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Quick & Simple–Teriyaki Chicken & Pineapple

It’s been a crazy busy week folks.  Too tired to DIY, too tired to spray paint, but never to tired to eat!

Here’s a  simple dish you can do on your outside grill.  I could BBQ all winter if the weather stayed like our summer or I had a covered area to do so.  Hmmm, maybe the front porch?

chic teri ingredients

Take four boneless chicken breasts from the freezer.  When they are still half frozen cut them in half lengthwise.  Then cut each piece in half width wise.  Place all chicken pieces a 9X11 dish and cover with your favorite bottle of teriyaki sauce.  The easy way to make sure every piece is covered in the sauce is to turn the pieces over a couple of times.  Set a tiny bit of the sauce aside in a separate bowl.  Let the chicken soak for a couple of hours.

When it’s close to BBQ time cut a fresh pineapple into slices about 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick.  I’m sorry I didn’t take pictures of this because I’m pretty good at cutting up a pineapple.  Really!

Heat the BBQ to medium heat and spray it with some PAM grilling spray.   Place the chicken on the grill.  I turn it every minute or so and keep my eye out for flame flare-ups.  You can always turn the heat down.  When the chicken is getting close to done put the pineapple slices on the frill.  Brush a little teriyaki sauce on each slice and Turn a couple of times until they start to brown a tiny bit.  Serve on a platter.  You might want to add some buns for a chicken teriyaki pineapple burger or a mixed salad to add some chicken to.

tery chicken

close up chicen

What are you grilling this weekend?  Have a great 2 days!

Salmon Salad with Grilled Vegetables

My neighbors, K and B were on vacation for a week and they asked if I would water the flowers and vegetable garden.  Of course!  That’s what neighbors are for.  They also said if any of the veggies need picking to go for it.  The zucchini was out of control so I picked 6 of them.

It was a hot night, one of those that require a quick light dinner.  Ever have those kind of days?  Salmon salad with grilled vegetables was the perfect answer.
full salad titled

Albertsons had  4 peppers for $5.00 dollars so I picked one up in every color; yellow, orange, red and green.  I love peppers.  I already had carrots.  Plus, my hubby had grilled salmon the night before and we had leftovers.

I sliced the peppers, zucchini and carrots and put them in a wire cage that I use on the BBQ.  I lined it with foil first.  I drizzled some olive oil on them and added some salt and pepper.  I gave it a good stir, then added a little sesame oil for extra taste.  I put them on the grill at medium heat for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.
grilled veggies

Then it was just a matter of combining the grilled veggies and salmon with some romaine lettuce.  I added some grated parmesan.  The oil and seasonings from the veggies was enough seasoning for the romaine and the salmon was already seasoned when it was cooked the night before.


salmon close up

My hubby is not a veggie lover but he fell for this salad and in fact, just told me he’d like to have it again.  That’s a sure sign of a good thing!

Speaking of salmon, take a look at what my neighbor caught on Saturday.  A 19 pound king salmon.  Yum, their saving some for our Labor Day neighborhood BBQ.  I’m looking forward to that!
Bob Batie Fisherman

Do you like salads?  What kind of combinations have you tried?  Do you like warm salads?

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Raspberry Freezer Jam {Simple, Quick & Yummy}

Summer, sunshine and fresh berries.  Could you ask for much more?  When I was growing up my mom would make all kinds of jams and jellies for us, standing over the stove in the heat.  I took the lazy way out and made freezer jam earlier this week.


We have local farms that designate certain places to sell their fresh picked berries so we picked some up and brought them home.  It was simple and quick to make and the stove was not involved.

raspberry flat

clean and mash

mix and stir

The basic recipe is 1 1/2 cup of granulated sugar, 1 package (1.59 oz) pectin and 4 cups of crushed raspberries.  I was just short of 4 cups of the raspberries on my second batch so I improvised with some blueberries.  We’ll wait to see how it turns out.  Ball has plastic jars made to put in the freezer, a bit pricey but reusable.  Once you fill the jars, leaving about 1 inch of space for expansion, let them sit on your counter for approximately 30 minutes.  Then pop them into the freezer.  The recipe says they’ll last in the freezer for a year, and in the refrigerator for a month.

