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Plant Stakes {Name That Herb}

I was in Walgrens the other day and spotted some white plastic garden stakes; 10 for $1.49.  They were perfect for my herb pots.

Plant Stakes

I used a black sharpie for the herb name and assorted colors of painter pens to outline each stake.

My three-tier herb planter from last summer needed a few new plants.  I also did a pot on either side of it filled with herbs.  They all have such lovely smells.





verbena and tarragon

rosemary 1

What have you been doing in your garden?  Happy Friday!


Reduce the Recycle…Save a Box {It’s a Wrap}

Sometimes when I see a really good empty box I squeal with delight, throw it in a closet for safe keeping and save it from the recycle bin.   Case in point, I’m sharing with you two such boxes today; a boot box and a box my new flat iron came in.  They were your normal everyday cardboard boxes and with the help of contact paper and gift wrapping paper they now look like this.

Birch Box 2

Yes, it’s true, this was the box my flat iron came in and I wrapped it in some wrapping paper from Home Goods.  My neighbor is really outdoorsy so I gave the box to her.  The paper reminds me of the bark on a tree.  I spray painted a wood knob and hot glued it on as well.  Spray adhesive worked well for adhering the paper.

Birch Box 1

A pair of my boots came in the other box and I used a pretty contact paper on it.

Boot Box 2

Box Collage

So next time you get ready to recycle a box think twice!


DIY–Plant Stand + Glass = Table

Last week our lawn mower died, our weed eater stopped working and could not be repaired and the spring on our garage broke.  I’m sure glad things come in three and no  more than that!  We had the garage door fixed and bought a new mower and weed eater/edger.  In May we  bought a new barbeque and the old one has been sitting in the garage along with all other non-working yard items.  I called the metal pick-up.  They come and take all your metal away for free.  Now my garage has more space and that’s when I ran across an old plant stand and a glass table top.  Hmmm, what to do…

create a table

I made a corner table for my downstairs bathroom.  I never tire of the ivy wallpaper and I like how the plant stand ties in.

Plant stand stand close up

I simply placed the glass ($1.00 at a garage sale) on top of the stand.  It’s heavy enough that it won’t fall off.

large mirror 4

I also like how you can look through the glass.  It makes the bathroom feel a bit bigger.

large mirror 1

The vase is one of my favorites and one that I found at Marshalls.  I can’t remember how much it was but I know I got change back from a twenty dollar bill.  Add a glass baby and I’m happy.

large mirror 4

And there you have it.  For something so simple and easy, this table has become one of  favorite items in my house.  Have you completed simple projects that you’ve fallen in love with, that floats your boat, that you look at and say Oh Yeah?


Bronze Leaf Candle Holders {Thanks Rustoleum}

How was your weekend?  The weather here in the Northwest continues to spoil us.  Every summer about this time I wish I had air conditioning and every winter I decide it’s only hot enough for air conditioning a couple of days each summer and I don’t make the call to install.  Today was one of the days I wished I had it.  Our backyard gets the afternoon sun and our family room, kitchen and bedroom get so hot.  I barbequed , then we took our meal  to the hill where it was cool with a little breeze.  Grilled chicken and roasted vegetables.  Yum, right?

roasted veggies

Okay, back to the project of the day.  A few garage sales ago I found a pair of candle holders for a couple of dollars, but I wasn’t too crazy about the color.  It was a dark greenish black.  Do you know what I mean?  I spray painted them with Rustoleum gray, but that didn’t float my boat.  They felt bland and boring.  Thank goodness anything cam be changed with a little paint more than once!  And that’s what I did. I have to admit though, I didn’t have any Rustoleum so I grabbed a can Ace’s metallic brand.  It’s okay for now.

1 2 3

I’m sure the location will change, but for now I added them to my entry way table.


one holder  close up

Have you painted anything lately, only to change your mind?

For The Love Of…Tape {Duct & Washi}

Welcome back to another post in the For The Love Of series.  Pinterest provides stats on the amount of times a project is pinned.  My dresser decorated with duct tape continues to be added to pinner boards.  This led me to think it would be fun to do a For The Love Of on tape, all kinds of tape; duct, washi, ribbon.

For The Love of Tape

I found a couple of faux herb pots at Michaels on sale a few months back.  I used ribbon tape to decorate the pots and they now sit on my built-in bookshelf in my family room.

To add a bit of trim to my coupon holder I added some black and white polka dot washi tape.

My most popular post ever is using duct tape to cover the drawers of a white laminate dresser.  It now totally rocks in black and white check duct tape.

Black and white polka dot washi tape also added some cuteness to some blah black picture frames to make polka dot frames.

I used pink and green chevron duct tape to cover a mobile phone box.  Love the colors and pattern.

Another take on  recycling old boxes.  This time I created a sea of maps for a work event using old maps and washi tape.

Last, but not least, cover cardboard box lids with with fun duct tape and they become decorative file trays file trays.

Do you use duct tape or washi tape for your creations?  Happy Friday to you and have a great weekend!


DIY–Outdoor Solar Lights

I remember seeing this idea floating around on Pinterest and blogs, but when I made these it was on the spur of the moment and I didn’t take the time to do any checking for instructions.

solar light Collage

I was at the Dollar store and they have the outdoor solar light stakes for $1.00 each so I picked some up.  I already had multiple jars and gems on hand.

