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Fathers Day 2013

Fathers Day Collage

To all you Dad’s, past, present, and soon to be, Happy Fathers Day! What a wonderful gift we receive from you 365 days a year. Whether it’s a good morning smile, hug for support, smile of encouragement, you’re there for us, by phone, skype, text, face to face, or in our hearts.

I’m sharing a post I wrote in 2012 about my Dad.  When I read it again today, I’m comforted by the fact my memories of him  haven’t changed.  In fact, thoughts of him still bring a tear in my eye and a smile on my face.

My father passed away in 1991, 5 weeks before my son was born. I have such wonderful memories of growing up. My parents were older when I was born. I am the youngest of 3 and have 2 older brothers. Dad was the hardest worker I’ve ever known. He was an engineer by day and at night and on weekends he built the house I grew up in. He did everything; wiring, roofing, flooring and plumbing. I think the only thing he hired some help for was the fireplace.


We grew up on a little 5 acre farm with a large garden, a barn with silos and a huge front yard. It was so big that my dad coached little league baseball on it. We had cherry and apple trees. I picked gooseberries, raspberries, boysenberries and strawberries. I loved it when Dad pulled a carrot from the garden, wiped the dirt off and handed it to me to eat. We baled hay, made hay forts and played hide-n-seek in the dark. We slopped the pigs and fed the chickens.

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As the years rolled by the barn, the animals and the fruit trees went away. The one thing that remained constant was the garden. My dad was born in Wisconsin, homesteaded in Montana and married a farmers daughter from Scotland. Growing vegetables was in his blood. His garden was a work of art; the rows were lined up perfectly, there was never any weeds or rocks. In fact, hubby and I said our wedding vows standing in front of the garden.

Dad was an honest soul who found humor in every situation, respected and had the respect of everyone, and was an extremely giving person. He gave his time to the Lions helping with various community projects, coached little league baseball teams, built a Boy’s and Girl’s club. He baked the best pies and he would tell you so too! :-) His love for books passed on to me. We could sit in the den together for hours, both of us reading books, and never say a word to each other. I was and will always be his baby girl.

I remember bringing home stray animals that I found hurt on the side of the road.   I remember one particular day I brought home a cat that wasn’t hurt, only stunned.  I had just seen West Side Story and before I walked through our backed door I’d name the cat Hava.  Dad was irritated with me one minute and the next thing I new he’s tucked Hava into his shirt and was walking out to the garden with her.

An incredible man, a beautiful soul. I will celebrate him in my heart today as I do every day. Happy Fathers day Daddy. I love you.




To my own hubby, you are a wonderful father and for the kindness and sharing you showed my father I will always be grateful.  Thank you.


My 2012 Word – CELEBRATE

Layla over at The Lettered Cottage is having a 2012 word of the year link party.  I’m thinking this is fate she’s having the party today, on January 16.  Because today my Daddy is 102 years old.  Although he’s not here with me I know there’s a big party happening in Heaven right now.  Fittingly, my word for 2012 is CELEBRATE. 


My Dad passed away in June, 1991 at the age of 81.  He died while having open heart surgery.  My son was born in July the same year.  I was so angry at him for leaving before baby boy was born and then something happened.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  Baby was blessed at 5 weeks and I put a picture in a key chain for my mom.  Several weeks later my mom came to the house upset because the picture had fallen out of the plastic casing.  Simple fix, I put a new pic in.  That weekend it rained cats and dogs.  My mom went to the cemetery on Monday, like she did most every day.  I hadn’t been.  I couldn’t, I was so mad.  So, my dad’s grave is open to the sky.  It didn’t have a headstone yet as it was still on order and the grass had not grown back.  But there, on the patchy grass, laying face down, was the picture my mom lost.  It was perfect, not damaged by any of the stormy weekend weather.  Mom showed up at my door in tears.  That night I watched Ghost and I cried and cried.  I fell asleep and then my Dad came to me and told me It will be okay sis.  Celebrate.  I have a grandson.  You can be sure the very next day I went to the cemetery and saw my Dad.

We I get going so fast sometimes, worried that everything has to happen immediately.  Go Go Go!  Well, this year, 2012, I intend to slow down and celebrate. 


  • waking up every morning
  • a husband of almost 31 years
  • a son who is awesome and kind hearted
  • 2 brothers
  • sis-in-laws who are my sisters
  • nieces and nephews
  • my health, my hubby’s health, my son’s health
  • a roof over my head
  • laughter, especially laughing at myself
  • humility
  • sadness
  • the anticipation
  • birthdays
  • giving time to others
  • being  a good set of ears
  • sacrifice
  • hard work
  • a blooming flower
  • green grass
  • a baby’s smile
  • freedom

I forgot too soon that’s how my Dad carried himself for 81 years; celebrating successes, learning from failure, respecting all people, all religions, giving to others, laughing, having a whiskey sour for every Packer touchdown, growing a beautiful bountiful garden, writing poetry, making sure his family was well card for.  He celebrated life and this year I want to make sure I celebrate life every day too.

Thank you Daddy.  Love you.