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Weekend Recap 8-26-2013

Happy Monday!    Hope you all had a great two days off. I’m  still trying to find what happened to August.   Here’s a bit about me the last few days…

****BFF BBQ****

This weekend some of my high school BFFs and their hub’s came over for a BBQ.  We’ve been friends for 40 years.  There’s been gaps in time over the years, but we always just pick right where we left off up every time we see each other.  And bonus! The hubby’s get along too.


This picture is several years old but it’s one of my favorites.  It’s from our 3 day trip to the beach.  Michele and Patty couldn’t make it Saturday, but next time I’m hoping they will. 


Hubby was upstairs and I was vacuuming the  family room when I saw this on the fireplace.


Dislike is a kind word when I really want to say I hate spiders!  Especially big fat ugly ones.  I screamed for hubby, he came running, and then like any loving husband, he saved my life.  I heart hubby!

****PRANK ME****

Do you remember me sharing with you how the hubs and I prank each other?  Thirty-two years worth to be exact.  This is what I found on Sunday with no explanation of course.  Smile 

stacked glasses

*****MISS HER****

Lastly, in a tone of seriousness and leaving my heart out there for you, last Thursday, August 23, was 7 years since my mom passed away.  I always talk about my Dad., but not so much my mom  Dad and I  had a bond.  My Mom and I always had our squabbles when I was growing up.  Looking back, she taught me so much about compassion, forgiveness, kindness, thoughtfulness.  She died at age 94 and touched many lives with her wisdom.  I miss her.


Hopefully I’ll get my but in gear and share some projects with you.


Beach Sighting–The Eagle Has Landed

A Northwest sunny day plus low tide equals an awesome day to walk the local beach.

eagle sighting

Like I said, it was low tide.

low tide

As we were walking along my hubby pointed out the birdhouses that are attached to the pilings.  About that time I decided to take a break and hubby and Divot kept walking.  I had knee surgery mid June and I’m not quite 100% yet.  I looked out to the water and there was an eagle sitting on the birdhouse.  I had my android phone and that’s what I took pictures from.  I took a pic, walked a bit closer, took another pic…

eagle 2

eagle pic 1

eagle close up

and then he flew away.

fly away

I love the beach.  How about you?


The Divot Diary 8-17-12: Northwest Beach Time

When we got back from Vegas we had nothing in the house as far as food goes.  After all, we were gone for 5 days.  So we hit the local Saturday morning market for so fresh veggies and fruit.  And then because we had Divot with us we hit the off-leash dog park that was near by. oh, by the way it just so happened to be a no-leash park at the beach!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day. I love our Northwest ferries.  It’s great fun to just walk on and explore the city on the other side.

2012-07-28 09.46.45

2012-07-28 09.42.33

Divot looks adorable in this picture .  I’m a little caught off guard!  And here’s one of the hubby and Divot too.

Divot-Renee Beach2012-07-28 10.06.19KC Divot Edmonds Beach

Happy puppy!

Divot Side View 2012-07-28

Intense exploring!


Have a great weekend.  Enjoy yourself!


DIY – Silver Shells

Is it possible to inhale too much spray paint?  Can it become dangerous?  I’m asking because I have been on a spray paint madness lately.  I’m surprised the puppy isn’t purple or pink or green and white striped yet!  That’s a joke.

Today, I wanted to share…

DIY - Silver shells

When the weather is nice or there’s a low tide you can usually find hubby, Divot and I at the beach.  The last time I was there I picked up a few shells and them I picked up some Krylon Chrome Aluminum spray.  The starfish came from Michaels.  I didn’t have the heart to kill a starfish that was still alive when hubby found it in the water.  I soaked the shells in a combination of bleach and water.  The next step was to give them a shot of the silver spray.  If you plan on doing this make sure you use primer first.  I didn’t and the silver was very flaky and I had to spray primer over it and start over.  I also put a acrylic sealant on as a last coat.

Shells original


Starfish Focus

The filler is a combination of 2 sizes of aqua blue and green glass that I used at Christmas.  The bowl, I love this bowl, is not expensive, a Marshalls purchase for $12,99.  But, I love it, love the lines, it was made in Portugal and I bought it for myself for my birthday.

Bowl 1

Bowl 2

Bowl 3

DIY - Silver shells

Have you been to the beach lately?  What have you brought home?


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31 Days to Clutter Free / Day 23 – Other Bedroom Closets

It’s a rainy Sunday in the Northwest.  Happy Day 23!

31 Day Button-3

Including today, there are only 9 days left of this series and STILL SO MUCH TO DO!!!  Whew, caps always make me feel better! 

Although my bedroom closet is looking much better my son’s bedroom closet is in what I call a State of Disaster.  He’s in his third year of college across the United States and his closet here is still crammed full of clothes, shoes, hats, etc. Confession: I’ve also added some items as I have been de-cluttering and organizing.  I need to go through it today.  I’m not sure if I will be tossing anything but it does need to be organized.  Sometimes it just takes putting things in order to make me feel better as it tricks my mind into thinking I’ve de-cluttered.  And it looks so much nicer!

The other closet I would like to go through is in what I call the spare/guest/craft/my room.  If you take the time to read about this adventure I need to tell you since I wrote the reveal post I’ve  updated the look again and will be writing about it soon.   It is currently on overflow and I desperately need to toss, donate, etc.  It’s full of extra craft supplies, boxes and containers to use in organizing, photos, and clothes.  There’s also an occasional crutch from a broken leg and high school annuals from a 3 day weekend trip with my HS BFFs to The Beach.

If I’m being real these two tasks will take a couple of days of focus as I have other things to get done to like grocery shopping, laundry, and house cleaning.  I’m giving it my best effort. 

What area is left in your house that you have been avoiding that you need to embrace?  Come on, you can tell me!