Jar 1

side view

I already had the cute little labels and tied a couple of jars with bakers twine to give to our neighbors.

I got the recipe from

Recipe Raspberry Jam

Have you made any jam this summer?  What kind?


My Favorite July 4 Recipes {Tested and Proven}

One more day and then it’s July 4 and that means getting with friends for eats and drinks.  Today I wanted to share some of my favorite recipes that I’ve made and have proven to be hits.  Whatever you decide to put on the grill,  these extras will be perfect with your meat, chicken or fish of choice.

Blog Articles July 4 week 068

Pasta Salad and the Perfect Salad


Fruit salad with a yummy fruit dip

Pistachio Salad close up

Pistachio salad

Blue Ribbon Culinary 091

Roasted cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs

close up

Smore Pops

In the Bowl 1

Apple crisp from my 1962 Betty Crocker childrens cookbook

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting hungry!  What are you making for this fantastic day?  Have a happy and safe July 4 celebration.


Memorial Day Sweets

For those working today I hope getting up wasn’t too hard.   I took an extra day of vacation for some “me” time and to get some things done that I never seem to do.  Like making some doctors appointments, planning summer vacation, haircut and color, etc.

We hosted a BBQ for our neighborhood clan over the weekend.  It turned out great.  Everyone brought something; scrumptious appetizers and salads.  We furnished hamburgers, rib-eyes, drinks and dessert.  We even were called the hostess with the mostess as we were able to provide each person (8) a golf umbrella to use.  It rained some after dinner when we were sitting around the fire.  It was just like camping!

The sweet part is what I wanted to share with you today.  Simple, but tasty.

Smore Pops Titled

It is the time of year to make smores.  I realized too late in the day our skewers were missing.  I searched high and low but I couldn’t find them so I did the next best thing.  I had made a birthday bouquet with marshmallows for my nieces husband before so thought I would use the same concept.  It took five minutes and all you need is a bag of chocolate chips, a bag of marshmallows, graham crackers and lollipop sticks purchased at Michaels.  I had some on hand.

Stick the skewer in the marshmallow.  Dip into the melted chocolate, then into some crumbled graham cracker.  I measured a piece of craft foam and shoved into a red pot I head on hand ahead of time so I had somewhere to place the pops.  Then I just added some tissue paper for some pops of color.

close up close up 2

Smore Pops

I also made some cupcakes from a box mix (I think Pilsbury Strawberry) and grabbed some marshmallow whipped frosting which I put in a baggie and used a decorating tip to give the cupcake some swirl.  I already had the red, white and blue liners and the little flags for decoration.  I keep all the baking kind of stuff like this in a basket in the pantry.  It’s amazing how much I have collected from shopping the dollar aisles at places like  Michaels and Target.  The cupcakes were simple and they were delicious.

Cupcake 1

cupcake 2


Did you make any special patriotic decorated sweets for Memorial Day?  Have a good Tuesday.  Do you watch The Voice?  Who do you think is going home tonight?


Pistachio Jello Salad

Happy Friday.  What a crazy week!  It was jus go go go.  Do you ever have those kind of weeks?  It’s supposed to be rainy all weekend and I’m kind of looking forward to just puttering around the house.

I never shared with you the salad we took to some friends for St. Patrick’s day dinner so I thought I would today.  It was the perfect salad for the celebration because it was green!  But really, it’s the perfect salad anytime.  My mom used to make this for my two brothers and I all the time growing up.

Pistachio Salad titled

The ingredients are simple…


This salad literally takes 5 minutes to make.  Just be sure you make ahead so it can chill in the refrigerator.  Drain the pineapple and toss in a medium size bowl.  Add the instant pudding and stir together.  Add the marshmallows.  Fold in the cool whip.  You can also add a few slivered pistachios as an option.  This salad is so delightful, so light and airy, but sweet at the same time.   I just know you’ll enjoy it.

Pistachio Salad

What kind of salads have you made lately?  Have a great weekend!


Crockpot Cookin: Chicken Pot Pie

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a recipe for the crockpot so today I wanted to show you how to make chicken pot pie in the crockpot.  Well, the insides of the pie are made in the crockpot and then you add some homemade biscuits.  Yum!


This is such a simple recipe.  Here’s what you need.

