The Divot Diary 9-23-2013 {A Day at the Office}

I certainly have not been very present and accountable lately, have I.  Getting back from vacation, catching up at work, and quite frankly not being very motivated haven’t helped.  Mother Nature did a switch on us Sunday which appropriately enough, was the first day of Fall.

I’m slowly easing back into the blog and what better way to do that than share a few pics of my favorite four-legged friend.    I try to work from home one day a week.  And Divot usually hangs with me.  See for yourself.


Table sitting table 2

stretched out


sleepy face

I’m going to try something new and post at night.  We’ll see what happens.  I took all of my Fall décor out and it’s spread out all over the dining room table.  I’ll share as I go, okay?  Have you decorated for Fall yet.

Tonight is The Voice.  I can’t wait!



Blog Under Construction {Changes}

I’m a horrible techy person.  I jump in with both feet sometimes and then say Oops.  You may have just seen a random post from me.  I deleted it – please ignore.

I decided my web url needed to change to match the name of my blog so I did it without knowing what the repercussions would be.  My blog used to read and now is  I shut the old one down so if you need to update any of your links in case they aren’t working this is the info you’ll need.

A few more things.  I’ve added a BlogLovin button in case you want to catch me there.  You still can still connect via e-mail, word press or just randomly stop by.

I’m updating the sight so there may still be a few random links not working, but they should be soon.

I’m catching up since my first day back from vacation was yesterday.  Thanks for your patience and Happy Tuesday!


Viva Las Vegas

Yes, that’s right.  I’ve been MIA enjoying some time in Las Vegas with my hubby of 32 years.  We had such a good time and I really disconnected with all things techy.  We woke up without an alarm, laid around the pool a few times, walked the strip a few times, and had too many drinks.  We didn’t see any shows. We thought about it but didn’t do anything about it.

We had an awesome lunch at Chef Ramsey’s restaurant at Planet Hollywood.  Do you know who I mean.  Hell’s Kitchen?  Yep, that’s the guy.

Since we were there a year ago I didn’t take very many pictures and any I took was with my Android phone.  We stopped one afternoon at Serendipity, a restaurant that sits outside Caesar’s Palace.  The pink and orange decorated space did me in.  And then my love for this place went further when I had there frozen mint hot chocolate.

Serendipity outside


Serendipity ceiling 1

serendipity sign

Serendipity Clock

Have you ever been to Serendipity?

I hope your having a great Monday.  It’s my first day back to work in a week.


{DIY} Ombre Painted Wood Stand

I’m not quite sure what to call this little project outcome.  I found this piece of wood on the curb at least a couple of months back.  Yep, a freebie.  I brought it home and put it in the garage to store for a rainy day.  I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with it.

The inspiration came a few days ago when I was tidying up my 62 cans of spray paint.  I’ve been wanting to try the ombre look so I freehanded it.


It went from plain to perfect in seconds thanks to Rustoleum moss green, green apple and strawflower, all in satin.

before ombre stand after

I started with the darker moss green spraying lightly left to right.  I then added the green apple followed by the strawflower yellow.  It took me a couple of times to get it to my liking.   I’m thinking someone made this to be an outside plant stand or maybe it’s the beginning of a trivet? What do you think?

For now, I’m using it for a base for some flowers I just picked from my yard.

side view

close up

Top View with Border


Happy Wednesday!


Blending Pillow Colors {Living Room}

Did everyone love having three days off?  I sure did!  We got the normal house and yard chores done and then had some time to play as well.  Our neighbors hosted a king salmon barbeque, a nice 22 pounders he caught a couple of weeks ago and we also were invited to a get together at a river not too far from us.

I don’t claim to be a great decorator.  I just put together what I like and my eyes find pleasing.  I’ve been changing up my living room pillows for a while now and I think I’ve finally found a combination of colors I like.

Here’s a picture of my living room.  I just changed the furniture around.  I like it better now; much more cozy and less formal.  I would love to change out the end tables but my hubby likes them.   And someday I’ll rip the carpet out and make it a wood floor instead.

fll pic

I plan to do a post that will go into a bit more detail about the room, but for today let’s just focus on the pillows.  My color scheme has evolved to shades of blue, turquoise, pink/burgundy, and beige.  Gold and grey are also used lightly.

Pillow - blue grey and turq bluw

Pillows grey stripe and blue flower

Pillow - loveseat

Pillow - pink flowered

Pillows - loveseat cream and bird

I put the pillows in a collage so you could better visually see how the pillows blend. It doesn’t matter what pattern the pillow is.  Just notice they pull color from each other.  A shade of blue or beige tend to be a color in every pillow.

Pillow Blend 1 Liv Rm Collage

Now that I have it figuredout that darn Fall might mess it up!  Do you decorate with multiple patterns or colored pillows? Have a great Tuesday!


Monthly Recap – Aug 2013

It absolutely blows my mind that I woke this morning to the last day of August.  We had some pretty good stormy weather a few days ago.  So many leaves have fallen, and we put the cover on the outside furniture and grill to protect them.

The last day of August is worthy of a recap of the month, right?

Monthly Recap Aug 2013 outside

Monthly Recap Aug 2013 recipe

Monthly Recap Aug 2013craft and organize

Monthly recap Aug 2013 Divot Diary

Have a fabulous 3 day weekend everyone.


Back Yard Blooms

This morning I woke to rain, the mornings are cooler, and it gets darker earlier at night.  These are all signs our 53 days straight of Northwest sunny weather are over and we’re headed to Fall.

