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Organized Printer Station

I’m slowly but surely getting the woman cave organized to my liking.  I’m always in there reading, crafting, puttering.  My husband says pretty soon he may never see me.  I told him not to worry, food and drink were downstairs.

organized station

I have loved black and white combinations all my life so it’s not a surprise to me how my printer station turned out.  I moved my white dresser decorated with duct tape diagonally into the far corner of the room.  It’s the perfect place for my wireless printer,   file tray, a.k.a. cardboard box lid covered with duct tape, and my 3 drawer Rubbermaid tote to hold printer paper.

After close up

This was just a plain container I had stored in the garage.  I already had the black and white scrapbook paper and it was perfect match to the rest of the printer station.  I simply cut to size to fit the front, added some hand printed labels, and slipped them inside the drawers.  I also added a sheet to the top.

Printer Station  organized station

before After close up

The great thing is there wasn’t any cost to do this.  I had everything and  it took  less then 10 minutes to do. Have any quick updates you’ve done lately?

White Dresser Updated with DUCT TAPE!

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  The sun was out in Seattle and that meant a few nice walks and some much needed yard work.  It was so nice to open the windows and have some fresh air come in.  I also got on a spray paint kick and put out some Easter decorations.  I’ll be sharing more later this week.

Saturday morning I was picking up my woman “cave” or to be more exact, the room I call my craft/reading/office/guest room.  The room became this last September and was pretty much done on the buy little, by cheap and use what you got kind of room. I abide by this theory a lot because I know me.  Lots of folks live in an undecorated area for a while to get the vibe of the room and to understand how to furnish, paint, etc. it.  Me, I find I guess at what I want, try it for a while and then end up changing it after I live with it.

If you want to read about the initial redo of the room check Here.  Since then, I have moved the furniture around, added shelves, changed the location of pictures, repainted a few things and on Saturday, gave the white dresser a new look.  I have been wanting to paint the dresser, but I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go.  Back when I painted the fireplace wall black I first put up black scrapbook paper to see what it would look like.  See what I mean that I need to live with it to feel it? 

Okay, back to the white dresser.  I took decorative duct tape and applied it to the front of the white dresser drawers.


I took the drawer handles off and applied the duct tape strip by strip.  Then I poked the through the tape to open the whole and put the pulls back on.  A 30 minute project.  That’s it and I like it!  Here’s a before and after.

Craft Room 006-1  004-1

and some more pictures…

014 016 



013-1 016

Duct Tape…who would of thunk it?


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Spare Room Project – Wall Art / Picture Placement

Mornin!  I’m almost done completing my Spare Room Project, aka craft/guest/reading/my hangout.  I have one blank wall that I would really like to make pop with pictures that are meaningful to me (family, places I’ve been, special moments in time, things I love) and maybe a few created art projects created by me. I actually shared some ideas in a previous post earlier this week.

When it comes to placing all of this on a wall I very often need a visual.  I am always having to think and learn about scale.  Below are some different layouts I really like.  Once again, thank you Pinterest for giving me something to think about…

Love the black and white against the bold color and especially the outline of black.  OMG, do I need to do some additional painting?

love this corner wall, oooooo la la!!!  The color is yummy with the black contrast

frames are different sizes, widths, colors, but it all blends nicely, doesn’t;t it?

@ nesting place

Same shape, variation in size and pattern, shades and depth of same color

Ready-made ceiling rosettes with spray paint. Inexpensive wall art for a guest bedroom? cute

What a great idea – could do something like this with ribbon…

Pops of bright color = the matting is outstanding!


Hmmmm, me likey.  My yellow walls, my colors (yellow, turquoise, black, white), different shapes, a little bit random, just like me!  A mix of color, shapes, sizes but still goes together.  This could be the ticket!  But then again maybe not.

I think I need to do a layout on the floor before I start putting nails into my new beautiful yellow walls.  Stay tuned!


latte Lattenene

Spare Room Project – Tommy Bahama Inspiration

Around five years ago the extra room in my house had a day bed and trundle.  I can’t even remember why I decided to sell it.  I know I wanted to do a change-up, but can’t remember to what.  Over the years I’ve wanted the room to be used as a craft room, guest room, my office, a reading room…..get the picture?  I haven’t been able to make up my mind so I’ve always made completing this project my last priority.  I wanted it black and white, all white, blue, green, tan and brown….get the picture?

I’m challenging myself to finally do something.  I’ve given  myself a set of rules I need to abide by.

  1. Use items already in my house;  Move, repurpose furniture, be creative.
  2. It has to provide bedding where at least one person could sleep.
  3. Must be functional.  I need to comfortably be able to craft and read.
  4. Divot needs to have a place to sit by the window and look outside.
  5. Get out of my green comfort zone.
  6. Spend minimal dollars.

Looking at the color wheel below, I’ve decided to focus on the Yellow to Blue-Green colors and shades of them.  For more information, see my post on color wheels here.

ColorWheel1 I arrived at these color choices through the process of washing and ironing.  Yep, you heard that right.  I was doing laundry and saw my hubby’s Tommy Bahama shirt and the rest is history.

Shirt on Door

I love the blend of yellow, white and aqua.  it might be hard to see, but there’s also some light stripes of a soft moss green and black also.  Lot’s of options!

I’ll be sharing with you over the next couple of weeks my transformation journey.

I’m curious, what inspires your color choices?

latte Lattenene

Which Chair Is It?

cherries chair 2

I recently posted a blog article focused on Black and White decorating.  I am most interested in decorating my hodge podge spare room into a guest/craft room.  I have been looking at making it black and white.  I know the experts say that one must first pick out the bedspread to determine the wall colors, pillows, etc.  That’s not working for me today because I just found my color scheme…….I think 🙂

Target Chairs

I really like these armless chairs which can be found Target.  Depending on the bedspread I find I’m going to get one of these.  I’m particularly fond of the brown with red.

What do you think?

latte Lattenene

Black & White Decorating

I’ve always like black & white with a pop of some vibrant color so I decided to go on an internet search.  I think I’ve mentioned several times that I want to change-up my spare room to a guest/craft room.  It’s been a slow process because I let other things get in the way.  I’m trying to change that.  Since I’m a visual person I thought getting some inspiration might help….

From Martha Stewart……

living-room-Southern-Living Bedroom chair 

I love the the B & W fabric pattern on the chairs in both of these pictures. The yellow pillow really pops and the red door is stunning.

msl_0901_desk_xl msl_0901_hallway_xl

These two pictures don’t do it for me.  I like the tan trim, but not enough pop of another color.

black-and-white-bedroom-accent-colors-300x288 ss_100858727

Love the wall stripes, but also love the green walls.  What to do?

Maybe I need to look at bedspreads to help me decide.  I checked  Overstock.com, Domestications, Bedding.com, and JC Penney.  Here’s what I found in black and white.

Chenile BSpread wholesale bedding 169.50 bed in bag

bedding sets Royal-Heritage-Home-Chestnut-Hill-8-Piece-Comforter-Set JC Penney C Crawford

Thought I would throw in a pop of color as well. I will definitely let you know what I decide.  Thanks for listening 🙂

latte Lattenene