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{DIY} Doodle Pen Holders

I was sitting at my desk in the woman cave today.  I turned on My Doodle Lamp and that gave me a little idea.  A 5 minute idea.  An idea that took all of a few minutes watching American Pickers.  I love that show by the way.  I have a couple of small white pots that I use for pens and highlighters and thought hmmm, why not doodle them.

5 Minutes + Black Painter Pen =

Free  Form Doodles!

doodles full pic

Like I said, they now match my doodle lamp.

010-2 013-1

Instead of white painter pen on black, I did black on white.

013 doodles 1

The fun and best part is there’s no pattern, you can just doodle, squiggle, circle to your hearts content.  Much better then plain white, right?

Doodle and white

doodles full pic

What silly moments gives you an idea?Sharing at Monday Funday.  Have a great day!


Chevron Stripe Painted Chair

I’ve been playing in spare room again.  If you’ve read any of my previous posts, when I decorate I start slow and change my mind and change it up after I live in it for a bit.

Today’s post is about a chair. I’m pretty proud of this because I’ve never done anything like this before.  In fact, I free handed the Chevron stripe, no measurements for accuracy of length or width,  so it’s a bit abstract.  But I like it!


It originally was an old kitchen chair my neighbor gave me.  When I updates the spare/craft/guest room last September I painted it just plain ole turquoise.  Here’s the befores and after…

Chevron Chair 3-25-12

Here’s the low down.  I first got my trusty blue tape and eyeballed where I would make the stripes.  I also added a few random stripes to the back of it.

Taped 1 Taped 2

I used Rust Oleum’s glossy black and added 2 coats, taking the tape off while the chair was still wet.  A Saturday afternoon, that’s all it took.  Here’s a few more pictures.

068 080


I also took a picture of my new chair next to the dresser I updated with duct tape HERE.



Have you been painting any furniture lately?


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Unique Ribbon Holder

I love it when the house is clean and I’m home alone and I can just putter around.  Today I ended up in the Spare Room which I updated last fall to also be a craft/reading room.  It seems like every time I’m in there I change something around; move a picture, take down a shelf, add a storage container.

Today, I was going through my craft cabinet and closet gathering stuff for some Valentines projects.  I have lots of ribbon that I keep packed away and I decided I wanted to keep some out and handy.  The goal today was to not leave the house so I needed to be creative.  First thing to do….go to Pinterest.

Love these ideas…

Pinned Image


Pinned Image


Pinned Image


all nice but I didn’t have the items on hand so I got clever.  I have bunches of sprayed white branches on hand that I got from the gulley next to us.  Yep, you guessed it.  I made a ribbon rod with the branch and looped it through the shelf brackets .  Check it out!


Shoes and Ribbon Branch-1

Pretty clever, right?

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Spare Room Project – Moving Furniture

As I shared in yesterdays post, I’m in the process of changing up my spare room into a craft/reading/my pad/guest room all on a shoestring budget.  The room has been a catch-all the last several years.  There has been an overstuffed chair and ottoman sitting in it that my son and I some how shoved through the small doorway when we purchased new family room furniture a couple of years ago.

Rm with Green Chair-1 

There is also a deep blue-green/aqua/turquoise/that kind of color loveseat/hide-a-bed/ottoman sitting in the loft that we purchased many years ago.  My neighbor gal helped me and we swapped the locations of the chair and the love seat.  I’ll worry about the loft look later, but for right now I’m concentrating on the spare room, which I repeat, now has the love seat and ottoman  in it.  The furniture move itself has its own story.  Lets just say thank goodness for neighbors like Bob because we kinda got the furniture stuck in the bedroom doorway!  All’s well that ends well. 🙂


Yesterday I talked about color palette and I explained I am taking inspiration from my hubby’s Tommy Bahama shirt. 

Ottamanband shirt-1

Pretty, isn’t it.  The loveseat/ottoman color works with the shirt well.  It’s hard to see, but the shirt has the aqua/turquoise/blue-green color, yellow, white,  some soft moss green and a bit of black.  Yep, this is going to be the room colors.  Exciting!!!!

I’ve already completed a couple of projects for the room and I’ll share those later this week.  I’m planning on painting this weekend.  Wall color revealed soon.  Can you guess?


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