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Decorative Box–Duct Tape Style

Over the past several months I’ve been taking one drawer at a time, one room at a time, and cleaning it out.  I came across an empty cell phone box from my Galaxy 3 purchase.  Since I had just bought some bright spring colored chevron style Duct Tape, my little brain said hmmm.

Tape and a box

So I grabbed a pair of scissors, turned on The Voice and mindlessly and in just a couple of minutes did this.

Duct Tape Box 1

I love the color combo of pink, orange and green.  I literally just opened the tape and started at one end of the box, stopped at the other end.  Overlap your lines just a tiny bit.  Use an exacta knife to trim edges for a clean cut.  The plant container sitting on the box is from a ribbon tape project I did.

Duct Tape Box 2

Duct Tape Box 3

Do you remember my other cell phone boxes update?  Check out instructions for these here.
Final Product - Phone Boxes

Next time your getting ready to toss a box to the recycle, will you say hmm?