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DIY – Art In An Hour – The Reveal

Good Afternoon!  Did you see my post this morning?  Are you curious about what I made that took me less than an hour?  Here ya go…

DIY Art Piece

I know some might think this looks like I did this in grade school (laugh) but I like it.  Art is in the eye of the beholder.  And this makes me happy.  Besides, it brightens my laundry room up.

Here’s my inspirations.  I apologize for not being able to provide a link on the left.  I had pinned it to my DIY and Craft Inspiration Board on Pinterest, but when trying to open my virus ware blocked it as a potential spam site.  The picture on the right is wrapping paper and I just love the bright flowers.

image Wrapping Paper

So I grabbed my supplies…

Supplies Buttons

  • canvas art board
  • circle stencil
  • painter pens (I used ones by Decor)
  • buttons

I actually did this twice, but each time was less than an hour to make.  The first time I did the circles, was not happy, tried to make flowers out if it, then hated it.

Art First Try

Thank goodness for Rust Oleum semi-gloss white spray paint.  Another fresh canvas and I was happy.  I also decided to add a few colorful buttons.  I hung the picture in my laundry room next to my welcome sign and a picture I’ve had for over 20 years.  That’s a tea towel that Hubby and I brought back from Australia and we framed it.

The Wall

Closeup 2

Closeup 1 Closeup 3

DIY Art Piece

Have you been creative lately?

Linking up to Cassie @ Hi Sugarplum


DIY – Art In An Hour -Trailer

Hi Friends!  Cassie at Hi Sugarplum is having a link party today on DIY in an hour or less.  I’ll be sharing mine later today but in the interim here’s a hint ….

Wrapping Paper



Can’t wait to share.  Off to work now.  TTYL


Wall Art

I was browsing through my Flea Market Style magazine this morning.  I picked up on a few ideas, but got really excited when I looked at the magazine’s back cover.  It was an advertisement for a company called Wall Words which sells rub-on vinyl transfers for your walls.  The nice thing about these vs. wallpaper is you can put them up and take them down as you choose with no harm to your wall.  Wall Words has everything; quotes, flowers, animals, trees.  They even can take your own photos and create wall art.   The colors you can choose from lets you be really creative, anything from metallic gold to sapphire blue.   With some of the designs there is the option to choose an etched glass look so voila, you can change the look of your windows.  There are three to four sizes to choose from.  What could be easier?

My mind is going WOW, what do I want to get and where do I want to put it? Here are a few of my favorites…..

This is called Birds On A Tree.  Four sizes to chooses from.  Two colors to choose from.  The first color is the tree and the birds and the second color is the leaves. This would be beautiful in any room where the sun always shines.

This is called Bless This Home.  It also comes in Autumn colors.  This would be wonderful in an entry way.

With the  Photo Tree, you can choose your colors.  It comes with vinyl picture frames and vinyl strings.  Pic frame sizes vary or if you want, you can use your own frames.  I just like that you can share your family tree or favorite photos.  Great for a family room!

This Dandelion image is one of my favorites and would take care of a small corner wall where some color is needed but there isn’t room to put any furniture.

Here’s the link to the website.  The advertisement says if you enter code 315103 when you order you’ll get a 20% discount.  I’ve also added the link in my category list under Decorating so it is always easily accessible to you.




Oh, one more thing.  This has nothing to do with wall art, but my son is playing in a college tournament today.  Good luck son!  Love mom ❤