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Blending Pillow Colors {Living Room}

Did everyone love having three days off?  I sure did!  We got the normal house and yard chores done and then had some time to play as well.  Our neighbors hosted a king salmon barbeque, a nice 22 pounders he caught a couple of weeks ago and we also were invited to a get together at a river not too far from us.

I don’t claim to be a great decorator.  I just put together what I like and my eyes find pleasing.  I’ve been changing up my living room pillows for a while now and I think I’ve finally found a combination of colors I like.

Here’s a picture of my living room.  I just changed the furniture around.  I like it better now; much more cozy and less formal.  I would love to change out the end tables but my hubby likes them.   And someday I’ll rip the carpet out and make it a wood floor instead.

fll pic

I plan to do a post that will go into a bit more detail about the room, but for today let’s just focus on the pillows.  My color scheme has evolved to shades of blue, turquoise, pink/burgundy, and beige.  Gold and grey are also used lightly.

Pillow - blue grey and turq bluw

Pillows grey stripe and blue flower

Pillow - loveseat

Pillow - pink flowered

Pillows - loveseat cream and bird

I put the pillows in a collage so you could better visually see how the pillows blend. It doesn’t matter what pattern the pillow is.  Just notice they pull color from each other.  A shade of blue or beige tend to be a color in every pillow.

Pillow Blend 1 Liv Rm Collage

Now that I have it figuredout that darn Fall might mess it up!  Do you decorate with multiple patterns or colored pillows? Have a great Tuesday!


Black & White Decorating

I’ve always like black & white with a pop of some vibrant color so I decided to go on an internet search.  I think I’ve mentioned several times that I want to change-up my spare room to a guest/craft room.  It’s been a slow process because I let other things get in the way.  I’m trying to change that.  Since I’m a visual person I thought getting some inspiration might help….

From Martha Stewart……

living-room-Southern-Living Bedroom chair 

I love the the B & W fabric pattern on the chairs in both of these pictures. The yellow pillow really pops and the red door is stunning.

msl_0901_desk_xl msl_0901_hallway_xl

These two pictures don’t do it for me.  I like the tan trim, but not enough pop of another color.

black-and-white-bedroom-accent-colors-300x288 ss_100858727

Love the wall stripes, but also love the green walls.  What to do?

Maybe I need to look at bedspreads to help me decide.  I checked  Overstock.com, Domestications, Bedding.com, and JC Penney.  Here’s what I found in black and white.

Chenile BSpread wholesale bedding 169.50 bed in bag

bedding sets Royal-Heritage-Home-Chestnut-Hill-8-Piece-Comforter-Set JC Penney C Crawford

Thought I would throw in a pop of color as well. I will definitely let you know what I decide.  Thanks for listening 🙂

latte Lattenene

More Color Inspiration by……Kleenex!

I’ve talked before about how amazed I am about the color combinations they put on Kleenex boxes.  For a reminder, click here or try this post.  I was out and about this weekend and it happened again.  Another Kleenex box perfect for summer.  Look closely at all the bright colors.  How cute would pillows be in these colors for a couch or an outside bench.  FANTASTIC!


I’m also thinking I need to get out and plant some flower bulbs. 🙂  Happy planting and just in case you have allergies and get the sniffles, I can recommend some Kleenex!


Color Wheels

I would like to start painting some of the walls in our hosue.  I’ve already done some.  My son’s bedroom is the perfect light shade of green.  And I think the walls in our den are my favorite.  Three of the walls are a rich deep almost gold color and one wall is dark gold, light gold and cream striped.  That wall was inspired by a pillow. 

I do have my kleenex box colors for inspiration (see previous posts).  However, I’ve gotten an itch to revist the color wheel. 

Does everyone remember which are the primary colors?  Yes, thats right; red, yellow and blue.

Secondary colors are  orange, green, and purple. You get these colors by mixing the primary colors. Example: red and blue = purple.

Then there are whats called tertiary colors which are made by mixing a primary color with a secondary color. The secondary color is always next to it. Examples are red-orange, orange-yellow, yellow-green.  I’m a visual so here is a wheel that is marked…

Let’s go one step further.  I did some research on different paint sites and now I know the following…..
A hue is the actual color with its qualities of yelowness and blueness. Intensity is the degree of purity, or saturation of the color.The more intense a color, the more of the pure color is added.
A tint is a color mixed with white. The more white in a color the lighter is the value of it.
A shade is a color mixed with black. The more black is added to the color, the darker is the color’s value.
A tone is color mixed with grey.

Colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel are called complementary.  Think  Christmas; red and green.

Neutral colors =  grey, white and black.    Beige and cream are also sometimers thought of as neutrals.

Warm colors – these are yellows, oranges and reds. They convey energy, and will induce a cozy feeling, having a warm psycological effect on us.

Cool colors – they are blues, greens and violet. The have a calming effect on us, and convey a relaxed mood. 

I found the chart below so this may help show what I just shared.

So I have to think about this for awhile, but I’ll be sure and share with you what paint colors I’ve picked as soon as I know myself.


Color Inspiration

Color Inspiration

Have you ever thought about where your color inspiration comes from?  Experts say to think about things you like to do such as gardening, the beach, hiking, and draw your decorating colors from there.  Not so long ago I thought of another way to draw color inspiration.  Can you guess from where?

or what about this one?

Can you figure it out yet?  Do you know where this color inspiration is coming from?  What about this one?

Last chance…this one should help you figure it out as it’s not the best picture…..

If you still haven’t figured it out.  Guess what?  All these pictures are of KLEENEX BOXES.  Next time you’re at the store take a little bit more time in the paper aisle and really see kleenex boxes as color inspiration for a room in your house.

Have a good day!