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Memorial Day Sweets

For those working today I hope getting up wasn’t too hard.   I took an extra day of vacation for some “me” time and to get some things done that I never seem to do.  Like making some doctors appointments, planning summer vacation, haircut and color, etc.

We hosted a BBQ for our neighborhood clan over the weekend.  It turned out great.  Everyone brought something; scrumptious appetizers and salads.  We furnished hamburgers, rib-eyes, drinks and dessert.  We even were called the hostess with the mostess as we were able to provide each person (8) a golf umbrella to use.  It rained some after dinner when we were sitting around the fire.  It was just like camping!

The sweet part is what I wanted to share with you today.  Simple, but tasty.

Smore Pops Titled

It is the time of year to make smores.  I realized too late in the day our skewers were missing.  I searched high and low but I couldn’t find them so I did the next best thing.  I had made a birthday bouquet with marshmallows for my nieces husband before so thought I would use the same concept.  It took five minutes and all you need is a bag of chocolate chips, a bag of marshmallows, graham crackers and lollipop sticks purchased at Michaels.  I had some on hand.

Stick the skewer in the marshmallow.  Dip into the melted chocolate, then into some crumbled graham cracker.  I measured a piece of craft foam and shoved into a red pot I head on hand ahead of time so I had somewhere to place the pops.  Then I just added some tissue paper for some pops of color.

close up close up 2

Smore Pops

I also made some cupcakes from a box mix (I think Pilsbury Strawberry) and grabbed some marshmallow whipped frosting which I put in a baggie and used a decorating tip to give the cupcake some swirl.  I already had the red, white and blue liners and the little flags for decoration.  I keep all the baking kind of stuff like this in a basket in the pantry.  It’s amazing how much I have collected from shopping the dollar aisles at places like  Michaels and Target.  The cupcakes were simple and they were delicious.

Cupcake 1

cupcake 2


Did you make any special patriotic decorated sweets for Memorial Day?  Have a good Tuesday.  Do you watch The Voice?  Who do you think is going home tonight?


Candy Bouquet

007 I love my niece who is also my God daughter and she has an awesome boyfriend who I’ll call B.  He has turned into one of my most favorite people and he LOVES sweets.  That said, I wanted to make B something special for his birthday.

I went on a recipe search and thank you Alice at Savory Sweet Life who posted a recipe for Rocky Road Marshmallows, see here.  The ingredients are simple; large marshmallows, toasted almonds, and melted chocolate chips.  You’ll also need lollipop sticks which can be purchased at Michaels or your local craft store.  This recipe is pretty simple.  Poke the lollipop stick into the marshmallow.  Give it a twirl in the melted chocolate.  Alice’s recipe calls for dark chocolate, I used milk chocolate.  I did follow her recipe and sprinkled the tops with toasted almonds, but I also left some plain and I topped some with candy sprinkles.  Stand them up in a block of floral foam to harden.  Here’s a tip, leave the plastic wrap on the floral foam and that way, even you drip chocolate the foam is reusable. 

I put tissue in a birthday box and there ya go, a candy bouquet.  Easy to make, fun to eat!

 Brandon's Birthday Candy Bouquet

Have fun,