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DIY – Decorative Birdcage

I’m pulling out of my crap craft closet again and the spare room closet and the garage.  I always tell my closest friends if something happened to me tomorrow they would need to get to the closets before my husband.  If he saw all my hidden treasure (as I call it, ha!) I’m sure he would have some smart thing to say.

Today I wanted to share my quick little corner decorative I threw together.  I doubt it will stay like this forever as all parts are separate and can be reused for yet another project, but for now all is good.


Here’s what I had sitting around; One plant stand from many moons ago, birdcage picked up from Marshals several months ago, decorative glass from the Dollar store, decorative bird fro, Ace, a clearance item from last season and a ceramic plant base.

list first look

close up

close up 1

close up bird

Happy Tuesday!


For The Birds

Happy Friday.  Boy, 4 day work weeks are the toughest, don’t you think?  I’m so glad the weekend is near.  I’ve been working in the yard a lot, mainly weeding and clean up and some pots.

One of my most favorite things to do in the summertime on the weekend is too wake up early, take my coffee outside and in the quiet of the morning, just listen to the birds.  We decided to move the bird feeders away from the side fence and out towards the golf course.  The seed tends to attract rats sometimes and as long as there away from the house I’m okay.  Rats need to eat to.

Bird Zone

Here’s a great tip.  Microwave your birdseed for a minute and it will sop the germination. That way, when the birds push seed on the ground weeds won’t grow.



I don’t want to forget my Hummingbirds.  I’ve named them, Downtown Freddy Brown and Rudy.  Our two feeders sit right outside our family room windows.  These two have been around for the last 4 years and they stay all year around.  If you want the best secret recipe for Hummer Nectar, see my previously post here.

Hummingbird Collage

Enjoy the weekend!


Bringing Back the Bird Bath

I hope you don’t mind but the bad head cold has stopped at our house.  My hubby has been totally sick and now I am fighting it.  I just don’t have the brain energy to be creative today so I’m bring back a post favorite from last June.

Have you been out and about working in your yard?  It has been raining way too much in the Seattle area but it’s on the improve.  We live on a golf course with a greenbelt on one side of us.  So lots of big ole trees around our house.  One of my most favorite times is after a big rain and the sun comes out.  That’s when all the birdies come out.  I love to hear them chirping. 

I used to have lot’s of birdfeeders, but we no longer put seed out as we were attracting rats.  Yes, RATS…ick!  Instead, I’ve strategically placed a  birdbaths in the back and side yard.  I’m sharing with you today a previous post how I made a birdbath out of flower pots. Read the instructions HERE.  And no, that is not a dead bird, it’s a rock!

Birdbath 050

Are you doing any crafty things for your yard?


Quick Tile Art

Son and I were shopping late yesterday afternoon and decided to grab a Latte.  I should know better.  Lesson learned to self.  Do not drink an Iced  Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte at 6:00 in the evening.  At midnight I was still awake and fidgety.  And I wanted to craft.  I didn’t want to spray paint, I didn’t want to scrapbook and I didn’t want to make candy bouquets. 

I did remember I had this really cute bird sticker from Martha Stewart Stickers.  The birdie is adorable; bright colored and has multiple layers.  See for yourself…

Tile Art 018

What could I do with that bird.  Add a plate stand…

Tile Art 012 and some left over bathroom tiles I’ve been holding on to…

Tile Art 019 Combine the bird sticker, plate stand, tiles and and some gorilla girl and you’ve go tile art!

Tile Art 021

Isn’t it cute?  I found the perfect place for it too…


Tile Art 028       Tile Art 031

I also added a pretty scarf that I bought at the Shanghai Market in China a couple years ago.

Tile Art 030 Here’s a couple of close-ups.

