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DIY – July 4 Placemats

I picked up some contact paper and shelf paper at the Dollar store a couple of weeks ago.  The two papers combined made four of the cutest July 4 placements.


This is a five minute project.  I used 2 rolls of shelf liner, one red checked and one blue checked plus two rolls of clear contact paper.  Each roll was $1.00 at the Dollar store.  Cut the shelf paper to the size you want your placemat, and the contact paper about 2 inches bigger than the shelf liner on each side.

Tools cut piece

Peal off the back of the contact paper and lay flat on a table.  Place and smooth the shelf liner on top.  Add second piece of contact paper to top.  Use pinking shears to trim the contact paper to I inch.

Full Blue

close up

Blue 3

Red Pic 2

Red - full with setting

I’ve used this method for many years with kids coloring projects, Christmas or birthday wrapping paper, and scrapbook paper.  The possibilities are endless.

My project gallery has some other ideas for July 4 decorations.  Check it out to make these.

DIY Centerpiece


Have fun!


July 4 Ideas

Happy Monday and Happy July 1!  We are in some hot weather now and I’m loving it.  The 4th of July is only a few days away.  We’re planning a BBQ with neighbors which will include a big crab feed freshly caught.  Um yum!  What are you doing?

If you need any recipe or decorating ideas for your celebration here are a few I pulled from my July 4 Pinterest board.


Patriotic layer cake via


cupcake cones via


Firework cake via




no source


wreath via

Come on back tomorrow for some July 4 ideas and recipes me, myself and I have done!


Memorial Day Sweets

For those working today I hope getting up wasn’t too hard.   I took an extra day of vacation for some “me” time and to get some things done that I never seem to do.  Like making some doctors appointments, planning summer vacation, haircut and color, etc.

We hosted a BBQ for our neighborhood clan over the weekend.  It turned out great.  Everyone brought something; scrumptious appetizers and salads.  We furnished hamburgers, rib-eyes, drinks and dessert.  We even were called the hostess with the mostess as we were able to provide each person (8) a golf umbrella to use.  It rained some after dinner when we were sitting around the fire.  It was just like camping!

The sweet part is what I wanted to share with you today.  Simple, but tasty.

Smore Pops Titled

It is the time of year to make smores.  I realized too late in the day our skewers were missing.  I searched high and low but I couldn’t find them so I did the next best thing.  I had made a birthday bouquet with marshmallows for my nieces husband before so thought I would use the same concept.  It took five minutes and all you need is a bag of chocolate chips, a bag of marshmallows, graham crackers and lollipop sticks purchased at Michaels.  I had some on hand.

Stick the skewer in the marshmallow.  Dip into the melted chocolate, then into some crumbled graham cracker.  I measured a piece of craft foam and shoved into a red pot I head on hand ahead of time so I had somewhere to place the pops.  Then I just added some tissue paper for some pops of color.

close up close up 2

Smore Pops

I also made some cupcakes from a box mix (I think Pilsbury Strawberry) and grabbed some marshmallow whipped frosting which I put in a baggie and used a decorating tip to give the cupcake some swirl.  I already had the red, white and blue liners and the little flags for decoration.  I keep all the baking kind of stuff like this in a basket in the pantry.  It’s amazing how much I have collected from shopping the dollar aisles at places like  Michaels and Target.  The cupcakes were simple and they were delicious.

Cupcake 1

cupcake 2


Did you make any special patriotic decorated sweets for Memorial Day?  Have a good Tuesday.  Do you watch The Voice?  Who do you think is going home tonight?


Memorial Day Salute

Today on Memorial Day, I just want to say thank you and God Bless to the men and women in the armed forces who have given thier lives to protect ours.  You will always be remembered.

Star Stripe Bucket 2

I made the stars and stripes bucket centerpiece and the tray with patriotic insert last July to celebrate the 4th. They were perfect for today. The only change I made was to use smaller branches.  The table cloth is actually the reverse side of a sailboat quilt used in my sons room when he was a baby.

Star Stripe Bucket 1

close up 1

Top View

close up 2

Star Stripe Bucket 1

Have a wonderful day with family and friends.


Bunny Buckets

Happy Monday!  The sun was out in the Northwest  this weekend and I loved every minute.  I have so much more energy.   We had a busy Saturday, getting lot’s accomplished around the house, completing some projects that I’ll share later this week,  and  having dinner with friends.  Sunday was pretty low-key.

We were having dinner at our friends who have two little girls, 3 and almost 6, and it being close to Easter, I made a couple of Easter baskets buckets and no, I didn’t say honey bucket, I said bunny bucket! Ha Ha!

Easter Buckets
I already had the pink buckets in my craft supplies and wanted to fill them with more than chocolate.  I added bunny ears, sunglasses, ring pops and a stuffed bunny (not shown) for fun.  And lets not forget the large chocolate bunny.  I added their names in glitter so there wouldn’t be any arguments.

Buckets close up

close up 1

The girls definitely rocked their look and also  figured out their buckets easily hung on the handlebars of their scooters

Sammy - Katie 3 Sammy - Katie 6
Sammy - Katie 5 Sammy - Katie 2
Sammy - Katie 1 sideways

Are you putting together Easter goodies for your children, any children this year?


