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Take A Stroll Down "Green Apple" Lane

The days have been sunny and beautiful in the Pacific Northwest, the evenings cool down quickly.  The leaves are slowly falling from the trees, darkness comes sooner.  Fall is definitely upon us. 

As I look back over previous posts I can certainly see my Spring and Summer obsession with spray paint and Rust Oleum Apple Green color.  Look below for a few of my favorites….see what I mean?  And then, take a look at what my new found color obsession is!

Making A Birdbath

Birdbath 050

Sprucing Up The Lazy Susan

Blog Articles July 4 week 075

3Drawer Storage Box

Craft Drawer and Yard 003

Moving on, my new color obsession is TURQUOISE!  Over the next couple of weeks I’ll share a couple of projects I’m working on.  I’m excited!

Have a good day,

latte Lattenene

Making A Birdbath

Kate at Centsational Girl is having a garden link party today.  My favorite garden project I did this summer was making a birdbath out of old flower pots.

Birdbath 050

Here’s my previous post in case you want to make one too!



latte Lattenene

Making A Birdbath

As you may have seen on some of my previous posts I’m cuckoo crazy for spray paint lately.  As I walk around my house I can’t help but look at objects in a different light.  Ooh, that’s old, I could spray paint that.  Ahhh, I was going to get rid of that, but what if I spray paint it?  Are you getting the picture?  The two males in my house just roll their eyes.  I’m one of these persons that speed ahead sometimes before reading all the directions.  I call it OTJST, on the job spray training.  I guarantee I don’t always know if I should or shouldn’t use primer but I’m learning. Part of that learning is checking out other blogs.  Today I was looking at one in particular and and I want to give a props shout out to Kate at Centsational Girl.  Kate is, in my opinion, the best of the best, the spray paint queen, the subject matter expert when it come to the “art of spray”.  Check out her FAQs here and also take some time to check out her Project Gallery.  You will be amazed!

Now, on with the birdbath.  Several posts ago I asked if anyone could guess what this was going to be?

Birdbath 005 It turned into this…

Birdbath 050 Here’s how I made it.  First, let it be known, I am the keeper of pots and this old dirty one was sitting on the side of my house.  I used Simple Green to clean, primed it, then painted it a very bright yellow (Rust Oleum Primer and Sun Yellow). I also took a base and a bowl and primed and painted them as well.

Birdbath 042 Birdbath 003

Birdbath 004 Birdbath 037

I had to sleep on that yellow for a couple of days and decided it was too bright for my yard.  I went to my favorite Rust Oleum color, Apple Green.  I sprayed a very light, almost a mist of the apple green over the yellow.  I also used my glove to make some swirly designs on the bottom pot.  That was initially by accident and then I liked the look. I finished it off with some Rust Oleum Gloss spray to protect it.

Birdbath 043

Easy to assemble.  Large pot is upside down with the bowl placed on top.  I put some rocks in the bowl to weight it down.   Then I placed the base on top of the bowl.  Add a rock for the birds to perch on and water.  Voila!

Birdbath 047 Birdbath 049

I love how it just nestles in with the Peony bushes.

Birdbath 050


I’ve linked this post to….

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Happy splashing birdies!latte Lattenene

Hummingbird Feeders

What kind of a Hummingbird feeder do you use?  I started with the standard $12.00 red plastic with the clear glass tube that holds the nectar.  But it was so boring, so plain.  Today I’m sharing with you every  feeder I have bought since my initial purchase and why they are all currently sitting in the garage. Here we go….

This feeder is sleek, green and for some reason, the hummers never wanted to eat from it.  Hummingbirds are attracted to the color red.  Maybe that’s why.

Isn’t this a pretty one.  It’s the perfect color red, but they didn’t like this one either.  I think because the hummingbirds that come visit my house  like to sit on a perch and this feeder does not have one.

This feeder is closer; it’s red, it has a perch, but the ants get inside of it and it leaks…..gross!

I really like this feeder.  Painted so pretty, but the probem with it is the hummers had a problem with it and I’m not sure why. 

So I’m back to where I began with the standard $12.00 red plastic with the clear glass tube that holds the nectar. It’s perfect; in fact I have several.  Here’s a picture I took late in the day…remember, I am not a photo expert!

Have a good one!