I realized I never shared pics of our backyard, the place where friends and family have gathered all summer for laughs, cheers, barbeques and fires.  And since August is almost gone today is a good day for that.


outdoor tablecloth orange yellow

row of dahlias

second floor pic orange dahliafirepit

along the fence

red dahlia



If you want to check out other parts of our outside space see front porch and summer pots, early summer blooms, and hanging on the side hill.

If I had lots of time and dollars I would love to have a wrap around deck from front to back, and a covered patio.  Maybe that will be next summer.  For now, it’s become a place people love to come to, where they can be comfortable.  Do you have a place like that?

One more day and it’s a 3 day weekend.  Yay!  Happy Thursday!


{DIY} Bulletin Board in the Den

I have an endless amount of frames stashed in my closet.  My neighbor has a framing business and he is constantly offering  display or out-of-season  items to me.  My husband just keeps asking me if I ever say no and I say well, to some things, but never frames {smile}.

I pulled this gold frame from my stash.  It came with the bulletin board but you could easily frame any square piece of cork.


before and after

Using Rustoleum white enamel, I taped off the corkboard and spray painted the frame.  I decided to leave a tiny piece of the frame golld sine the den walls are of similar color.  I spent $2.00 at the Dollar Tree and bought a placemat and some thumbtacks.  I cut the placemat down with pinking shears and used the tacks to attach.  The blue is mucher better than plain cork to look at, right?  It was quick to hang on the wall with command picture hooks.




BB1  BB2

It’s Wednesday, Yay!  Have a great day!

Weekend Recap 8-26-2013

Happy Monday!    Hope you all had a great two days off. I’m  still trying to find what happened to August.   Here’s a bit about me the last few days…

****BFF BBQ****

This weekend some of my high school BFFs and their hub’s came over for a BBQ.  We’ve been friends for 40 years.  There’s been gaps in time over the years, but we always just pick right where we left off up every time we see each other.  And bonus! The hubby’s get along too.


This picture is several years old but it’s one of my favorites.  It’s from our 3 day trip to the beach.  Michele and Patty couldn’t make it Saturday, but next time I’m hoping they will. 


Hubby was upstairs and I was vacuuming the  family room when I saw this on the fireplace.


Dislike is a kind word when I really want to say I hate spiders!  Especially big fat ugly ones.  I screamed for hubby, he came running, and then like any loving husband, he saved my life.  I heart hubby!

****PRANK ME****

Do you remember me sharing with you how the hubs and I prank each other?  Thirty-two years worth to be exact.  This is what I found on Sunday with no explanation of course.  Smile 

stacked glasses

*****MISS HER****

Lastly, in a tone of seriousness and leaving my heart out there for you, last Thursday, August 23, was 7 years since my mom passed away.  I always talk about my Dad., but not so much my mom  Dad and I  had a bond.  My Mom and I always had our squabbles when I was growing up.  Looking back, she taught me so much about compassion, forgiveness, kindness, thoughtfulness.  She died at age 94 and touched many lives with her wisdom.  I miss her.


Hopefully I’ll get my but in gear and share some projects with you.


A Little Bit of Everyday Life

I was working on a couple of little projects this past weekend {involving spray paint}, but they aren’t finished yet.  So I thought I would share some odds and ends with you today.  Sound good?


I was sitting in my backyard Sunday morning having my coffee.  I live on a golf course and there is woods across from me and a greenbelt on one side of my house.   The next thing I know I’m looking at this beautiful animal.

Deer 1

Deer 2

I love the quiet of the morning.  However, blue jays love to interrupt me.  Have you ever heard the shrill noise they make?  Can you see him in the bushes?

bluejay1   bluejay2


Last week in the Divot Diary I shared that Divot had a girlfriend.  Specifically, a stray cat that my neighbor found and named Tucker.


It turns out Tucker has a chip and she is now back with her owners about 1.5 hours away.  The vet handled the exchange so we don’t really know how this little kitty ended up so far away from home.  For Divot, I think it was true puppy love.  He sat by the front door all day Sunday looking for her.  {Insert sad face here}.


I’m cooking dinner, my hubby had just gotten home and both the front and back doors were open.  I barely caught the swoosh by my head.  A sparrow flew in through our front door and crashed into our family room window, and dropped to the floor.  First of all, that’s a couple of turns to get to the family room.  Secondly, I told the hubby he must of done a really good job washing the windows.  We put him on one of the tables outside.  It took about 30 minutes before he flew away.  It reminded me of the quail incident almost a year to the date ago.


Here’s a chuckle for you.  My hubby and I have had an ongoing prank-you-kinda-thing going on for most of our 32 years of marriage.  We rarely talk about it.  That would let the other person gloat.  We just get back at each other.  It’s really just stupid simple stuff.  For example, a couple of weeks ago I went into our bathroom in the morning to get ready for work .  My vanity chair was sitting over my sink and the Kleenex box, a pair of shoes I left on the floor and a bottle of body wash were stacked on top.  A few days later hubby put his head down on a pillow full of that plastic packing insulation that pops.  Then I was at work and found a Betty Boop shot glass in my purse.  The latest is a roll of doggy poop bags.  I found it crammed in my garden clog.  Hubby found it in his work shoe.  I found it in my lunch bag, he found it in his glass case, I found it in my purse.  It was time to get him good so I ripped about 10 of the bags from the roll, keeping them attached to each other, and shoved them into the container of Aleve he keeps in his lunch bag.  I put the remainder of the roll back in his glass case.  Turn about is fair play.  Last night I was out front throwing a frisbee to Divot and noticed this in my car.

car prank 1 car prank 2

Never a dull moment and I love it and him of course!  So there it is, the everyday random stuff that I never share.  What goes on in your day?

Happy Tuesday everyone!