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For The Love Of…Boxes

What can I say?  I love boxes;  cardboard, wood, big small.  It doesn’t matter.  Many are saved from my recycle.  Some find their way into my house via places such as Michaels and Hobby Lobby.  I’ve dressed them up using paint, ribbon, buttons, contact, scrapbook or wrapping paper.  I love little boxes as much as I love trays!

I think that’s the reason why boxes are next up in my For The Love Of series.

For The Love of Boxes Collage

A scalloped wood box covered with scrapbook paper and ribbon makes     decorated bird boxes.

Cover empty cell phone boxes with scrapbook paper or duct tape.

I used wrapping paper from Home Goods to cover a  boot box and gave it to my outdoorsy neighbor.

Use paint and a stencil to make a cute green ivy box.  I use it for recipes.

Bright pink  or blue paint and buttons made a set of cute boxes for a friend’s birthday.

3 drawer storage box always comes in handy.

Silver paint and glass squares made these  mirror boxes.

Do you have a love for boxes?  If you want to see other loves in this series just click on the page.  It’s noted at the top of the blog.  Happy Monday!


For The Love Of… Buttons

Do you love buttons as much as I do?  They can be colorful, unique in size, shiny, flowery, and yes, I kind of think buttons are a bit classy.  I first fell in love with buttons when my mother-in-law passed away 18 years ago.  She was the crafter of all crafters and always had plenty of stock of everything one would need to be creative, including buttons!  When we cleaned her home out I found so many and that’s the day I fell in love with buttons.  I ran to Thrift stores for old jewelry and used that with the buttons to make pins.  It may sound crazy but I love to organize them by color, store in Ikea jars, and just look at them.

I’ve used buttons in my crafts on and off over the last year or so and that my friends is what I’m sharing with you today.

Collage - Fot The Love of Buttons

  1. Button Flower Art
  2. Button Covered Initial
  3. Button Boxes
  4. See 3
  5. Button Wreath
  6. Button Halloween Bookmarks

If you want more ideas click on over to my Pinterest   Button board.  For similar posts see For The Love Of…Contact Paper.

So, will you being doing any button crafts soon?


DIY–A Letter, Buttons & Shadow Box, Oh My!

Happy Monday!  Hope you had a great weekend.  Mine wasn’t anything special, but I sure enjoyed it.  We found a new off leash dog park along with some great trails in our local area.  Divot had a grand time running and exploring new territory.   I managed to stay ahead of the housework all week by picking up each day so there wasn’t too much mess to clean up.  I also had time to peruse through a stack of  magazines and complete a DIY project.

I think I mentioned in some previous post that my neighbor is in the framing business and being the generous guy he is, always gives me his old samples.  That can be both a good thing and a bad thing.  I have lots of frames!  And like I said, I’ve been working on this project…


Here’s the how-to…

The Frame

The shadow box frame was originally gold.  I painted it white and told you about it in a Valentine post  last February.  I recently decided to use Rustoleum glossy black and spray painted it.  Yesterday I grabbed a tube of  Rub-n-Buff gold leaf and highlighted the flowery scroll.  I backed the frame with a large piece of white scrapbook paper.

White FrameBlack Frame w gold

The Letter

I picked up the wood letter M at Michaels several months back.  It came in one color, white.  I spray painted in black the same time as the frame.  Then I used the silver Rub-n-Buff to outline the sides and I also decided to outline the top.  As you can see my finger wasn’t totally accurate.

Beginner MWith Silver

And this my friends is how I got to the point of adding buttons.  I used hot glue and burned the heck out of both my thumbs by the way and have the blisters to prove it .  Ouch!

Button M

I used gorilla glue to secure the letter to the shadow box back and voila…. Those mirrors are a part of a set of 8 of varied sizes.  I bought them many years ago at a fabric store and never took them out of the box.  I discovered them not too long ago.  You also saw them in my post on my updated livingroom.

The Wall

It fills a small wall in the living room and I’m absolutely lovin it.  I hope you do it.  It was the perfect project for a Sunday afternoon, especially since I had everything and didn’t have to buy a thing!



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DIY – Art In An Hour -Trailer

Hi Friends!  Cassie at Hi Sugarplum is having a link party today on DIY in an hour or less.  I’ll be sharing mine later today but in the interim here’s a hint ….

Wrapping Paper



Can’t wait to share.  Off to work now.  TTYL


DIY – Button Wreath

I hope everyone’s Easter weekend was wonderful and you were able to celebrate with family.  It was fairly low key for us and it was perfect. 

Have I ever shared that I have a hard time just sitting while watching TV?  I get really really fidgety.  That’s probably why I use the DVR and On Demand as much as I can because then the commercials are optional.  You can speed through them unless you need the time to pee or throw a load of wash in the dryer. 

