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Organize and DIY Your Refrigerator with Placemats

Happy Friday!  Do you ever get an idea in your head and decide you need to do it right then and there, no matter what time it is?  Some of my closest friends think I’m hyper.  I prefer to define myself as I like to stay busy.

A few Friday nights ago the hubby had already gone to sleep and that’s when the refrigerator started bugging me.  Marinade from the steaks had spilled over, the catsup bottle was put away sticky and the milk was expired.  Ever experience this?


My spurt of energy began at midnight and by 1:00 a.m. my refrigerator was the bomb.  I tossed food and cleaned the fridge shelves and doors. My cleaner of choice for all things dirty is Krud Kutter.  L.O.V.E love it!  Then I came up with a marvelous idea.


I decided the red and blue checked July 4 placemats would do the trick to dress up the refrigerator shelves and also save them from future spills and disaster.  After all, the no stick shelf liner and contact paper came from the Dollar store so I wasn’t freaking out on cost.  If they get thrown out it won’t hurt my feelings.  You could also use the shelf liner without the contact paper protection, which is what I will do in the future if I have to replace the existing liners.

full refrig

I call the top shelf my healthy shelf.  Well, except for the mayonnaise.  But I don’t like mayo except when it’s mixed with other items for a dressing.  The yogurt and cottage cheese are good choices.  Although it contains sugar, my raspberry and strawberry jam are musts for me too!  It’s perfect with a toasted bagel and a little cream cheese.  Am I making you hungry yet?

top shelf red

I alternated the placemats between the red and blue and used some additional liner, cut to size, for the bins.  I won’t show you every shelf.  I’m sure you get the idea.  But here’s the bottom shelf that holds all kinds of drinks.

bottom shelf blue

This is a nice way to add some order to the refrigerator for a very small cost.  Who knows, maybe you’ll find an hour this weekend to tackle your own?  What do you do to organize your refrigerator?

I’m linking to a couple of blog parties; go check them out when you have a chance!  Tatortots and Jello and Serenity Now.

Have a great weekend!


Organized Printer Station

I’m slowly but surely getting the woman cave organized to my liking.  I’m always in there reading, crafting, puttering.  My husband says pretty soon he may never see me.  I told him not to worry, food and drink were downstairs.

organized station

I have loved black and white combinations all my life so it’s not a surprise to me how my printer station turned out.  I moved my white dresser decorated with duct tape diagonally into the far corner of the room.  It’s the perfect place for my wireless printer,   file tray, a.k.a. cardboard box lid covered with duct tape, and my 3 drawer Rubbermaid tote to hold printer paper.

After close up

This was just a plain container I had stored in the garage.  I already had the black and white scrapbook paper and it was perfect match to the rest of the printer station.  I simply cut to size to fit the front, added some hand printed labels, and slipped them inside the drawers.  I also added a sheet to the top.

Printer Station  organized station

before After close up

The great thing is there wasn’t any cost to do this.  I had everything and  it took  less then 10 minutes to do. Have any quick updates you’ve done lately?

Paint Chip Labels

Did I ever share with you that I’m getting 26 magazines in the mail every  month?  Stupid I know, but it was either that or totally lose some air miles that were from a random airline that we’ll never use again.

Many are a quick reads like Time, Inc., Fast Company, People and have articles I occassionallly want to keep an article or two for reference.  Others I keep pages as ideas or information are Good Housekeeping,  Family Circle or Better Homes and Gardens.  But, some,  I just want to keep the entire magazine like HGTV, Coastal Living, and Real Simple.  These, in addition to all the garden, organizing, DIY and cooking magazines I buy and usually keep cause lots of magazine stacks.  OMG!  I’m a magazine hoarder!!!

I recently found some very cute magazine files at the Target dollar spot that were perfect to house some of these and would also look nice on the shelves in the woman cave.  (Sorry, ugly cell phone picture).


I tagged each of them like this.Labeled

I followed Cassie from Hi Sugarplum blog tutorial on making labels in pic monkey.

Computer Screen

I didn’t have any full label sheets so I used thick white cardstock to print instead and then used scissors to cut out each square.  I used double-sided scotch tape to adhere to paint chips that I had punched a hole in.  I looped the ribbon through the hole, stapled the ends together and taped the ribbon to the inside of the file holder.

straight shot

side view 1

Garden sideview

I can change the contents and labels anytime.  I’m also one step closer to getting the woman cave organized!  So tell me, are you a magazine hoarder?  What’s your secret to labeling files?


Organized Coffee Station

I can’t live without my coffee.  I don’t drink very much soda pop but caffeine and I have had a loving relationship for a very long time.  I use a Keurig  Coffee Maker.  Love the Keurig.  It’s amazing how many places sell the K cups now.  I’ve even found them at Home Goods.  I was keeping the K cups in the cupboard above the stove and the sugar packets were in the pantry.  I centrally located both to a tray next to the coffee pot.  I feel so organized every morning when I make a cup of coffee.  Smile

coffee bar 1

The tray came from Marshalls.  In fact,  I have2 of them the same color, just different sizes.  I use the other one for my command media station.  I  folded a kitchen towel to fit the bottom.  The Ikea container was a Christmas present from a friend years ago.  It was full of peanut brittle.  The bowl I just pulled from the cupboard.

Have you organized anything lately that was so simple and easy to do?