Later this week I’ll be sharing some simple organizing tips.  Until then…


latte Lattenene

The Divot Diary 9-30-2011

TGIF!!!  Smile, be happy, and enjoy the day!  Thought I would share some recent pics that make me smile, happy and enjoying my day. 🙂

Best Friends…


Learning to swim…


Who needs store bought toys when you can play with an old air filter and oh by the way, I put this on all by myself!…


Scarves are for wearing?  Thought they were to play with…


My favorite thing to do is sleep and boy am I good at it…

IMAG0770 IMAG0592

IMAG0838 093

Divot sleepingDivot Reids Bed Sleeping 12-2010

Divot-Bench-Birdbath 043


latte Lattenene

My Town

I’m joining Centsational Girl’s linky party to share a little bit about my town where I live.  Mukilteo, Washington, is located in the Pacific Northwest and Money Magazine just named it number 10 best small town to live in.  I guess that’s why we moved her 10 years ago.

Mukilteo is located in the Puget Sound.  I can get to the Vancouver, B.C. border  in about 1.5 hours and to the ocean in 3.  Seattle is about 40 minutes south of Mukilteo.

My Indian named town, population approximately 20,000 is a mix of new and old.  Just a few miles from my home is the Mukilteo Lighthouse located in downtown at the waterfront.

mukilteo light houseThe Mukilteo Historical society has a gift shop inside run by volunteers. We also have the garden club and the house tours club.  And there are lot’s of fun quirky shops.  You won’t find movie theaters in the boundaries of Mukilteo, but there is a ACE hardware.  YAY!!!

My favorite is the view from the beach of the ferry terminal.  The other pic is one I actually took on the ferry on a bright sunny day.

Beach Park overlooking ferry WA Ferry

Please come visit!

latte-1 Lattenene

BFF BBQ and Flower Bouquet

Evening all!  I posted a couple of days ago my high school BFF ladies and I were getting together over the weekend for the second time in 5 months.  I know that sounds like a long time in between but it really isn’t when you think we have all those mother/wife/daughter responsibilities too.  This time, we brought our husbands and we all had the best time (smile)!  We all wish M could of come but we understand and send our hugs.

Our host and hostess for the day were J and S.  Cute couple, don’t you think? Married 34 years.  Congratulations!

161-1 Sorry S for chopping off your head.  I never claim I know what I’m doing. In fact, I was using a cheapo camera and the batteries died.  I then started using my phone and my service sucks and I have been having trouble uploading the pics.  Big bummer!  Anyhow, again sorry S.  Maybe this one is better…..oh wait, the other pic, the one that was great is in my phone….can you hear me wine?  But hey, I added a couple of hearts for the 34 years of love.  J and S were the perfect hosts and their backyard ultra secluded, comfy and beautiful.

Here’s some flowers from my yard that I arranged fore the hostess.  They needed something extra so I added a bit of “lattenene”.  Look what a festive box and some colored tissue do.

146-1  151-1

Dahlias, Gladiola’s, lilies, cuttings of rosemary, thyme and peppermint and some sedum made up the bouquet.  Here’s a closer look.


I can’t share pics of everyone because of the camera with the dead battery and the sucky cell service, but here are some to justify we had a great time.

Cheers to life, love and friendship! Meet P (from New Jersey, J the hostess and K, the salon owner.  Where’s Mo? 

153-1 The silver fox (a.k.a B, Ps hubby also from New Jersey) is on BBQ duty.  Mission requires spirits!  And the Host S is sharing his handyman secrets on how to create a fantastic deck.

159-1 We had marinated steak, a big fruit salad, pasta salad (will steal and share the recipe soon), lots of drinks and appetizers and drinks and appetizers and drinks and…..Hubby and I brought the dessert.  Red Velvet cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting and crusher peppermint on top.  Yummmmmy!  Trust me, they tested much better then they looked.  And I’m giving a shout out to Duncan Hines.


OK, should not have looked at this picture, now craving something sweet!

latte-1 Lattenene

BFFs Today!

Back in the middle of March I shared in a post about a  trip to the ocean with my High School BFFs.  If you didn’t get to read it, take a quick peek here.

Some of us hadn’t been together for between 25-30 years.  It was amazing how no time was lost and it was like we all had seen each other the week before.  Rekindling friendships are good for the soul. 

I’m excited that today P along with her hubby B are here from the East coast and all of us and our hubby’s are getting together for a BBQ this afternoon.  I’m looking forward to the laughs with these gals and the guys to se each other again.  M can’t be there, but we will definitely be thinking about her.


Hope your doing something fun. 

latte-1 Lattenene

Beach Girls – A Time with Friends


Location: Beautiful Pacific Beach Washington.  Three days of bliss……


     A magnificent place to stay.  The top floor of windows
is all bedrooms and faces the beach.  No curtains, so when you wake up
there’s no chance for stress to creep in.  Peace begins immediately.


     What made the three days so much fun is I spent it with five girlfriends
from high school.  The six of us have not been all together for 25 years.  We
all live locally,except for PLK who lives out of state,  but we’ve grown apart over the years.  Thanks to Facebook, we reconnected.  Thanks to MSB, we found the place in Pacific Beach. 

     We picked up where we let off.  Of course we all shared pictures of our
families.  We all have kids and it was fun to hear about each one.  We also
looked at pictures from the past and and high school annuals.  There were a lot of “remember when” which resulted in many gut-wrenching laughs. 

     All of us except for JRS has lost one parent.  MSB and myself have lost
both. It was comfortable to tell our stories with each other; the paths our
parents took up to their last breath, the feelings we went through ourselves. 

     Lots of talk, a walk on the beach in between rain storms, a ton of laughs.
The time flew by.  It was perfect. 

Friends are forever and that makes me happy,