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Organize X 3 – A Few Special Tips from Blogland

Yep, that’s right.  It’s Wednesday and time for Organize X 3.

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I have to be honest and say I’m not sure if I’m getting a charge out of this every Wednesday organizing post.  Please let me know what you think and honest answers please.  Should I or shouldn’t I continue this series?  Thanks.

That said, I’ve been perusing the internet tonight and found a couple of really really great ideas I wanted to share with you.

Okay, this first ideas is the cutest, cheapest, idea yet.  Why didn’t I think of it?  Hilary @ One Young Love did ask herself what should I do with all the Ragu and pickle empty jars?

Pinned Image

Clean jars, a little paint and a bit of time and you too could have some adorable storage jars.

There is a great posting on Spring Cleaning Tips @ Stylelist.  It’s one I’m going to follow.

Have a good one…


Organize X 3 – Those Things that WOW Me!

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means?  Yep, it’s time for  Organize X 3.

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I love organized things, bookshelves, purses, closets, it doesn’t matter.  Organized makes me happy.  Organized makes me say WOW….ZA!!!

Today, I’m  sharing with you some of my favorite picks from Pinterest and a few from me too. Here we go!

I have lot’s of purses, but I usually end up using the same one all the time.  Why?  Because all the others are in a plastic tote stored away in my closet.  High on a shelf and therefore I just never take the time to take it down and go through it.  This is definitely the way to store purses…

Pinned Image


or this…

Pinned Image


Now that we’ve talked purses, lets talk shoes.  I’m especially loving the rows and rows of visibility and handy access.

Pinned Image


Pinned Image


The way things are arranged also help an area look organized.  Here’s a picture collage of my china cabinet.  I actually stored some away.  A bit of space also lends itself to a look of organization.

China Hutch

Lastly, it’s pretty safe to say I adore boxes and containers.  I have a entire closet of them(organized of course)  waiting to be used.  I took some box lids and duct tape and made decorative boxes.


I hope this gives you some ideas.  What’s your best tip for organizing?


Organize X 3 – Kitchen Utensils

Welcome to Wednesday and Organize X 3.

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Think about this past weekend?  Did you cook breakfast; turn an egg to over easy, flip a pancake.  Did you grab the tongs to turn a strip of bacon, pound a steak or chicken breast? And if you did, how much did you struggle to find your utensil of choice.  Did you have to yank it our of a drawer along with others?  That’s typically what happens to me. 

Today, 3 ideas for you on how to organize you cooking utensils…

Planter pots have multiple uses as shown below…

Pinned Image


The next two pictures started as clear plastic containers.  Primed, painted and identified.  How great are these and think of the possibilities for other uses….kid’s crafts, the bathroom, etc.  Be creative!

Pinned Image


Pinned Image


Have fun!


Organize X 3 – Baskets

Happy Wednesday and another Organize X 3.

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Today’s tips involve the versatility of baskets.  They can be used anywhere for anything and if you don’t like the color you can even spray paint them.  Below are some pictures I’ve taken from Pinterest  to give you some ideas for basket organizing.

Pinned Image





Pinned Image



Pinned Image


Pinned Image


Have fun filling those baskets!


Organize X 3 – Saving Time with Preparation

Happy Wednesday.  It’s Organize X 3 day!

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Do you ever have that kind of morning where you wake up late and just can’t believe it?  And then, to make matters worse, since you can’t believe it, you look at the clock again, and then again and then again.  Then you jump in the shower and realize you wanted to wear the skirt that just came back from the dry cleaners.  But….your late and you don’t have time to shave your legs and you can’t wear boots because that will make you too hot because your office is too warm and if you get a hot flash…oh man, there goes the make-up.  Instead of the skirt, you decide on slacks but crap, not ironed.  So, run an iron quickly over them.  Mascara, know shadow or liner, a quick coffee to go from the Keriug,  and off you go.  Great, no gas.  Finally get to work.  By that time you feel like this.

Time Clock

Meetings all day.  Go, Go, Go!  In fact, the timing is so bad the cafeteria closes and now nothing for lunch but there’s always more coffee!  Rush to more meetings.  Need to get out on time to make an after work appointment and guess what?  It’s raining in Seattle!