I took the lids off the jars and filled them with gems leaving approximately 2-3 inches of free space at the top.  Then I screwed the outside  lid back on the jar which left an open circle.  Remove the solar light from the stake. and place in the open circle of the jar.    It should fit pretty snug, but if it doesn’t you can wrap some silver electrical tape around the light.


Place in the sun to activate the lights.  At night you’ll get a nice glow.


Well, you get the idea hopefully.  I would recommend when its damp out or if the jars are in an area where the sprinklers go off, to bring them in your house.  You can place in a sunny window and the will still activate.

Next on my list is to melt all the used citrona candles we have together and create one giant one.  How are you getting your outside area ready for summer activities?


Front Porch & Summer Flower Pots

Happy Monday!  How many of you are heading back to work today after a long July 4th weekend?  Just remember, there’s only five days until another two days off.  {smile}

Within a ten minute drive of where I live is a nursery with the best shrubs and  flowers.  It’s called the Plant Shack and is only open in the Spring and Summer every year.  The prices seem reasonable and its run by two ladies and a gentleman.

I finally got my pots done for the front porch and thought I would share with you.

full side view

porch table small pot

This pot is one that I spray painted with Rustolem blue last year and it’s held up well.  I’m hoping the leaf white begonia, snowflake trailer and fuchsia fill in nicely.  I keep moving the blue pot from the walkway to the porch because when watering the lawn it was getting to much water.


I think this is one of my most favorite plant combinations I’ve done ever.  The Plant Shack had beautiful coleus in a variety of colors.  I decided to keep with the blue, orange, green theme and chose the Rustic Orange and Wasabi coleus.  I added some Margarita Sweet Potato Vine for trailer on each side of the pot and some fuchsia and white snowflake trailer in the middle section.  The container is one I found on the curb for free last year and I spray painted it just like the pot.  Don’t you just love all the shades of green?

Coleus Collage

I also rescued this gold pot from death before the garbage truck picked it up.  I wanted to keep the old look.  I spray painted it using a combination of bronze and copper color.  I added Safari Scarlet marigolds {French Dwarf} and a couple of petunia plants.  I had never seen the Orange Flash color before and fell in love with it.  It was nice to get away from the standard color.

gold pot Collage

gold pot 1 porch table sideview bench


I gave the bench a much needed coat of stain earlier this Spring.  More on that at a later date.  Oh, and did you notice the cute orange watering can?  I scored that at Ace. I decided to use the pillows and seat cushion from last summer because I’m simply still really liking them.


The front porch is one of the coolest spots to sit in the evening and I enjoy sitting out there with a magazine and other amenities.

Tray 3

Instructions for the orange striped tray can be found here.   For other ideas for your outside decorating check out my project gallery.

So what have you been doing outside?  Have you updated / decorated your porch for the warm weather?

DIY – July 4 Placemats

I picked up some contact paper and shelf paper at the Dollar store a couple of weeks ago.  The two papers combined made four of the cutest July 4 placements.


This is a five minute project.  I used 2 rolls of shelf liner, one red checked and one blue checked plus two rolls of clear contact paper.  Each roll was $1.00 at the Dollar store.  Cut the shelf paper to the size you want your placemat, and the contact paper about 2 inches bigger than the shelf liner on each side.

Tools cut piece

Peal off the back of the contact paper and lay flat on a table.  Place and smooth the shelf liner on top.  Add second piece of contact paper to top.  Use pinking shears to trim the contact paper to I inch.

Full Blue

close up

Blue 3

Red Pic 2

Red - full with setting

I’ve used this method for many years with kids coloring projects, Christmas or birthday wrapping paper, and scrapbook paper.  The possibilities are endless.

My project gallery has some other ideas for July 4 decorations.  Check it out to make these.

DIY Centerpiece


Have fun!


Bar None, So Improvise

Summer’s here and that means friends, neighbors and family popping in for BBQs, laughs and drinks.  We’ve quickly acquired a number of mixers to concot the virgin and alcoholic fruity type drinks that spell sunsets, sunrises and all things summer.  I wanted to keep, as best I could, all drink  items to one or two places and not in 5 different cupboards.  I keep most of the alcohol in the freezer part of the  refrigerator and around the corner, just outside the kitchen, is my DIY small table .

Step Up To The Bar

I put the drink and shot glasses and stir sticks on top and mixers and straws below.

Top View

side view


Top 2

If I change my mind tomorrow, it’s no biggy.  This took 5 minutes to do.  What about you?  Do you have a real bar or do you improvise?


For The Love Of… Trays

Happy Monday all!  I hope your weekend was fabulous!  I had a great one.  It contained all the things I love; gardening, shopping, sunshine, friend get-togethers , BBQs, projects and new challenges.

Its been a while since I’ve  shared a For the Love of post.  As I was cleaning house yesterday I was reminded  how many trays I have all over my house, both store bought and thrift bought.  Trays are so versatile ,  come in so many different colors and shapes and can be used anywhere to corral miscellaneous items or just as a decoration.

Here’s just a few that have met my hand when a can of spray paint was attached to them.

For the love of trays

The last tray does  not have an associated post.  I just picked up an old tray at the Goodwill and spray pained the outside black and the inside copper colors by Rustoleum  It’s the perfect size to hold a few magazines and the remote controls Yyes, I said that as plural…grrr.  I think sometimes electronics are mans best friend.

If youd like to read my other For the Love  posts on pinecones, ribbon, buttons, spray paint and contact paper  just click here.

Do you use trays around your house?