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Bar None, So Improvise

Summer’s here and that means friends, neighbors and family popping in for BBQs, laughs and drinks.  We’ve quickly acquired a number of mixers to concot the virgin and alcoholic fruity type drinks that spell sunsets, sunrises and all things summer.  I wanted to keep, as best I could, all drink  items to one or two places and not in 5 different cupboards.  I keep most of the alcohol in the freezer part of the  refrigerator and around the corner, just outside the kitchen, is my DIY small table .

Step Up To The Bar

I put the drink and shot glasses and stir sticks on top and mixers and straws below.

Top View

side view


Top 2

If I change my mind tomorrow, it’s no biggy.  This took 5 minutes to do.  What about you?  Do you have a real bar or do you improvise?