few close-ups…a cute wood pumpkin I’ve had for a very long time.

Fall Mantle 005

and a few fall leaves added to some greenery.

Fall Mantle 002 Simple with a fall touch!


latte Lattenene