Sorry, digressing.  Okay, so yesterday while I was watching the Masters, I needed something to do so I went to my craft closet and Pinterest and got some inspiration.  I have a HUGE love of buttons and actually have a board on Pinterest called Buttons.  Feel free to check it and my other boards out.

Here was my inspiration:

Pinned Image Pinned Image

via                                                                       via

Here’s the button wreath I made:


It was easy peasy to do with a mimimal amount of time required.    I already had everything I needed in the closet.


All the supplies except the wire and buttons were purchased on various trips to the Dollar store.  Here’s the list of materials.

  • any kind of wreath
  • floral tape
  • wire
  • pliers
  • ribbon
  • buttons
  • glue gun and glue

I wrapped the wreath with the floral green tape so I would have a smooth base to glue the buttons on. 


The wrap a piece of wire a couple time around wreath in the place  where you want to hang it from.   Now the fun begins.  Pick out the buttons you want to use.  The best way is just to dump them all out.  I love buttons.  They make me giddy.  You may need to use the pliers if the buttons have backs on them.  All the buttons need to be flat. 


Glue the first row of buttons in the center around the entire wreath.  Then add buttons on either side.  Your objective is to not see any of the green when you look at the wreath with a side view.  Keep adding the buttons until you want to stop or when all gaps and green are covered.  Add your choice of ribbon for a cute bow.  Use the wire to hang.

I hung my wreath in the downstairs bathroom.  I love it against the green ivy leaf wallpaper.


008 013


016 006


What did you do this weekend?


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DIY – Button Boxes

Welcome to Monday.  How was your weekend?  Mine was full of walks with the hubby and Divot, lots of organizing, laundry, and some DIY projects.

I recently made a couple of birthday gifts for 2 of my BFFs and now that we’ve celebrated, I can talk about them.  If you’ve read my blog before you might remember I have a love of buttons and knew I wanted to incorporate them into a project.  See what I made…


Button Boxes-1

Amazingly enough, I had everything I needed for this project in my craft cupboards; wood boxes, all shapes, acrylic paint, brushes, scrapbook paper, buttons, decoupage and high gloss spray.

Paint the wood boxes any color you like.  I also painted the inside of the boxes


Decoupage scrapbook paper to the lid tops.  Hot glue buttons for decoration.  Love these!  Here’s some additional images.

IMG_1584-1  IMG_1586-1

IMG_1589-2 IMG_1589-3

IMG_1580-1 Button Boxes-1

Have you been painting or playing with buttons lately?


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For The Love of Buttons

TGIF!  The weekend will soon be here!

Today I feel the need to talk about buttons…..again.  I heart them; their shapes, colors, size.

Craft Room 024 Buttons1

I know not too long ago I wrote about the things you could do with buttons.  Check back HERE.

Then I made this wall hanging; a frame the neighbor gave me, scrapbook paper, a little glue and buttons from my jar>

Buttons Gold Frame-1







Now, here’s some additional pic from where else, Pinterest, of what one can do with buttons.

Buttons and desks


pins pushed through buttons on to foam forms. -   Button tree.

in loooove with covered button crafts   Button Crafts

Pinned Image

Don’t ya just love buttons?


latte Lattenene

Spare Room Project – Finally Complete!

Hi all!  I’m so excited to share that the spare room project, aka craft/guest/reading /my room is finally complete.  Well, complete for now.  There’s still a few things I’d like to do, but they can wait.

When I began this project in early September I gave myself some guiding rules. For full post, (read here).  See below how I did.

  1. Use items already in my house; Move, repurpose furniture, be creative. Yes
  2. It has to provide bedding where at least one person could sleep. Yes
  3. Must be functional. I need to comfortably be able to craft and read. Yes
  4. Divot needs to have a place to sit by the window and look outside. Yes
  5. Get out of my green comfort zone. Yes
  6. Spend minimal dollars. Yes

I moved a love seat/sofa bed and ottoman into the room from our loft.  Since it’s a deep blue/green color that helped me decide my colors which came from my hubby’s Tommy Bahama shirt.

Shirt on Door Okay, without further ado, ta ta da da!!!!!  Here are some side by side before and after pictures.

Rm with Green Chair-2 Craft Room 003-1

Craft Cabinet-1 Craft Room 021-2

corner old-1 Craft Room 046-2

The detailed breakdown….

Paint by Behr.  It’s the first time I’ve used paint with primer built in and I liked it.  I love the bright yellow and I definitely moved away form the green zone I was in.  Pillows and black throw blanket from TJ Max.  Black and white magazine holder from Michaels that I bought six months ago.  Oh, and check complete on the location because as you can see Divot can still look out the window!

037-2 This corner of the room is my favorite area and really says me.  My goal was to make it personal and I think I did.  The storage cubes were from Michaels bought several years ago.  I had a dozen of them and I took them apart (see before picture above) and created two separate areas for them.

