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31 Days To Clutter Free / Day 19 – Laundry Room

Happy Day 19 Everyone.  If your along with me in the 31 days to clutter free we’ve accomplished much!

31 Day Button-3

I made it through the 3 bathrooms.   Today after work I will be going through the laundry room.  That will be both a challenge and an opportunity.  It’s where all the cleaners are stored.  We also normally enter our house through the garage so I need to find a way for it to not be a dumping ground.  If you’re going through your laundry room today think about how much time you spend in there.  I’m not yet sure what I’ll do yet, but I’m taking my inspiration from the following pics brought to you by Pinterest.

Use a shower caddy under the sink for cleaning products.

.Shower caddy in laundry for supplies

A munch prettier way to house laundry soap.

If I scoop laundry detergent from a glass jar does it make it more fun to fold the clothes?


I found a glass jar, put the recipe on it and will keep it in my laundry cabinet. That way I always have the recipe and a container to shake it in close at hand. I soaked a few items and was very impressed with how well it worked. Homemade OxyClean: 1 cup water, 1/2 cup peroxide, 1/2 cup baking soda.  Mix together and soak laundry in it for 20 minutes to overnight and then wash as usual. Or you can just skip the water and pour the peroxide and baking soda directly into the wash with your laundry soap and wash as usual.  Clean your washing machine. Mine WAS disgusting until I tried this. Easy

I want mine to look like these…

Inspiring laundry rooms.  laundry rooms

Laundry Rooms This is nice for small laundry rooms! One of my All time favorite laundry rooms

Have fun today!  Pics tomorrow!


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31 Days To Clutter Free / Day 7 – Recap, Cleaning Tip + Donation Info

Day 7

Happy Friday and Happy Day 7 folks!  Are you ridding yourself of some of that clutter yet?  It may seem like you haven’t really done very much, but you have.  Really, I promise. 🙂  In addition to removing items you may not realize it but you are resetting your mind as well. 

Today is a day of catch-up of Days 1-6 if  and to complete any tasks you feel you need a bit more time for.

Day 1 – Intro

Day 2 – Eliminate the Obvious

Day 3 – Organization Quiz

Day 4 – Magazines & Books

Day 5 – Household Cleaners

Day 6 – It’s Kitchen Time

So go ahead and complete any of the above that you need to spend a bit more time on.  I’ll be doing the same.  For today, I wanted to revisit a couple of posts from several months ago which may be useful and helpful to new readers.

Want to know the expiration /product shelf life of household cleaners and other miscellaneous items?  Self magazine provided a great list, see HERE.

Here’s my blog article on Vinegar.  Check out all, and I mean all the ways to use it.

Lastly, this last post is an important one as it gives you Recycle and Donation Info.


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31 Days To Clutter Free / Day 5 – Cleaners

Woot Woot!!!  Days 1-4 complete.

31 5 day countdown


First, a little recap for those new to my 31 day series, a blog a day for 31 days to learn how to be clutter free.  Thus far, we have eliminated the visual objects that are really not wanted.  Yesterday the goal was to review, keep the important stuff and eliminate that stack of magazines and make decisions on any books that were not wanted.  The full laundry basket and the stack of paper ripped  magazine articles should also be set aside. 

In a spare room, garage, etc. you should now have 4 areas clearly marked; Donate, Garbage, Recycle, Sell, Consider. 


For those items still hanging around and they have post-its on them,  move them to the Consider section. 

At anytime you want to actually garbage or recycle something go for it.


Today we’re talkin cleaning products.  Over the weekend I was looking for some   spot carpet cleaner and while doing so realized just how many cleaners I have.  In fact, I counted.  Between under the bathroom sinks, the kitchen sink and the utility room I counted 33.  Yes, I said 33.  This does not include laundry soap or dish soap.  Slap my face and rip my lips if I buy any cleaning products at the store for awhile.  Almost every bottle has been used.  Would I buy them all again?  Probably not.  I would definitely get Krud Kutter, it’s my absolute favorite.

So today’s task is to take inventory of what you have in the cleaner category.  Make a conscious effort to use them.  I actually made a list and posted it on the inside of my utility room cupboard door.  This will help me to use them all because I’ll  be able to visually see what I have.  I can make notes on my list whether or not to purchase again.  What you’re really doing with this task is clutter prevention.

Want to see my list? 


o 409

o Blue Magic Leather Cleaner

o Cabinet Magic Spray

o Chlorox disposable toilet wands

o Chlorox disinfection kitchen wipes

o Comet

o Folex

o Goo Gone Spray

o Holey Cow All Purpose Cleaner

o Krud Kutter

o Leather Cleaner & conditioner, CPR

o Leather Wipes, Weman

o Lysol liquid all-purpose cleaner

o Method floor cleaner

o Method Kitchen Spray Cleaner

o Method Wood Spray (2 bottles)

o MiniWax Wood Cleaner

o Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (2 Boxes)

o Multi Surface Cleaner (with vinegar) almost empty

o Murphy Oil Soap

o Natures Miracle Advanced Stain/Odor Remover

o Orange Bathroom Wipes

o Orange Glow Hardwood Floor Cleaner

o Pinesol

o Pledge Orange Oil

o Silk-n-Splendor spray for silk flowers

o Simple Green

o Spic –n-spray granules

o Spic-n-span spray

o Woolite Fabric & Upholstery Cleaner

o Rejuvenate

o Windex Original Spray

o Windex multi-purpose spray

31 Day Button-3

Let me know what type and how many cleaners you come up.  Until then,


latte Lattenene