Organize–Command Book and Kitchen Station

It’s been at least a year since I downloaded   a command center guide from  Simplify 101 and I finally looked at it over the weekend.  Aby Garvey is one smart woman and then I said so am I!  Because I put together a similar book 17 years ago and I was still using it so you can imagine how it looked.  And the inside was even worse. Sadly, a percentage of the folks had passes away. I still had a list of my sons friends from middle and high school and he’s a senior in college. It was time to clean it up. I also thought I better clean up the “drop area”.  Do you have one of those?  And does it get as messy as this?

old bookBefore command center

Here’s what it looks like now.

Kitchen Command Center

The white catch-all dish is something I picked up at the Goodwill a couple of weeks ago.  I love the scalloped trip on it.  I diy’d  the 3 drawer storage and you can read about it here.

Command Center 1

Command center 3

Cute notebook, right? Both it and the dividers are from Carolinapad, design by JACK!E.  Since it’s just the two of us I only need minimal information.  There are 4 tabs, plus a front page with emergency information and a back page with safety information.  The four tabs are addresses, medical, misc. and a folder with pockets that contains take-out menus.

book and dividers

Notebook CoverNotebook Sec 1

Sec 2Menu Sec

Now let’s hope it stays organized.  Have you done any organizing lately?


Organize–Under The Kitchen Sink

It was a quiet weekend at home this weekend.  We took some long walks in between rainstorms, did a small bit of shipping and lot’s of organizing.  I’ll be sharing some of those this week.  Some are so simple and cheap to do.  All it really cost is a little time.

I don’t know about you, but under my kitchen sink is where I put my focus, but for some reason, this weekend it caught my attention.  Here’s a before and after pic.  Maybe the camera doesn’t show it, but trust me, the change was big.

After - Under the SinkBefore - Under the Sink

After - Under the Sink

I had everything on hand.  I changed out the liner, and washed the inside walls and garbage can down.  The containers are from the Dollar Store and left  over from the bridal shower I gave for my niece.  The bins were used to hold game supplies.

As I said, simple and quick, but since I am always putting something in the garbage it’s nice to look at an organized space!

I also organized the silverware, dish towels and miscellaneous utensil drawer.  Have you ben organizing anything yet in 2013?

Tomorrow I’ll shown you my new command media book!  Happy Monday!


Organize – Coupon Holder

Hi people!  How was your weekend?  I spent most of it relaxing and staying pretty low key.  I was trying to make an oncoming cold go away.  I will say I as semi-successful, but still not feeling 100%.

I created a coupon holder a couple of weeks ago and wanted to share it with you.  So far, it’s working pretty good and doing a good job at keeping me organized.

DIY Latte Coupon Holder

I always feel good when I can create something out of items just laying around the house.  I think everyone this time of year gets is in the mode to clear out the clutter. I had this cloth book cover left over from a day timer or a journal. It has multiple pockets in it.

L- Opened Up

I labeled each section for different types of coupons; Home and Garden, Beauty and Fashion, Crafts, Food.  I also created a section for receipts and Coupon cards.


Then added a journal for notes, a pen and a highlighter.

L w journal

I added decorator tape on the front and back and a ribbon to tie it together.

Latte Coupon Holder Final

I’ve been shopping a few times and this sure has come in handy.  Do you have one place you keep your coupons, all your coupons?


I’m joining the January link party at Beneath My Heart.  Check it out for some crazy good and inspiring ideas!

Organization – The Recipe Cupboard

Do you have a place you keep all your recipe books, food magazines and recipe box?  I do and it gets so messy so fast.

Wonder what lurks behind this door?

Outside Recipe Cupboard

Here it is…

Inside Cupboard

It will always be a bit messy.  I’ve accepted a little organized chaos inside the recipe cupboard.  The good thing is I can find whatever I need.  I created an inventory list and it’s taped inside the cupboard door.

Cupboard List

Need a recipe?  I know which cookbook it’s in!  How do you organize your recipe collection?


Updated Photo Boxes

I was “browsing” the house yesterday for a simple crafty thing to do; one that would be quick and useful.  I was in my craft room and spotted my dingy white photo boxes sitting on a shelf.

Photo Boxes white

I always have rolls of contact paper on hand so I took the tag plates off then covered them with a few of my favorites.  I really don;t use the boxes for photos, but I do have them full of stickers that I use for cards and scrapbooking.

full view

Photo Boxes Updated

Photo Boxes white Photo Boxes After

Do you ever cover boxes?


Organize X 3 – A Few Special Tips from Blogland

Yep, that’s right.  It’s Wednesday and time for Organize X 3.

Organize 3 Series Button

I have to be honest and say I’m not sure if I’m getting a charge out of this every Wednesday organizing post.  Please let me know what you think and honest answers please.  Should I or shouldn’t I continue this series?  Thanks.

That said, I’ve been perusing the internet tonight and found a couple of really really great ideas I wanted to share with you.

Okay, this first ideas is the cutest, cheapest, idea yet.  Why didn’t I think of it?  Hilary @ One Young Love did ask herself what should I do with all the Ragu and pickle empty jars?

Pinned Image

Clean jars, a little paint and a bit of time and you too could have some adorable storage jars.

There is a great posting on Spring Cleaning Tips @ Stylelist.  It’s one I’m going to follow.

Have a good one…