Winter Place Setting

Happy first day of 2013!  What a perfect day for taking down the Christmas decorations, sports and a little food!

Snowman Place Setting 1

I’ve had the plates, glasses and placemats forever and they come out of storage around this time every year!

Snowflake Place Setting

I picked up the plastic snowflakes at the Dollar Store.  I think they make a cute charger that’s fitting for the season.

Snowman Place Setting 5

Snowman Place Setting 4

Snowman Place Setting 3

Snowman Place Settimg 2

Snowman Place Setting 1

Do you have special place settings for the cold wintery mornings?  Have a relaxing day with family.


A Merry Christmas + Around the House

I’ve been baking cookies today, the Prime Rib is ready for tomorrow and only a few presents left to wrap.  Christmas Eve is only hours away.  Sometimes I wish I still had a small child.  Their excitement is so contagious.  I still remember 15 years ago when we moved into our house just days before Christmas.  Our son was just 6 and truly afraid if we didn’t have the house totally decorated and lights up outside that Santa wouldn’t find him.  We’d been to an Aunt’s house for Christmas Eve and and just as we got home a small plane flew overhead.  You could see a red light and we convinced our son it was Rudolph’s nose.  He flew to his bed and fell fast asleep so Santa would stop.  It’s one of many memories I cherish.

May you all have a wonderful holiday with family and friends resting, laughing, reminiscing, just what ever you want to do that fulfills you.  I’ve not take the time yet to show you our home decorated for the holidays so if you have a minute please join me.  These are just a few that I’ve taken.  You can find many of the details in previous posts or in my Project Gallery.

The Loft…

Loft 1

Loft Collage


Den Collage

Living Room…

Full TreeClose up 3

C-H side

Spray Paint Pinecones 2

Wrap 1Wrap 3

Family Rom…

Full TreeBookshelf 2Close up 3

white vase

bookshelf red-green


Cinnamon Close UpFloor Ornament Vase Fam Rm

and my very favorite, my Blue vignette…

Vase 1Vase 2

Ornaments 3

Have a blessed time during the holidays with your loved ones.


Progressive Dinner + Tablescapes

Last weekend hubby and I had a great time.  Four houses, four meals and drinks and wonderful neighborhood friends.  I wish I would of taken pictures but I was having too much fun.

We started at Sharon’s with appetizers and a punch that really kicked the atmosphere into gear!  Next was our house and we had the salads.  We had Caprese salad and Caesar salad.  We also had a Bloody Mary bar complete with multiple flavors of mix and the extras’;  pickled onions, beans, asparagus, celery, and cubed cheese.  It was a hit! and really fun to do.  I did set a nice table and I did take a few pictures.

Centerpiece 1

We have a small dining table but we happily seated 7, a little bit of a squeeze but the Bloody Marys’ helped!  I did a black, white, gold and silver theme.  I used both silver and gold chargers, alternating them around the table and also alternated the silver-gray or gold paper napkins, making them opposite of the charger color.  Down the center of the table is a cream runner dressed up in gold glam.

Home Goods Candle

A close up of the candle and silver-gold base from Home Goods.

Centerpiec 2

Centerpiece 4

I found the dishes at Home Goods on clearance.  Salad plates $2.00 each, dinner plates $3.00 each.  What a good deal, right?  And I love black and white.

Centerpiece 3Centerpiece 7

Centerpiece 6

Centerpiece 8

Next stop was K & B’s for a fabulous lasagna, crusty French bread and red wine.  And then on to T & R’s for a wonderful cake, caviar and brandy.

What a wonderful night with friends!

It’s getting oh so close to Christmas.  Are you ready?

Livingroom Christmas Tree

I haven’t posted anything for a week.  Work (the day job) gets crazy busy this time of year because we shut down from Dec 22 – Jan 2.  It’s an awesome break to spend time with family.  Last time I wrote I promised pics of our livingroom tree so here ya go even though I’m only 5 days late, at least!  We did the tree in white lights and gold ornaments and added some eggplant color for contrast.

Full Tree

Close Up 4

Close Up 1Close Up 2

Close Up 5

Close up 3

If you’re out and about today stay safe and keep smilin!


Wee Christmas Tree + Family Room Decor

I had plans to share my living room and family room décor and trees, but Pic Monkey is acting up and I was only able to edit some photos of the family room.  The others I’ll have to share on another day.

Our tree in the family room is just a small wee one and  sits on top of the all-important (according to the hubby) subwoofer.  This year I put the little faux tree in a basket and stuffed with colored tissue paper.  The ornaments are silver, clear and multiple colors of green.

Full Tree

BasketBasket 1

Close Up 1Clos up 2

Close up 3

Close up 4

And a few more pics of the bookshelves.

white vase

Small B-shelf 1

silver flowresBookshelf 2

reindeerbookshelf red-green


I’m joining a couple of Christmas tree parties; Honey We’re Home and Thrifty Decor Chick.

Do you have all your decorations up now?