  • 6-8 boneless skinless chicken thighs
  • 1 tablespoon instant chopped onion
  • 1 Bay leaf, dried
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 18 0. jar of chicken gravy
  • 2-3 celery stalks, cut to 1/2 inch slices
  • 12 o bag frozen mixed vegetables (your choice)

Rinse the chicken in water and place in the bottom of the crockpot.  Add onion and bay leaf.  Pour gravy on top.  Lay celery on top of mixture.

in the crockpot

Cook on low for 8-10 hours.   Approximately 30 minutes before the chicken mixture is done add the frozen vegetables.

While the vegetables are cooking grab your box of Bisquick .  Follow the recipe on the box to make some biscuits.


Split in half when done, then cover with the chicken mixture.

plated 1

My husband loved this meal and hey, if you have kids, it’s a great way to get them to eat their vegetables!  I hope you try it.

If you’re looking for other recipes for the crockpot check out my recipe page.


Stuffed Red Peppers

For me, the best kind of recipes are those someone else shares with me and by the time I’m done listening to how it was made and how it tasted I am begging for the recipe.  Does that ever happen to you?

Tuesday at work by friend Bob was telling me about some stuffed red peppers he made. He got the recipe from his neighbor.  OMG! They sounded so delicious I decided a stop at the store on the way home because I made them last night!

Red Peppers in pan


Stuffed Red Peppers

  • 1 package ground turkey
  • 3/4 cup white rice
  • 1/2 cup to cup of red sauce (your choice)
  • 2 eggs
  • spices as you like
  • grated cheese (optional)

Cut the tops of the peppers and scoop out the insides.  Cut a small hole in the bottom as well.  Rise insides of peppers with water, then turn upside down on a paper towel to drain.

Mix the meat, rice, sauce and spices together .  Place peppers in a glass pan and stuff with meat and rice mixture. (Confession time, I forgot the eggs, but they were still moist).


Pour remaining sauce over the top.

sauce on top

Bake in a 35o degree pre-heated oven for 1 hour.  Add cheese on top and melt before removing the peppers from the oven.

Red Peppers in pan

Another confession.   For some reason, probably because I didn’t write it down,I cooked them on 325.  Do Not Do This!  I had to cook them longer to get the rice to cook! Smile  At any rate, they were delicious!  I hope you try them and remember to correctly follow the recipe.  lol


Chicken & Cabbage

If I were put on a desert island and told I could bring one meal and ice cream wasn’t available I’d choose sauté cabbage and chicken.

named plated

I’ve been making this forever and truly, I could pretty much eat it every night and not mind at all.  Its low in carbs, high in protein and quick to make.  The only thing is you’ve got to like cabbage.

Shred two medium heads of cabbage.

cabbage headsshredded

Heat a little bit of olive oil and a pat of butter in a pan until hot.  Add the shredded cabbage.  Keep the pan around medium heat.  I usually add a little bit of garlic salt.  Keep turning until the cabbage turns soft and starts turning brown.

in the pan

Cook boneless skinless chicken breasts.  I use a  George Foreman; quick, easy, healthy.  Season with whatever you like.


Slice the chicken in strips and serve over the cabbage.  I’m telling you, try it.  I bet you will like it.  I have my son hooked on it.  And I always cook to much so I have a little extra to have the next day.


Do you have a favorite meal that you’d take to a desert island?


Drunken Strawberries

Hello!  Did you watch the Super Bowl?  That was the longest game in history!  My neighbors, K & B hosted.  I’m a Seattle fan so I really didn’t care who won.  I just wanted it too be a good game.

It was a fairly productive, but low-key kind of weekend.  The house got picked up, I organized the woman cave a bit, went thrifting with my gal friends and started on a few projects.  But of course, nothing is complete.

For that reason, and because I LOVED them so much I’m sharing the strawberries that my neighbor K made for the party.  I’ve renamed them Drunken Strawberries!

Vodka Strawberries

Wash and clean fresh strawberries.  Leaving the stems on made them see more festive.  Soak in chocolate flavored vodka overnight.  Dip in mellted chocolate and place on waxed or parchment paper to set.  Melt white chocolate.  Using a pastry bag or baggie and ice to mimic a football.  They were delicious and yes, I had more than 1!

Have you added alcohol to anything you’ve made?