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{DIY} Bulletin Board in the Den

I have an endless amount of frames stashed in my closet.  My neighbor has a framing business and he is constantly offering  display or out-of-season  items to me.  My husband just keeps asking me if I ever say no and I say well, to some things, but never frames {smile}.

I pulled this gold frame from my stash.  It came with the bulletin board but you could easily frame any square piece of cork.


before and after

Using Rustoleum white enamel, I taped off the corkboard and spray painted the frame.  I decided to leave a tiny piece of the frame golld sine the den walls are of similar color.  I spent $2.00 at the Dollar Tree and bought a placemat and some thumbtacks.  I cut the placemat down with pinking shears and used the tacks to attach.  The blue is mucher better than plain cork to look at, right?  It was quick to hang on the wall with command picture hooks.




BB1  BB2

It’s Wednesday, Yay!  Have a great day!

On The Wall {Day 1} Paisley Fabric Covered Bulletin Board

Happy Monday!  Are you one of the lucky people that don’t have to work today?  Unfortunately, I do and I hope the time goes really fast.  This past weekend was rainy in the morning and sunny in the afternoon.  And now I’ve got a case of spring fever!

I’ve given myself an ultimatum; NO More Buying crafting stuff until I use some of what I have.  That said, I gave myself the challenge this week to fill up some of the blank walls pace I have and not spend a dime.  Day 1 starts now with my revamped bulletin board.


I picked up the fabric remnant at Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago for $4.00 and some copper colored tacks.  This was pretty simple to do.  Lay the fabric on the floor or some type of flay surface, inside up.  Put the bulletin board on top of the fabric face down.  Pull the fabric tight and staple.  Add tacks for a decorative look.

BB Full View BB sideview

BB Close Up


Before After

Do you have any old bulletin boards just laying around under the bed, hid in a corner?  You know what to do now, right?