Tile Art 032   Tile Art 033

latte Lattenene

Making A Birdbath

As you may have seen on some of my previous posts I’m cuckoo crazy for spray paint lately.  As I walk around my house I can’t help but look at objects in a different light.  Ooh, that’s old, I could spray paint that.  Ahhh, I was going to get rid of that, but what if I spray paint it?  Are you getting the picture?  The two males in my house just roll their eyes.  I’m one of these persons that speed ahead sometimes before reading all the directions.  I call it OTJST, on the job spray training.  I guarantee I don’t always know if I should or shouldn’t use primer but I’m learning. Part of that learning is checking out other blogs.  Today I was looking at one in particular and and I want to give a props shout out to Kate at Centsational Girl.  Kate is, in my opinion, the best of the best, the spray paint queen, the subject matter expert when it come to the “art of spray”.  Check out her FAQs here and also take some time to check out her Project Gallery.  You will be amazed!

Now, on with the birdbath.  Several posts ago I asked if anyone could guess what this was going to be?

Birdbath 005 It turned into this…

Birdbath 050 Here’s how I made it.  First, let it be known, I am the keeper of pots and this old dirty one was sitting on the side of my house.  I used Simple Green to clean, primed it, then painted it a very bright yellow (Rust Oleum Primer and Sun Yellow). I also took a base and a bowl and primed and painted them as well.

Birdbath 042 Birdbath 003

Birdbath 004 Birdbath 037

I had to sleep on that yellow for a couple of days and decided it was too bright for my yard.  I went to my favorite Rust Oleum color, Apple Green.  I sprayed a very light, almost a mist of the apple green over the yellow.  I also used my glove to make some swirly designs on the bottom pot.  That was initially by accident and then I liked the look. I finished it off with some Rust Oleum Gloss spray to protect it.

Birdbath 043

Easy to assemble.  Large pot is upside down with the bowl placed on top.  I put some rocks in the bowl to weight it down.   Then I placed the base on top of the bowl.  Add a rock for the birds to perch on and water.  Voila!

Birdbath 047 Birdbath 049

I love how it just nestles in with the Peony bushes.

Birdbath 050


I’ve linked this post to….

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Happy splashing birdies!latte Lattenene

Check In On My Saturday List + Yard Walk

Remember that long list of outdoor chores I gave myself last Saturday?  Let me remind you…click here.  Well, the weather was crummy, rain, drizzle, wind, sun, rain, drizzle, wind, sun.  You get the picture.  But I did get sections of the yard weeded.  Case in point…..the picture on the right is much better than the picture on the left.  In fact, I’ll just take you on a little stroll…..

Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 003   Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 011

This place along the fence line gets so much water I am thinking of just filling it with bunches of rock and lots of pots.  I do like to feed the birds.  Did you know if you microwave the bird seed for a few minutes before filling the birdfeeders it will prevent it from germinating?  Oh, and notice the pot.  It still needs cleaning but so do others. 🙂

The lawns are looking better after such a wet winter. 

  Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 004

 Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 021

Don’t ya just love the smell of green grass?

Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 012

We didn’t bring the lawn furniture out, too wet still.  I didn’t plant the lilies, in fact,  I didn’t get any planting done.  I’m telling you too much weeding.  So instead I did take a few pictures.  It’s a work in progress!

Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 017

Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 018

The gully is on the east side of our house.  When we moved in the trees were almost next to the house.  As you can see, we’ve (well mu hubby and son) have slowly cut them back.

Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 020Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 019  As you can see, some of the trees are REALLY tall. When it’s really windy out you can hear them sway. I purposely stacked these two pictures on one another so you could see how REALLY tall these trees are. I’m going to try and paint some birdhouses this weekend. I’d love to hang them on these REALLY big tall trees!

This is the east side of the house and where I wanted to plant my hydrangeas but have not done yet.

Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 015

Here’s one of my favorites, hostas.  There are so many different varieties,.

Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 008   Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 010

Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 009

The rhodies are in bloom….

 Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 013

and the peonies are almost ready to pop….

Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 022

Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 023

Now I just need to finish my weeding, get the rock and bark down and plant some pots.  What are you doing in your yard?