Craft Room 021-1 I had an old bulletin board and when I couldn’t sleep Saturday night I created this look, which I’ll share in a post later this week.  Everything on this back  wall I either already had, it was given to me or I used my computer to print.  Here’s my previous post on the the chair makeover.  I am still looking for a plain black chair cushion.  A friend gave me the  had a green polka dot shade which I spray painted.  Da ua love my jar of buttons.  I do!!  The jar came filled with  peanut brittle and was a Christmas gift from a friend.  The little wood carved bird came from ACE for $1.50.

Craft Room 023-1 Craft Room 024 Craft Room 026

My button wall art  inspiration Pinterest.

Craft Room 036-2

I repainted a mirror I already had, see here.  The 3 frames came  from the dollar store.  I framed scrapbook paper. fill.  The picture above the cubes is from TJ Max.  An old round black garbage container is holding all my cellophane wrap I use to make candy bouquets.  I also gave the dresser pulls a coat of Rust Olem Black Hammered spray.

Craft Room 046-1

I apologize for the glare on these  pictures.   My friend took these fabulous pictures of sunflowers and used my home printer to make copies.  I’ve had the frames stored in the closet for at least 10 years.  No laughing!Craft Room 008

Total cost at the end of the day including paint cost was approximately $140.00.  I’ll break it down in another post.  I feel pretty good at meeting my minimal cost rule.  Future purchases incluse  a better mattress and bedding for the fold out bed.

Over all I’m happy with it.  My hubby told me it was definitely a female room so I know I succeeded in what I started out to do.  Please let me know what you think.


latte Lattenene

Linking up…Button

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Spare Room Project – Wall Accessories

I touched up the walls last night in the spare/guest/craft/my room but decided I would also paint the switch plates so waiting for those to dry.  For paint details, see  yesterdays post.

I’ve been contemplating what to hang on the walls.  I know whatever it is it needs to be personal to me and not some random piece. I am going through my picture stash for my favorites.  I also have garnered some ideas from Pinterest. That said, here are some of my thoughts.  It will take awhile to get it all done.  Oh and by the way, I really don’t know if I will incorporate all of this, but I really like all these ideas…

I love buttons.  Adorable, right?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to framing scrapbook paper.


Love, love, love this!

I know it’s not a wall item, but had to throw this great idea for a lampshade in ’cause it’s so dang cute.  I can just see it in the colors I’ve picked.

Another cute use for a frame.  Did I mention how long I’ve been picking up frames and how many are in my closet?

I love birds and I am totally, totally, totally in love with this dresser.  I have to think about this one.  I have a white dresser.  There’s got to be a stencil out there somewhere…..

So many ideas!  My brain hurts!  I will have to think about this in a bit.  What do you think?


latte Lattenene

Button Crafts

When my mother-in law passed away in 1994 she left me some very old and very unique buttons.  Since then whenever I’m at a craft fair, Goodwill or a Fabric store I’ve always got my eyes out for buttons.  As I was cleaning out my craft closet yesterday I was reminded of how many I have.  The question is what shall I do with them?  A quick search on the internet gave me some great ideas.

Martha (Stewart, that is) came up with this great idea for a clock.  I love the shapes and colors of  the buttons. 

 Button clock Martha

At Planet Green I found this crazy gorgeous necklace and an idea for a button bouquet.



How about this button purse.  I wonder how many buttons this took?  My friend Joy made this birdhouse.  CUTE!!!!!! 

bag1wg5Button Birdhouse

At Crafts Love Crafters they have kindly given the following on buttons….

  • Button craft Ideas can be anything from simple to elegant. Attach mother-of-pearl buttons to anything and it becomes quite elegant.
  • A woman that is armed with a glue gun and buttons can create many different button crafts.
  • Adorn the lapels of your favorite jacket. Remember, if you have a tiny hole or stain on a blouse you can just make a little design with buttons and then you don’t have to throw it away.
  • Make your own tie backs for curtains. Just sew buttons in a variety of colors and sizes and you now have custom tiebacks.
  • Handmade jewelry is so easy to make when you combine buttons, charms or beads to make pins or brooches. You can take an old elegant looking button and attach it to a velvet choker. String buttons on wire to make a necklace or hot glue buttons onto ear posts for that one of a kind jewelry. This is a perfect gift for woman of any age or a young girl!
  • Glue colorful buttons on a white lampshade for a very casual look. For a more elegant look, glue mother-of-pearl buttons on a black lampshade. You can put as many buttons on them as you want or else just a few.
  • Make small button wreaths and use as Christmas ornaments. Make a loop out of ribbon to hang them with and tie a small ribbon on the top. Kids love making these and they are so simple.
  • Napkin rings made with buttons sewn to an inch wide elastic band really can dress up a table. Make place mats with matching buttons finish off your table setting. Sew buttons onto the edge of pillowcases transform them into a decorative sham.
  • Hot-glue a small magnet onto the back of unique and colorful buttons to use for hanging important memos or children’s artwork on the refrigerator.

What do you do with your extra buttons?

latte Lattenene