Getting Worse

Rain Again

Okey dockey, by this time, you have probably figured out this happened to me.  And boy do I have some tips for you so you will never ever have to experience this.

  1. Use a hour every Sunday to get your 5 days of work clothes ready.
  2. Never let your gas tank get below 1/2 tank.
  3. Wash your hair and shave your legs at night, then take a quick shower in the morning.  In fact, I only wash my hair every other day.
  4. Make your lunch at the same time you are cooking dinner.  You’re in the kitchen anyways.
  5. Also keep some quick foods like string cheese, yogurt and crackers at work for a quick grab.

And if you do all of this you may just see a rainbow!


By the way, I was taking these pictures with my cell phone while driving.  I should be arrested!  Have you ever lived a morning like this.  Would these tips help you?


Organize X 3 – Engaging the Male in Chores

Welcome to Organize X 3…

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Do you remember my commitment?  Let me refresh your memory; 1 post, once weekly (Wednesday), 3 tips.  I only have one comment…FAIL!  I have missed the last two weeks.  Shame on me and I don’t have any excuse but bad time management.  That’s a topic I will definitely need to cover for the future.

Over the weekend I was shuffling through some magazines and I came across a Family Circle Organization magazine from 1994.  Yes, you heard me.  1994.  Most of you young bloggers were probably still in diapers.  Eeek, I’m dating myself so I will just say I was interested in organization at a very young age and learned to read long before kindergarten! Ha!

Looking through the magazine I found an article titled “Partners In Grime, 10 Ways To Get A Man To Help” written by Sherry Amatenstein.  Too funny, right?  Of course I must share, but every post needs some humorous pics.  These didn’t come from the article.  I just pulled them of the internet.

So which man do you want to help you with the chores?


man_housework baby

or this?

Org 3 Chores Male

Alrighty,  here’s the list from a 1994 Family Circle Organization magazine…


It’s been 16 years since this was written.  What do you think?  How do the ten tips apply today?


Organize X 3 – Thoughtful Organizing = Tips On Thoughtful Donation & Recycle Links

Hi again and welcome to Wednesday’s Organize X 3.

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Today I’m giving you more than 3 tips.  In fact, a whole bunch!  Why?  Because this is the time of year that everyone starts cleaning out closets and drawers again and I thought you just might find this information useful.  In addition to some new info I’ve also copied in some from a post I shared almost a year ago. 

Where we help children feel a little more SAFE when they need it most!
All donations received go directly to children in need,
your items are never sold!



  • Towels, Linens & Rugs = ASPA, Humane Society, Animal Rescue


  • Donate reusable & surplus building materials and appliances to Habitat
  • Cell Phones from the website…..
    In May of 2004, the 911 Cell Phone Bank was created to provide an ongoing and readily available source of emergency cell phones and funds to meet the unexpected and urgent needs of participating law enforcement and affiliated victims services agencies.Since then, the 911 Cell Phone Bank has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars and provided thousands of emergency cell phones for victims services organizations nationwide. We have successfully relieved the operational burden of managing a emergency cell phone program from our participants.By donating your cell phone you are doing more than just providing emergency communications for someone in need. In addition, you are helping to provide funds that support the activities of law enforcement and victims services organizations nationwide.

The 911 Cell Phone Bank determines best use and maximizes cell phone donations.Funds are provided to nonprofit agencies for each donated cell phone.Each cell phone is added to the “Bank” of available cell phones for law enforcement.

Help Our Troops Call Home

Cell Phones for Soldiers is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing deployed and returning troops cost-free methods to communicate with family while serving in the United States military.

  • Laptop Computers, Cell Phones, etc.
    Our Mission –
    We believe prevention is as important as a cure. More and more studies and information are showing links between the waste and chemicals in our environment and the causes of cancer.

Recycle for Breast Cancer is committed to reducing the incidence of environmentally caused breast cancer by keeping electronic waste from entering our landfills and environment.

RFBC provides a no-cost, national recycling program, so anyone, anywhere from any economic status can participate. Our mission is to prevent electronic waste and the toxic chemicals they contain from entering our landfills and the environment, to help protect the environment and support the fight against breast cancer. It is our belief by preventing these items from entering our environment by providing a recycling/reuse program we can make a difference and help reduce the incidence of environmentally caused cancer in our country.

