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Spare Room Project – Chair Revamp

Hi all or as my son would say since he’s spent the past 2 years in Orlando, Hi y’all! 🙂  I’m happy to share another project is complete for my guest/craft/reading/my room project.

For a quick reminder, my hubby’s Tommy Bahama shirt became my inspiration.

Shirt on Door-1 

A few weekends ago my neighbor gal was going to take a couple of old kitchen chairs to the Goodwill.  I said not only No but No No No!  I talked her in to the two of us spending a gal afternoon doing the DIY thing.  We primed, sanded and sprayed.  Rust Oleum, you are my hero!  My neighbor in crime painter her chair a moss green and I chose the aqua/turquoise color.

original cnair  IMAG0835

I still need to decide on a chair cushion but I gotta tell ya, it looks fab next to my white desk and bright yellow walls.

I’m getting excited to share the entire room, promise!  Soon, it will be soon.


latte Lattenene

Spare Room Project – Tommy Bahama Inspiration

Around five years ago the extra room in my house had a day bed and trundle.  I can’t even remember why I decided to sell it.  I know I wanted to do a change-up, but can’t remember to what.  Over the years I’ve wanted the room to be used as a craft room, guest room, my office, a reading room…..get the picture?  I haven’t been able to make up my mind so I’ve always made completing this project my last priority.  I wanted it black and white, all white, blue, green, tan and brown….get the picture?

I’m challenging myself to finally do something.  I’ve given  myself a set of rules I need to abide by.

  1. Use items already in my house;  Move, repurpose furniture, be creative.
  2. It has to provide bedding where at least one person could sleep.
  3. Must be functional.  I need to comfortably be able to craft and read.
  4. Divot needs to have a place to sit by the window and look outside.
  5. Get out of my green comfort zone.
  6. Spend minimal dollars.

Looking at the color wheel below, I’ve decided to focus on the Yellow to Blue-Green colors and shades of them.  For more information, see my post on color wheels here.

ColorWheel1 I arrived at these color choices through the process of washing and ironing.  Yep, you heard that right.  I was doing laundry and saw my hubby’s Tommy Bahama shirt and the rest is history.

Shirt on Door

I love the blend of yellow, white and aqua.  it might be hard to see, but there’s also some light stripes of a soft moss green and black also.  Lot’s of options!

I’ll be sharing with you over the next couple of weeks my transformation journey.

I’m curious, what inspires your color choices?

latte Lattenene