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My “New” Old Desk

I’ve been MIA.  Last Friday I had arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn meniscus and I’ve been minding my Ps and Qs since then following Doctor orders.  It’s nice to be able to take a step without having a pain run through my leg.

Last week I shared my horse picture I found at a neighborhood  garage sale.  I also found a 1950’s writing desk and a 1900 depression glass lantern that was used in the mines north of my house.

New 1950 Desk

I fell in love with it at the garage sale on Saturday when I saw it but it was $175 and that was too high for me.  Everything was half price on Sunday and along with the horse picture, I got the 3 items for $50.00.    I had a corner in the family room that was perfect for this little beauty.

Full view no chair

When I brought it home it was pretty dirty and needed some TLC.


I wiped it down with a soft cloth to remove the dirt, then rubbed in some Rejuvenating Oil by Watco.  I waited 10 minutes, then buffed it out.  There are a few scratches, but it’s not my intent to paint it.  I just wanted to enhance it’s character.


Lets see the before and after side by side, shall we.

before After

We have a sub-woofer and I tried to hide it behind the desk and the cords behind the sub.  I was a bit more successful doing this when I added my recent DIY entry chair.

Full with chair

I also added the basket (picked up at another home sale for $1.00) and filled it with some blanket throws.

The depression glass lantern was a find.  It has the original wick and I love the color.

lantern 1

lantern 2 lantern 3

I added some  Readers Digests  (left to me by my Dad), and a white vase found at the good will for a few dollars.  Both are sitting in an orange tray I recently saved from the trash and spray painted.

close up 1 close up 5

close up 6

desk close up 3 close up 4

Pretty good for $50.00, right?  Have you picked up any garage sale finds lately?


Home on The Range

The hubby and I were on our way back home from Saturday morning errands last weekend.  I saw a sign in my neighborhood that perked up my ears, Garage Sale.  So I grabbed my neighbor bestie in crime and Sharon, Divot and I were off.  The woman’s Grandma had recently passed away at 94 and she was a collector for years.  I’m not a big antique person but I do like some things sprinkled through my house.  I have this mantra that says something old, something memorable and something green should be in every room.  Someday I should write about that.

I saw a few things I liked but  controlled myself because my husbands birthday, Fathers Day, vacation and our 32 year wedding anniversary are all coming up in the next month.

Darn if Sharon didn’t text me on Sunday,  “ at the garage sale, everything half price”.  Geez, thanks so much.  Well, of course I had to go.  I bought several items at a great price worthy of another post.  I was also looking at a picture I had seen and admired.  The woman just told me to take it, Free, because I loved it!

pic 3

I can’t pin point the reason why I like this picture so much.  I don’t think it’s worth anything.  Maybe I like it because I grew up on 5 acres and used to feed and ride the dozen horses in the pasture next to us.  Maybe it’s deep in my soul stemming from my heritage.  My dad homesteaded in Montana when he was a boy.  My mom’s dad was a farmer in Scotland.  Maybe I watch too much Hallmark channel.  Whatever it is, looking at it gives me a calm feeling and I love it.  I hung it in my family room so I would see it everyday.

pic 2

pic 8

pic 6

Have you ever been in a store shopping or at a garage sale or flea market and something literally calls your name and you just get that feeling?


Little Purchases { Little Loves}

It seems like the best purchases are the small, not-so-expensive ones.  There the one’s that you weren’t looking for and then all of a sudden, there they are calling your name and saying “Buy me, buy me”.   Here’s some of those little loves I’ve picked up over the past 2-3 weeks.

I fell in love with this dish; the shape, the color, the shimmer.  It was a
steal on the clearance rack at Marshalls for $7.99
Blue dish Blue Dish 1

I’m constantly finding little items to add to my white accessory obsession.  Like these 2 less then 3.00 items from the Goodwill.

white braid vase white candlestick

Speaking of white, when I was at Home Goods I when wacky for this white bird candle.  I love my birdies!

Bird candle

I’ve had this green birdcage around for awhile and it wasn’t until I found this small Lennox heart shaped dish at the Goodwill di I know what to do with it.


birdcage close up

Another trip by Marshalls.  I;m a frequent flyer and it was worth it.  Five dollars for a 2 pack of Laura Ashley contact paper.  If you want some ideas click on my post, For the Love of Contact Paper.

Laura Ashley Contact Paper

More birds. This time from Ace.  Little wooden ones for a couple dollars each.  And no comment on the dust!


I saved the best for last.  I was out and about last Saturday and popped into Fred Meyers for some dog bones.  I saw this pillow for $16.00 and yes, it called my name.  Well, that and the 4 burner BBQ that was on sale. That called my name too.

Pink Flower pillow

Pink Flower pillow 1

Have you picked up any little purchases lately?

Holiday “Window Shopping” at Home Goods

I’m getting jazzed to start my holiday decorating.  I know, you’re probably thinking Stop, we need to first have Thanksgiving first!  But, there are so many awesome decorations out there I need to get my own up to decide what I need.  Last year I barely decorated because of my shattered wrist.

So, I was at Home Goods the other day just being a looky loo.  Want to see what I saw?

As decorations go…these lime green cone-shaped trees are on my “I need” list.  I already have the Santa.

Lime Green Velvet trees

love the larger ornaments…


and what about these colorful and bright nutcrackers…

Colorful Nutcrackers

I’m always a sucker for vases and glass…

Red Vase

Amber Vases

and these goblets would be fun to set on a table…

Red Goblets

What’s on my list you ask? Well, here’s what I shared with the hubby…

Fall DishesJeweled Glass

Glass and Purple BowsBlack-White Bird Dishes


Red Bench

Have you been out looking and getting ideas?  What’s on your list?  How are you decorating this year?


Shopping – Home Goods = LOVE

Hi All!  Miss me yesterday?  My internet/phone/TV provider experienced a statewide power outage on Sunday.  It even took the back-up battery out.  Thankfully my neighbor has the same provider so when I got home yesterday she was able to tell me how to fix it.  Thanks to Audrey for calling and staying on hold for 1.5 hours.

As you already know, I live in the Seattle area and my son goes to school in Orlando.  Some of the restaurants and stores that I’m familiar with in Florida are finally making it here.  First came Five Guys burgers and Jimmie Jon with sandwiches.  A couple of months ago Home Goods came to the Northwest and located just 20 minutes away from me.  I can’t tell you how excite I was, although I have to admit I stayed away for the first month.  I knew it would be a crazy zoo and it was, according to some of my friends.  I first wrote about Home Goods here after a trip to Orlando.

Hubby and I stopped by a few weeks ago.  Do you ever see that one little item that just has to be yours?  That happened to me with this pillow.


I love birds and flowers and the colors green, pink and blue.  It’s the perfect pillow and I also love the shape, a different shape than the other pillows Here’s a closer look.

Pillow Close Up

This is what I view from far away.  Is it just so silly to be in love with a pillow?

Pillow far view Pillow - Another View

Pilllow Side View

Now I’ve got my eye on this and it’s another love…

Bird and Ivy Dresser Bird and Ivy Dresser 2

Have you shopped at Home Goods?  What have you brought home?  What did you want to buy and when you went back it was gone?