How it works
Collect electronics such as; empty toner and inkjet cartridges, used cell phones, laptops and PDAs. Contact us for a prepaid shipping label or collection bag or box. Send in your items for recycling.

Everyone Can Participate
By making this small commitment everyone can make an impact on our environment and the lives of others.

  • Professional Clothes
    The mission of Dress for Success
    is to promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life…….

I hope you find this information useful1



Organize X 3 – Paint Tips

Happy Wednesday and welcome back to…

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Today I wanted to share  3 “what to do with the paint after you paint tips”.

1.  Save the wood stir stick you use.   You’ve got the perfect paint sample just in case you need it for a resource.  In addition use a sharpie and write  pertinent info on the stick.  For examle,  what room the paint was used in or the color name.


2.  Paint part of a popsicle stick with your color and write pertinent info on these as well.  The popsicle sticks will fit nicely in your purse and are easy to grab so when your shopping you can match those pillows, sheets, curtains, etc.


3.  Do you ever find you need to touch up a wall and the paint can is sooooo far away in the garage?  Here’s what I did.   Grab some jelly jars, and labels.  Fill them with a small amount of the paint.  Keep in the house for those quick fixes.


There ya have it…


Do you have any good paint tips?


Organize X 3 – How To Make A Collection Not Look Like Clutter

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Happy Wednesday and Organize X 3.  Did you know that anytime you have 2 or more of something it’s a collection?  It’s true.  I can’t remember when I read that, but it was many many years ago when I thought the only important thing in life was to collect wooden rocking horses.  I haven’t had those for at least 12 years. 

Today I wanted to give you 3 tips on how to organize your collections so they don’t look like clutter.  Your collections could be anything; knick-knacks, tins, birdhouses, spoons. milk glass, beanie babies (yep, went through that one), books, vases, etc. etc. etc.

Tip 1 – Keep alike items or themes grouped together.  For example, in this picture, all items are vintage; some worn books, an old looking box and a couple of vintage cameras. 

Pinned Image

Another example using a collection of dishes.

Pinned Image

Tip 2 – Group items in odd numbers and different heights.  The grouping will visually look more appealing and the staggered height difference will appear less cluttered.  A bonus tip included in this one.  Grouping collections in like colors also appears more cohesive and pleasing to the eye.

Pinned Image

Tip 3 – I think this is the most important!  Have some restraint.  You don’t have to show off all of your collections at once.  It’s fun to rotate them. Change is fun!  Perhaps organize your collections by season. 

Hope these tips are helpful.  Do you have collections?  What kind and how do you show them off?


*All pics from Pinterest

Organize X 3 – Decorated Cardboard Storage

Welcome to the first article for my new once a week series, Organize X 3!

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This series will post to Lattnenes Cup of Chat and I am planning to share 3 items on organizing tips every Wednesday.  Today I thought I would focus on creating desk storage on the cheap and cute, may I add.


The 3 tips aka items to use and I guarantee will become your best friend are colored duct tape, spray paint and clips.  Here we go…lets talk about the numbered items in this picture.


I.  Magazine holders, not too sure about the technical term so sorry.  I had this ugly cardboard one so I used 3 different types of duct tape to cover; black, black and white checked and turquoise.

002-1 033-1

Pretty amazing, right?  I  also have 6 brown wicker type magazine holders and I spray painted one with Rust Oleum’s Black gloss.  It turned out great.  I’ll be in the garage spray painting 5 others soon.

035-1 030-1

2.  I found this pen/pencil holder in a box of old stationary supplies and decided it needed some ramping up so duct tape to the rescue.

002-2 017-1

3.  This is my favorite.  I had a bunch of cardboard lids from boxes and they were the perfect size for file trays.  I used two different colors of duct tape.

036-1 028

You can pretty much make anything look good with a little bit of time, spray paint and duct tape. Here’s a few more pics.

026-1 025-1


I haven’t tagged my new storage pieces yet, but when I do I’ll tag them the same way I did the containers in my Linen Closet.  In stead of using stickers that stick I made mine from heavy cardstock and used clips to attach. This will give some flexibility to change your mind if you choose.  This is from my 31 day clutter series.  I used cardboard boxes here covered with contact paper and trimmed in duct tape.


There you have it.  Do you use duct tape and spray paint to create storage pieces?


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